Tuesday, June 13, 2006

slight emergency

I wrote "slight," since it wasn't a person, but it was very upsetting, nevertheless. I had to call emergency services, since my computer didn't go on when I pressed the start button this morning.

I had been sitting on the comfortable office chair since 5:45am, after placing the percolator, filled with water and strong Turkish coffee on the stove. With a large mug of water in my hand, I had staggered into the den and then in total shock, took it in. Nothing! The screen showed absolutely nothing! I tried every trick I knew, and the screen was still black, though "number lock" was lit on my keyboard, so I knew that something was still alive.

It was too early to call the "maiven." It's not like he's a doctor saving lives, but... I was in pain, severe withdrawal, I needed my blog fix. Oy.

On the way to the pool, just before 8 I left him a message, and then I really got nervous. I was sure his daughter had said something about his traveling abroad. I was able to stay busy in the pool, distracting myself a bit. I couldn't have been very successful, since I kept telling everyone that my computer was sick.

Luckily when I finished my "swim" I saw a message from him on the cell phone. I called back immediately, didn't even bother listening to the message. He suggested taking out the plug and having a slow cup of coffee. I pulled out the plug and took a long shower. It revived only slightly, strange movements on the mostly black screen. I called him again and he said tha the'd try to pay a house call.

He did while I was at work and somehow the screen and computer came back to life. So here I am. Enjoy!


Rachel Ann said...

when your don't have your computer that is an emergency!!!!
Glad you are back.

muse said...


Glad you understand.

~ Sarah ~ said...

glad it's back! was wondering what happened ;)

i understand the panic of not having a computer, they can be temperamental!

Batya said...

And this summer, I'll probably be without for 2 weeks, when I visit my parents. Last summer I borrowed a friend's old one, from which I couldn't blog.

Just the thought...