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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

All I Needed Was Sleep!

By 4:30am this morning, I was wide awake, but I did start my going to bed preparations at 9pm, a couple of hours earlier than usual. And now, 7:30am, I finished posting a slew of posts to Shiloh Musings. The third wash is in the machine, and a bit later, I'll hang them all up.

I have lots to do. My new Israeli passport came in the mail, and I picked it up the other night, even though the "post office" wasn't officially open. G-d was good to me. The woman in charge was on the same bus going home, and when I asked her when exactly it would be open the next day, she offered to open it on the spot and give me the passport.

Next is to make an appointment for my US passport.

I also have to finish signing up for unemployment, which I should have done months ago, but it took a long while to get all the stuff from "former job." I've been signing in monthly as "looking for work." So I'm "in the system."

I ought to start getting rid of all my English teaching books, since I don't have any private students, and I can't see myself going back to work. I don't think anyone wants to hire me, and I really don't miss the job. Actually, I'm surprised at how little I miss it.

My new hobby is volunteer pr for A Package From Home. I've been wondering about the various online video options. I had trouble setting them up on youtube, so I got them on yideoz, and now I heard of WEJEW from Sharon Katz. Any words of wisdom from you readers?