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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

"Inanimate," 52 Frames Weekly Photographic Challenge

I'm sticking with calling the weekly "theme" a challenge in our 52 Frames facebook photography group. For this week's photo we had to photograph something inanimate. It ended up that I wasn't the only one to shoot a doll.

Here's the explanation I gave:
Inanimate, what a cooperative model I found...One of the saving graces of the simple. low-paying job I have in Yafiz, Sha'ar Binyamin is that I'm the de facto "window dresser." OK, we don't have windows, but we do have inanimate "models" who are very cooperative. I really wanted to use her a couple of weeks ago as a hidden doll among humans, but it wasn't feasible then. I photographed with both my Galaxy II and Canon PowerShot A620. The Canon won, shot in automatic and nothing to crop out.
And here's some of the dolls, or more exactly manikins I had as runner-ups.

A lot of other group members chose baby dolls, so maybe I should have submitted this last photo.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Playing With YouTube

After two years of owning my Cannon A620, I've finally begun using its video, the moving picture option. You can see one of my movies here. It's nothing very profound, just a busy Jerusalem street scene.

In terms of "art," it will never replace stills. Whenever my eyes wander, I find myself "composing" pictures, on what to focus etc. Movies, video--that's something else.

Photos, especially black and white, last forever, decades, a century. In our digital world, most of our pictures and movies are virtual, not real. You can't touch them. Nobody is going to put a cd or memory chip under their pillow or in their wallet.

Many people report that photos they've stored in various internet "services" have disappeared. Periodically, I print some important ones. If I can't hang the picture on the wall, make an album or look at them on Shabbat and Jewish Holidays, when it's forbidden to use electrical gadgets, what's the point? There's no reality in their existence.

Today the sky is pale grey, not photogenic at all. It may be a washout for all of the Succot plans. There's rain "in the air," at least the odor of those early winter, dust-cleaning rains. If there's something worth filming, and I succeed, I'll youtube.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

New Cellphone!!!

I didn't plan on buying a new cell phone today, but when I called my dd#1 to confirm our brunch together, all I heard was:

I can't hear you! Hello, hello, I can't hear you!!!

Then I called dd#2, and all I heard was:

I can't hear you! Hello, hello, I can't hear you!!!

Then I called dh, and all I heard was:

I can't hear you! Hello, hello, I can't hear you!!!

Dd#1 finally managed to get through and said:

Imma, you must get a new phone!

And when dh could finally communicate with me, he agreed, so dd#1 and I got me a phone for dessert after our lovely brunch together. Yes! It's that modern looking skinny thing, but mine is in hot metallic red!!! I did not want black!

Everything's great, except that I don't know how to use it. Not exactly true. I wouldn't leave the place until they showed me where to plug in the charger, how to turn it on and off and how to lock and unlock the keyboard. You know, I'm not that dumb. I'm not going to take a phone home which I can't turn on. I also made the salesman make it work in English. He set the time, but the date's wrong, and I can't figure out how to fix it. I keep following instructions, but nada. I learned how on my old one. I called service and asked for an English Language Instruction Book.

Now, why did I choose that one? Once I realized that all the phones have cameras, I began paying attention. This one has a 2.0 megapixel, which makes it potentially, a real camera. I won't have to schlepp 2 ton tessie-- my Cannon A620 every place. It felt comfortable in my hand. It's the size of a diet cracker, but thinner.
Yes, here's the baby; it's a Samsung X820: