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Sunday, April 26, 2009

When To Buy, As If I Had A Choice

I guess that I'm not the only traveler stuck between advertised bargains and future prices. Will the future prices be better than today's bargains? Not even the New York Times knows for sure.

Last year, our tickets to New York had to be timed to attend a wedding. We knew the date well in advance and got what was considered a good deal.

Now, I've been waiting to make the purchase for quite a while. I have to coordinate the visit with my sister, and she doesn't yet know when she can travel. I missed all the "cheap travel seasons." That's rather ironic, since I had been counting on going when it's cheap, while school's still in session, since I'm no longer teaching. But she still is and has children she must take into account. And I must take into account her life.

If I don't, the trip is a total waste. And the purpose of our going to New York, from our different corners of the earth, is to help our parents. In Jewish lore it's known as כיבוד אב ואם Kibbud Av v'Em, Honoring One's Father and Mother. So, whenever I get the dates from my sister, I'll buy my tickets whatever the cost. And whatever it cost will be whatever I'm supposed to pay.

Shavua Tov u'Mevorach
Have a Good and Blessed Week