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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Holiday Cooking, No Need to Gorge on Unhealthy Food!

In the Jewish world it's Holiday Time. We're in the midst of a three plus weeks of Jewish Holidays, from Rosh Hashannah to Simchat Torah.

My husband and I both lost a bit of weight a few years ago, and we don't want it to return. One of our tricks is to eat lots of cooked vegetables. They fill the plates, our stomachs but don't contain a lot of calories.  I've developed a few basic recipes which are very easy to prepare and impressive to serve. Some are almost, or can be entire meals. They are all healthy and diet friendly.

This is as simple as it looks and tasty, too. In a baking dish, bake and serve, I placed a squash, carrots, eggplant, pumpkin, a potato, onion and a tomato on the eggplant. All I added besides those ingrediants were granulated garlic and some oil on top.  I baked it in a hot oven until I could see that it was ready. Yes, it's that simple. When you cook like this, the flavor stays in.

Here's another dish made with the same technique but a different selection of vegetables. We brought it to the family who hosted us for a meal. It was a popular success.

I layered onions, eggplant, sweet potato, pumpkin and mushrooms. Because of the delicate mushrooms, it's recommended to cover with foil for some of the baking.

There's a limit to the amount of meat and poultry I'm willing to eat over six large meals in just three days or barely 72 hours, One meal that I prepared for just me and my husband was this salmon and vegetable bake.

As you can see, there are two pieces of salmon, sweet potato, onion, pumpkin and carrots. Yes, we polished off every single piece. It was accompanied by more vegetables and a salad, too.

A few months ago, I had bought some giant turkey wings, each packed separately and each large enough to satisfy two hearty appetites. That is especially if they are cooked and served with lots of vegetables. I cooked the last one for a meal my husband and I ate alone.

For a sweet "sauce" I used a small bottle of sweet Purim wine. This dish was our "tzimmis," a traditional sweet vegetable concoction served by many families on Rosh Hashannah. Besides the usual vegetables, carrots, sweet potato, pepper and mushrooms, I also added prunes, raisins and cinnamon. There was also water so it wouldn't burn.

Cook on a low heat in a covered pan until you're sure it's done. A trick to make sure the vegetables don't overcook and "disappear" is to leave them as whole or large as possible. Personally I can't stand overcooked vegetables. They loose their flavor and bulk. You can also add the vegetables later on during the cooking process, but this was very successful and absolutely delicious.

Try these cooking methods, and let me know how the food came out, thanks.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Cooking That Gorgeous NS2 Shekel Kilo Zucchini

Last week when I was shopping for fruit in Machane Yehuda, Jerusalem's main open market, I spotted some giant zucchini in my favorite bargain stall for only ns2 shekel a kilo. That's only about 60¢ for 2 lbs 3 oz.

So even though they clearly aren't fruit, I just had to buy one. And of course I should have bought lots more. But stupidly being my usual doubting paranoid self I was sure there had to be "a catch," like maybe they weren't as good, gorgeous and fresh as they seemed. That's why I only bought one.

This is how I cooked/baked it. I layered the baking (bake and serve) pan with onions, then strips of eggplant, zucchini, slices of tomatoes and some fresh garlic, as you can see. I poured a bit of oil on top and then put it in the oven.

With the help of a vegetable-loving guest, my husband and I almost finished it all off on Friday night. And that was just one small part of a large meal which included soup, chicken, salad, rice and two other cooked vegetable dishes.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

One Pot Meal, Salmon and All The Trimmings

Bake and serve...

I prepared this in advance before Rosh Hashannah to serve me and my husband on Friday Night, Erev Shabbat.  There's a limit to the amount of meat and poultry one should eat, so I figured that a good salmon meal would be the perfect solution, and it was.

As you can see, there are a number of different vegetables, plus the salmon.  I also dribbled a bit of oil on top before baking it.  I didn't add salt.  I suggest serving with fresh salad.


Saturday, August 31, 2013

Delicious, Easy and Low Carb Musakka

Very simple, just layer sliced vegetables and some ground meat or poultry.  I
Dribble on a bit of oil.  Seasoning is optional.  Bake and serve. 

Honestly, what could be easier?

Serve with a salad, and you have a meal.  Those who can eat carbohydrates can have it with bread, pasta or rice.  Or add sliced potatoes when assembling it.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Simply Delicious

It really is easy to cook vegetables.

Look at this:

You can see how little work is was to make. 
  • I lined the baking pan with cut onion.
  • Then I quartered a beet
  • and sliced a sweet potato
  • and then an eggplant
  • and placed some garlic in the spaces
  • finally I dribbled some oil and baked it.
Because of the bake and serve dish it looked impressive.

Either serve as a side dish or with techina and some salad.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Two Super Simple Ways to Cook Chicken Breasts

I found, post-shiva, a bag of "something unrecognizable" in the freezer.  When sitting shiva, one isn't supposed to handle the mundane tasks of the house.  My kids took over, and here I am almost a month later still trying to get it to its usual mess.  I have found various foods in the freezer which I am 100% certain I didn't buy.  Among them was a bag of chicken breasts, which I took out to cook for Shabbat.  I don't know what the kids had planned on doing with them, but I made two different things.  We were expecting guests, so I felt like having something a bit different.

#1 I sliced up an eggplant, and lined the bake and serve pan with it.  Then I placed the chicken breasts and topped them with onions, tomatoes and some spices.  I dribbled just a drop of oil, put it in the oven and baked it.  You really can't get easier than that.  It's also very dietetic. 

#2  There were too many to fit in the bake and serve pan, so I took the rest and prepare them in a small frying pan.  First I cut up onions and placed them in the frying pan, then the chicken breasts and topped them with a  fresh tomato.  When that was ready, I wrapped it in foil and put it in the freezer.

Monday, June 3, 2013

And More Vegetable Treats

IMHO nothing is more delicious than veggies, really.  OK mint hagan daz ice cream is a close second.

Have you noticed my new ingredient, beets?  It's really like eating candy.  I bake all this.  It's pretty and healthy. Underneath the round squash, pumpkin and beets there are onions, eggplant and sweet potato.

Very easy, just bake and serve.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Having Fun With Vegetables

Some people find my recipes "difficult" because I am so unspecific about quantities etc.  But the truth is that I cook according to what ever is in the "pantry" and whomever will be expected to eat.  A favorite in my house (and my usual gift when we're eating at a neighbor) is baked vegetables. 

Here are a couple of the vegetable dishes I made for last Shabbat.

As you can see, there are potatoes, a sweet potato, half a "mini-pumpkin" which I "stuffed" with a couple of small tomatoes and a large piece of eggplant.  What you can't see is that the eggplant is sliced and has garlic stuffed in the slices.  I dribbled some oil on it and baked it.

This dish has already been baked.  The bottom layer is onion, then eggplant, squash, pumpkin and some oil.  You can't get simpler than that!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Keep Trying Something New When Cooking

As you must know by now, unless you're new to this blog, I cook and eat a lot of vegetables.  My cooking has and still evolves, changes.  Here's a new version of my baked vegetables.

From bottom up, you have sweet potatoes, pumpkin, eggplant with garlic in the slices, an onion and in the middle there's a beet.  I was surprised to discover, from my daughter, that beets don't have to be boiled.  You can bake them.

I dribbled a bit of oil on the vegetables, a bit more generously on the eggplant and then baked them.  I love those bake and serve pans.  They make life/cooking/cleaning much easier. This is a very healthy and easy to make dish.  Enjoy!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Fantastically Easy, One Pot Meal Baked

I don't like to fuss over cooking, and frequently I just don't have the time to do anything that requires more than one step.  So here's a quick and easy and tasty and open to all sorts of variations noodle and vegetable casserole.

For the very most efficient way to make this, use a covered bake and serve dish, though you can also use a simple disposable aluminum pan and cover it with aluminum foil.

This version I made with:
  • pasta, straight from the box/bag
  • sliced carrots
  • cut onion
  • a generous squeeze of catsup
  • a bit of vegetable oil
  • enough water to cover the pasta plus a bit
  • optional any herbs and spices or other vegetables or even rice instead of the pasta
  • if you wish to add a protein, try a can of beans or cheese or... whatever...
Cover and bake on a highish heat; every oven is different.  The water will boil when baking and the pasta will cook without your having to touch it at all.  Stir before serving.

If you try this, please let me know how you've adapted it and tell me in the comments, thanks.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

"One Pot Meal," Baked

I didn't have much time when cooking last week for Shabbat, so I took out my large trusty bake and serve pan, filled it with:
  • cut chicken
  • dalorit, a mini-pumpkin
  • squash
  • onions
  • fresh garlic
And I baked it all until ready.  It was absolutely delicious.  We also had a guest who agreed that it was just the type of food he likes, too.  You can add different vegetables, of course.  I even served it from the pan.

We had side dishes, salad, rice and another vegetable dish with carrots, cauliflower and broccoli.


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Easy, Healthy and Yummy Vegetables

A few years I picked up some pretty bake and serve pie pans, not that I ever bake pies.  They are usually used to make all sorts of baked vegetable dishes.  I like using them, because I think they look nice on the table.

Sorry, I only have pictures from before baking them.  I made these Friday afternoon and didn't take them out of the oven until the meal, and then I couldn't photograph how they looked.

One has three orange vegetables, carrots, sweet potatoes and pumpkin with grated ginger root and a bit of oil.  The oil is important, because Vitamin A and the other vitamins in orange vegetables are absorbed via fats/oils

In the other pie dish I put an eggplant, which I opened by slicing twice as you can see.  Inside I placed some onion and garlic.  And I also poured a bit of oil.

They were both easy to prepare, bake in a hot oven and serve.