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Monday, June 30, 2014

Me, A Beer Mavin?

Could it be the influence of my old friend Doug and his wonderful beer blog,  Israel Brews and Views? Last Wednesday I did a very unprofessional beer-tasting between three beers. Two of them have been featured on Doug's blog.

Most of the food and even drink at the American Consulate's Independence Day gathering weren't kosher. Most rabbinic authorities consider all beers, especially the non-flavored, to be kosher, so I decided to try the first beer I found. It was davka the Arab beer, Taybeh.

To  be honest, I'm not a real beer maven, but I do have my personal opinions. The Taybeh beer could be best described as ordinary, nothing special.

The next beer I found was the Israeli boutique beer Dancing Camel. Just like with Taybeh, I requested only half a glass. This beer was more to my taste. There was definitively something special about it. If given a choice between the two, I'd go for Dancing Camel any time.

After leaving the Consulate, I picked up my bag at my son's apartment. When he heard of my beer-tasting adventure he decided to top it off with a third beer, Turborg Red. To my unpolished palette it tasted a bit like the Taybeh beer, nothing special.

Both my sons added their opinions. One agreed with me, and the other didn't. As I tell my customers at Yafiz.
"Taste is totally subjective. There's no right and wrong."
But I'd like your opinions in the comments, please, thanks.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Snow/Blizzard Saga, Having Fun With Friends, Beer!

During my few days last week as a Blizzard of Tevet 5774, December 2013 DP, I decided to make the best of it.  Although I was having great fun with the grandkids and getting to work in Yafiz, Sha'ar Binyamin wasn't a problem, I did the chutzpadik thing and invited myself over to the Israel Brews and Views home.

The official reason was that I study in Matan early on Wednesdays and I wanted to be closer for easier traveling.  So I called them and told Mrs. Israel Brews and Views that I had a chutzpadik  question to ask.  Before I even asked it, she told me that I was invited to stay over.  Then I called Isramom and suggested that she and I have a grannies' night out for dinner at HaGov, The Lion's Den.  Bli neder, I'll review our fantastic meal there in a later post.

Doug and his wife were the perfect hosts, and suiting the occasion offered me a drink of a new beer called "Chutzpah."

our "selfie"
If I understood his explanation correctly, it's a raw beer, more like a fresh juice, which has a shelf-life of only two weeks.  That's why it's not all that commercially available. The owner of HaGov hadn't heard of it.  I must admit that I loved the flavor.  This is a special occasion beer to be bought and enjoyed immediately.

I've been following Doug's blog from the very, very beginning and each time he blogs about some beer I want to try it. He's in touch with many of the small boutique Israeli breweries and understands the beer production process.

That's why and how he had some various types of hops for us to sniff.

Considering that I had left my blacked out, snowed in blizzard home for a few days, I certainly made the best of it.

You can say that I made lemonade out of lemons, that tasted like great beer!