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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

f2f-ing again

I was at a beautiful and special wedding last night, no, sorry, no pictures, and I f2f-ed with Reb Nati, who lives in Eli. Generally we only meet up in cyberspace. This is probably our first real f2f. His wife and I "tremp" together on occasion.

I'm going to have to treat myself to a small camera for the events I can't schlepp the big one to. Yes, my new cellphone has a camera, but it's not the same. I ought to find out how to transfer the pictures from it to the computer, but still... A few times, I found myself viewing a scene, wishing I could "preserve it on disk." The phrase used to be "preserve it on film," but that's now passe`.

Actually the experts are predicting that the disks will deteriorate very quickly, and that old fashioned film/negatives and photo prints are much hardier than the disks and cyberspace.

During my last dvd shopping trip in NY, I picked up "My Fair Lady." In its "extras," in includes a documentary of how they rescued the movie from total deterioration. Now, how did I get on to this? It's rather distant from my original topic...

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Doing it all? Not me!

My yahoo inbox has a couple of dozen letters, which I just haven't gotten to read or take care of. That's besides the clutter in my house. But here I am, it's 5:30am, and I'm sipping my morning coffee while blogging.

Still no comments about this afternoon's plan to go to the book fair. If you're there today and see a middle-aged, hatted lady schlepping a large "pocketbook" on wheels, that's me...

Considering all, I guess that this is the perfect time for some "visiting..."

Nuch Epes Ah Chosid asks "Is Blog-sphere Ruled by Heretics?" I was shocked to read the post, since I see such wonderful stuff in jblogs.

If you haven't yet heard about the rediculous lawsuit against orthomom, read this and give her your support. It shows that there are people who think we bloggers have great power--I wish!

Soccer Dad shows some great snow scenes, which point out how pathetic our snow falls are in comparison.

Dry Bones is brilliant, as always!

Read Hillary, Rudy and the blogosphere and you from the Beak.

Ezzie wonders who has connections with him and Serach, pre-blogging. Concerning Serach... wow, she's from a well-known clan.

Yitz put up a new post!

Joe Settler asks a very important question.

Refuah Shleimah to Sarah's mother.

Here's a new jblog for me:
Read Save the Donuts by the Jew & the Carrot.

From Mystical Paths, about the Sanhedrin.

Finally, I'll "'spain you Marallyn," the world never stopped hating Jews!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

f2f at the fair and ...

First, and this part I'll cross-post on Shiloh Musings--
I'll be, G-d willing, at the International Book Fair tomorrow, that's Wednesday. I'll probably arrive after 1pm or so. I blogged about a f2f for jbloggers, but for some strange reason, I didn't get even a comment. I guess I'll be there for a few hours, unless it's a total waste. I'll go after the pool and after meeting a visiting friend for an early lunch.

I hope the Electric Company strike doesn't foul things up.

spring flowers
Yes, it's spring. You can tell by those flowers, which are suddenly beginning to bloom all over. Of course, it can always snow on Purim, which has happened every few years. Purim weather is very strange, sort or tricky, rather like the holiday itself. G-d calls the shots.

Two of the classes I teach are on their annual 3 day school trips, so I only taught two hours today instead of the usual six. The school changed the schedule, so the classes would be consecutive, rather than with a long break between, so I was able to get home for the weekly T'hilim Psalms reading we do. We share out the entire 150 chapters and dedicate it to the Refuah Shleimah, complete healing, also "match-making" and llui N'shmatom of the dead. After we finished I just had to photograph the sun as it went down over Ancient Shiloh.
sunset after psalms

And back to the "countdown" before Pesach. This is how my freezer looked when I came home from work today.
freezer, just over a month before Pesach
We're making progress, but there's still plenty in there.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Yes, THE JERUSALEM INTERNATIONAL BOOK FAIR! It has been our biennial treat since we made aliyah 36 years ago.

The 23rd biennial Jerusalem International Book Fair JIBF will take place from February 18-23, 2007.

This year, as it was the past couple of times, if I'm not mistaken, is free for the general public. It used to cost a lot, so we had to make a marathon day of it. In 1971(?) they offered an unlimited entrance deal. For a bit extra money, but it was worth it. My husband and I took turns going there, yes, on the same card I must admit. Then on the last day, we paid for "one more," so we could be there at the same time.

It used to be held the week before Pesach, so there were times I found it too difficult to leave home for the day. That's when the kids were little and we were in Shiloh. But the past few times, it has been around Purim or before.

Pre-internet, it was such a treat to see books and publications from all over the world and get newspapers and magazines for free. Now a lot of my reading time is spent sitting here at the computer.

Maybe it would be a good idea to
arrange a few f2f meeting for Israeli and jbloggers at the fair?