Thursday, September 30, 2004


meandering through

that my "real" blog
is listed

by all sorts of strangers

who was peaking

but this is more secret


just hung out a wash
must cook some more, but I froze some
just the side dishes, shopping, cleaning.....
ordinary stuff
all the kids (not many considering that 3 are in chul) are coming for chag
Israelis were attacked in Peru, just after my Nedavya arrived, no better than Shechem, but he survived that

now, house just emptied out
nest is quiet
needs cleaning

must sweep succah
wash with smelly anti-ant cleanser
wash army uniform
of baby soldier

put away toys and blocks
and new doll carriage and doll of my doll

catch up on letters
and pretend all is well

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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

First Shoes

first shoes Posted by Hello


posted a picture
wonder if I'll ever manage it again

eyes clearing

eyes clearing
at least that's how I feel
much better
than last night

but when my neighbor
knocked on the door
and I opened it
he looked scared

didn't realize
I looked so awful

but the nurse in the clinic
also looked worried

even my husband,
who notices nothing
but my spelling mistakes
asked if I was getting medicine

swelling's down
puss less
than before
skin horrid

when can I
put on cream?
now, just
dark glasses

not black tea

dipping cotton balls
nurse reminded me
wipe from outer to inner
cleaner to pussier

it wasn't a very good idea
to swim with only
one clean eye

the chlorine and salt
don't cure eye infections

next time
new mistakes

did it, but now...

a friend did a favor
and installed my counter/tracker

chose one hard to read

believe it or not
all alone

managed to change it

now I know the truth

hardly anyone ever drops by


why isn't my blog listed as just updated?
I'm going to try and catch it!

hanging, it's tough

tough hanging wash out
through the succa

my favorite household chore

now I must open the rickety
hinged walls

leaning out and

short arms
a disadvantage

sun beating
hot on my head

no schach yet

with schach
no laundry

beat the clock
take advantage of the sun

start the chag
with empty hampers

no laundry
until the schach
and walls
are packed away

when soldiers come

with their smelly, sweaty,
mud and
oil-stained uniforms

send them back
clean and full
of imma's cooking

but still, it's even harder
to reach for the dry

pull it all in
and away

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another experiment

Let's see what comes up on the screen.....?

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off......for a bit

time to make breakfast
coffee's drunk

husband's home from shul
and wants his time
on the computer

eyes swollen,
make apointment
and go to doctor


and cook for holiday
and do laundry

no time to be sick

getting addicted

can't believe
I actually
came here

instead of
checking my

does this
make me

a real blogger?

and a good morning, to you, too

Monday, September 27, 2004


I'm writing this long-distance. It's an experiment. I have an address I can use to add to the blog.

Let's see......

I definitely found a problem with posting from a distance. I must cancel my signature to hide my identity.
Learning keeps one young, and if the mind goes, one learns more each day, and since one also forgets more
then one must learn even more
and get younger and younger
my daughter enjoyed a trip on the train with my father
who admired the scenery
and the thrill of the train
as if it was the first time
he's generally pretty sharp,
but... just a little aneurysm, and...
he's not what he once was,
but I'm not either.....
don't tell anyone,


my eyes are pouring, pouring
red and pouring

just finished a musing
sent it off
already some good words
and a spelling correction

this won't be sent off to a list
just out to cyberspace

to unknown eyes
not puss-filled, pouring like mine


not me today
clouded and stormy


there's no bright red
my eye's are red
caught it from my granddaughter
guess it won't be so funny
when I catch lice

getting old but still young enough

definitely getting old
more worry, my son's off to South America

I don't mind that people give me their seats on the bus, even a few Arabs have on the #6,
but today I was young enough to give a seat
to an old (much older than me) lady
with a cane

the bus, #18, filled up with very old people carrying very heavy bags
suddenly I was young..... than before

1, 2, 3....

We now have a "counter," so I'll know if anyone actually visits. A good friend installed it; he says it's easy, but my eyes cross at all these codes.

It's early in the morning. I'm going to call my kids in the states. My son is going off to South America today. It's the post army whatever, and it makes me ill. I was more at ease when he was inspecting, or garbage--human garbage--collecting in Shechem. I like being in a small country. And my baby is now doing his army service in a similar place.

Life goes on. You can see that I'm tense; I'm typing pure prose.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Withdrawal, help!

Gevalt! this isn't as relaxing as freecell, what a game!

The vcr's broken and there's nothing on our tv--one and a half stations of boredom

not the time for needlepoint

should probably take a walk, walk off the icecoffee, large of course, I had with a friend, and walk off dinner, too much, though I proudly threw out some of the food

I promised duplicate pictures to a friend and they're sitting in the house already

hitched home tonight, seemed wasteful to wait for a bus
town was crowded, got nervous on the bus, began watching the people waiting to get on
happens infrequently, usually I can ignore terror

at the mammography, I asked the technician if she knew of the "joke" that's on the internet about how to "practice" before undergoing the exam, about practicing with a freezer door. She hadn't heard of it, so if anyone can send me a copy, please do via the "comments"


seemed strange,
hope not ominous to find that my friend and I could meet
between my routine mammography
and her follow-up hospital appointment
after her second masechtomy

joked about the fun of her being able to choose and change bust sizes,
like (l'havdil)
I change hats

off to heat up dinner.....

forget the numbers and just read

Now that I just burnt my breakfast, I know that this is the perfect substitute for the freecell, which is no longer on my computer.

I was totally addicted, but when my harddisk was replaced a few weeks ago, a few things never reappeared:
freecell and spell check!

Breakfast time......


This is more like a classic diary, unedited......
just strange to think that all sorts of strangers can read it
but who uses paper and pens any more?

for me unedited is new
my "real" blog is so carefully crafted
it's a challenge to just.......write.......