Thursday, March 31, 2005


Civil rights, being civil...
Not too easy nowadays in Israel. Just yesterday, someone told me tha she missed the warm relationships between the Jews in the Jewish community she came from. She complained that Israel doesn't have it. I did my best to defend the Jews here, but then I read how the kibbutz parents are rejecting their kids' requests to visit Gush Katif. The bottom line is that they don't want their kids to feel like one people with "the settlers." The flipside, or lopside, of the parents in chutz l'aretz (abroad) who pay thousands of dollars per year per kid for Jewish education, but don't demand that the kids become fluent in Hebrew, so they shouldn't feel too comfortable....

And this is like a good news bad news joke. Consider how the government is trying to make it more and more difficult for people to go to Gush Katif, so think of it. There are five people who won't be allowed to leave! The story behind this is that they're being held in "house arrest." and their houses are..... But seriously, civil rights for Jews is rare, exclusive and subjective.

And even when the Supreme Court, not usually sympathetic, says it's legal to protest the police have other ideas.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

stop the slick politicians

A rather pathetic story on Arutz 7 about the slick president Katzav we have in contrast to wonderful youth and his sensitive wife. I don't worship democracy. Hitler gained power by democratic means, and...

better start a new paragraph....

or better get some sleep, dangerous to fill in the blanks.

Let's suffice with the fact that the youth aren't falling for the lies. We have great young people, those born and raised post 1967. And G-d willing they'll do a better job than we have.

ENGAGE - For a Secure Israel (EFSI)


A new blog to strengthen and secure the State of Israel, to be a resource for the pro-Israel, anti-disengagement


For a Secure Israel (EFSI) .

Take a gander and let others know. Link it if you can. Join it, too, details on the blog. Any suggestions, comment, don't be shy. We have a country to save!

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

next Hevel Hevelim

Critical Mastiff will be hosting the next Hevel Hevelim . I'm sure that it will be worth the visit.

back to work and a little Kohelet, Ecclesiastes

Back to work, after almost a week off. OK, I only teach three days a week and had Taanit Ester off, then Shushan Purim, and now---
back to the battlefield, trying to get a bunch of teenage boys to enthuse over prepositions.
This morning, since Nissan wasn't feeling well, instead of our usual learning, I went over my last week's notes with a friend, who had missed the lesson.

In Kohelet, Ecclesiastes, towards the end of chapter 7, King Shlomo reminds us, not to be too rightous, or too "smart," or too evil, or too nice. We shouldn't try to please everyone for the sake of being liked, and we shouldn't think we're more moral than G-d. And we shouldn't think "li ze lo yikreh," it won't happen to me. I'm smarter than everyone. I won't get hurt, addicted--add your own verb. King Shlomo admits that he failed, fell victim to his own overconfidence.

And I'll leave you with that for the moment.

Monday, March 28, 2005

nothing nu

nothing's new

just my baby's
going off

at least in uniform
saw him
every week
or two

template temperment

My template seems taken with Baile Rochel, giving her added exposure. I have no idea why that sidebar list looks so different from the others. I thought that I had copied the HTML exactly; I did, just copied/pasted.

Also, more complaints have been coming in about strange, uncontrollable color schemes, especially in the lower third of the page. Sorry, but I'm just a computer klutz, bungling around.

Also, ever since blogpatrol had a facelift, I can't get my statistics from them. They just show the number on the logo that you can see, but when I go into the site, properly signing in, the boxes are empty, like unblown baloons. There were things I liked on blogpatrol better than the other counter I use, so I'm going to give them another day. I've written a few times to their "contact," but no replies. Any other bloggers out there with the same?

Baile Rochel seems to be popular. Does anyone have any connections with Jewish papers for syndication? Is it immoral to exploit her? I don't think so; my father's grandmothers would be proud!

Another day.....

Sunday, March 27, 2005

#2 Got That Rhythm!

Baile Rochel’s Back! #2
The 16th of Adar Bet
March 27, 2005
Got That Rhythm!
Yes, Some call me a prophet, ahead of her times. Last night I was proven right, again.

Fifteen years ago I had this brainstorm, stroke of genius, but nobody listened. You must understand that in Shiloh we have two days of Purim, requiring lots of food patchkying and eating, which somehow always ends up the responsibility of the “wife.” And even worse, the parties seem rather male chauvinistic at best. Watching a bunch of drunken men “dancing” with each other is not my idea of a good time. Actually being a spectator of almost anything is not for me. That’s the truth!

So after wracking my brain to find a way to have more fun than kneading dough by hand for an all night baking orgy, I finally thought of something… the perfect way for a Shilohdiana to enjoy Purim. Instead of another night slaving in the kitchen, or listening to hung-over hubbies kvetch or snore, that second night is the night for us to PARTY!

Well, that was my idea; only the parties didn’t happen so fast. For over ten years my fellow Shilohdianas found other things to do on that second Purim Night, but as more and more found their nests emptying and figured if the little chickadees could fly, why should imma be grounded? The stage was set for a revolution, and the “Second Night of Purim Party for Females” finally took off.

A couple of years ago I finally went to a party on the rainiest Purim night imaginable. I’ll never forget it, because my cell phone drowned, soaked in the pocket of my plastic raincoat. But those unpleasant memories didn’t stop me last night at the “I should be getting ready for bed” hour of ten. I called to my husband: “I’ll be home by eleven, no matter what.” Then I gingerly dragged myself out the door, down the street and around the corner to the “moadon,” social-hall shelter. As I expected, even though it was already ten minutes after the official “starting time” the decorations not only weren’t up, but they weren’t quite planned. And I found myself hiking up my skirt to climb onto chairs, trying to drape fabric into the ceiling panels. But I had said that I’d stay until eleven, and I did my best to enjoy the experience. It’s Purim, be happy.

Also, I had to impress my former students, of the sporty female variety, with my eternal fitness, so I smiled broadly and had the music turned up, so nobody could hear my grunts. Nothing like teamwork, and the room was ready for fun. We started to dance, but really, the music was a drag, and without the right music, I’m just a middle-aged lump. A young “barrel of laughs” called out “How about 60’s music?” and I was out the door dashing home, like FloJo in her prime, for a couple of “Best of…” cd’s.

Only two of us knew all the words, “Runaway” to “Surf City,” then “Let’s Twist Again” though we may suffer tomorrow. But the true show stopper was our dramatic rendition of “Leader of the Pack.” We raced our motorcycles, then mortally wounded, simultaneously mourning the loss of our true love, by miming both roles and singing at the top of our lungs, of course. The music of our youth made us feel like fifteen again.

After playing some perfectly Purim games, we finally warmed up for the highlight of the evening—a class in belly dancing. And if you’re wondering, eleven was long gone, and we were on the wrong side of midnight. As our graceful instructor put us through the warm-ups, the crowd lightened, and by the time we were thrusting chests and buttocks, only mothers were left in the room. The sweet naïve, singles had disappeared.

I had better finish this quickly, before sore muscles set in. Or maybe, “Let’s Dance!”
Baile RochelCopyright©2005BatyaMedad, Contact me for publication permission; private distribution encouraged.

What Jewish text is most like a blog? Who was history's greatest blogger?

According to Soccer Dad there's a contraversery over this issue. I thought that it was clear. My comment follows:

I don't claim fame as a great blogger mavin, but if I'm not mistaken there are a few types of blogs. There's the "single-poster" and the "team-poster," and there's also the type that allows comments, and there's the type that doesn't. So if we're looking at our holy books to see what's a blog and what isn't....David and his overly gifted son Shlomo each wrote personal diary type blogs that didn't allow comments. Considering the pressures they were under, SPAM and viruses were the least of their problems. Their blogs were very personal. David stuck with one, but Shlomo was more adept at these things and had a few.But the Talmud was very different. It was one of those group efforts, with lots of posters and comments/commentators.

You've inspired me to resume posting my notes from the T'hilim Kohelet classes. If you'd only attend them with me, you'd have no doubt. King David's blog is #1 in the personal diary category! And Shlomo's history's greatest individual blogger!!

How about voting--

Blogging for a Secure Israel

Israpundit is initiating a blog ring for those against withdrawal, disengagement, destruction from/of Eretz Yisrael or however you want to label it.

Read this if you blog, email or in any which way may be able to participate.

the trick to success

The trick to success as an artist is, like in many things, "backwards planning." Take a good look at your goal and work back from there. For instance, if you want your work in a museum , try this.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Purim, almost over

This has been a very long Purim, but easier than most years. We started Thursday with the pre-Purim fast, Ta'anit Ester, that commemorates the 3 day fast from the Megilat Ester. then we heard the Megilla for the first reading. I went down to nieghbors and heard it in their house, musch more pleasant than in the shul.

On Thursday I cooked for Friday's feast and food for Shabbat for me and for my daughter to take "catering" home to Ofra.

Then Friday morning I walked down again to hear the Megilla and finished cooking. and then the kids all came, and we had a good time, and then almost everyone left. Just my baby and his gf stayed for Shabbat. and tomorrow Purim resumes with just more feasting and mishloach manot.

Chag Purim Sameach

Friday, March 25, 2005

Baile Rochel's Back!

Baile Rochel’s Back! #1
Purim, just in time!

Yes I’m Back!

I just have to be careful how I pound that keyboard right now. My nail polish is still wet. “Nail polish,” some of you may be muttering. The Baile Rochel we all knew and loved didn’t polish anything, certainly not nails!

Don’t worry, I haven’t changed that much. My nails give my students something to look at, instead of the windows, blackboard, of course their books. Another innovation to keep my students’ attention on the “new me,” is a third earring, absolutely the perfect solution for “aguna” earrings, deserted by their fickle partners.

Some of you may be confused. The old Baile Rochel didn’t have sedentary students. I was a gym teacher. The “new Baile Rochel,” with additional padding, is an English teacher, for high school boys, no less. I’ve exchanged little girls who wouldn’t wear sneakers for big boys who won’t do homework and pantomime for calisthenics.

I still don’t do the windows. Of course, I have a very good excuse. They’re poorly designed, and it’s almost impossible to reach them, and the others are barricaded behind furniture. Like for example, do you really think that I can move the computer? That would require unplugging everything, and even more impossible, replugging the whole thing again. Do you honestly think that I know what goes where? My fingers go on the keyboard and I can turn it on and off. Isn’t that enough.

Well, it has been a long time, and some of you may not have even known me way back when. Then my youngest was a toddler, and now he’s finishing army service. The biggest change is that I’m a grandmother to a toddler. She doesn’t call me “grandma;” that’s still reserved for my mother, ad me’ah v’esrim, she should live to a hundred and twenty, just forty years and a couple of months to go. She deserves some extra credit, so you can add on a few more.

My granddaughter doesn’t call me “bubby,” either. She calls me “Savta,” but she also calls her other grandmother “Savta,” which I find very confusing. But I remember what my friend told me when my daughter got engaged. She told me that she was going to teach me a trick. I had to close my mouth and my lips, real tight, lock them all shut, and I’d be a very good shvigger.

Some things haven’t changed much. Some things haven’t changed all that much. Way back when, almost twenty years ago, I described how we moved into this house, book by book. And I made it very clear, that the pictures are up, so we’re not going! And since then even more pictures are up, and only less than two years ago I finally had Venetian blinds put on the living room windows, believe you me, I’m not moving.

Of course, according to the news, things look a bissel different, but you know the saying: “Everything’s true except for the things you know about personally.” Actually, we’re seriously thinking of expanding the house, so there’ll be room for everyone to visit. Ok, we’re imprisoned in an insane asylum, and we’re the only sane ones.

It’s all going to work out. I’ve been studying T’hilim (Psalms) and Kohelet (Ecclesiastes), and King David was also persecuted. He kept this “blog” diary, in which he wrote his thoughts, fears and prayers. Afterwards, a hundred and fifty of them were found and collected, and today that’s what we call T’hilim. In chapter 7, 16 King David wrote that the evil one will fall into his own trap, and in the end of Chapter 34, he reassures us that if we go with G-d, G-d will save us and punish the wicked.

Yes, King David wrote an ancient blog, and so did his son, Shlomo. Shlomo was actually quite a blogger, Kohelet, Mishlei and Shir Hashirim. I guess that he had the state of the art laptop of his day. I wonder how many hits a week he got; a lot more than my blogs get for sure.

Baile Rochel

Thursday, March 24, 2005

T'hilim in Shiloh

Today, Ta'anit Ester, the Fast of Ester, a T'hilim campaign was established. Women all over the world were asked to gather together at 10:30 their time, to say t'hilim for Gush Katif and Eretz Yisrael. We, in Shiloh, participated.

There was a very moving T'hilim "saying" in Shiloh this morning at 10:30am. We were a group of grandmothers, mothers, toddlers and infants in the Beit Medrash L'Noar established in memory of Avi Siton, HaY"D and Shmuel Yerushalmi, HaY"D. First we shared two sets of T'hilim booklets and read them. Then in the "after bracha" we added names for "refuah shleimah" including a little girl who was very seriously injured in a car accident here on the yishuv this week, Sima bat Rita Golda Raizel. Following that, the special "Gush Katif Prayers" were said. Afterwards we had a discussion led by Piki Apter.

In many ways this year feels more like Yom HaKippurim than Taanit Esther.

new link

Well, you should be able to guess from the color. I'm adding a link to my sidebar to the Gush Katif site via a blog from there.

former neighbor

We used to live in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Bayit V'Gan. In those days it was a mix of Bnai Akiva-type religious, chareidi and non-religious. There was, still is, a large neighborhood park extending from Rechov Bayit V'Gan, where we lived, to Rechov Uziel, which was much less develped. The park had a nice central sandbox and places to sit. It was the hang-out for young mothers and baby-sitters/"nannies." I was then what's known today as a SAHM, and there were days I'd bring the girls to the park twice. That was the center of our social lives, and I made many friends.

Decades later, we're older and have moved away. We've been in Shiloh since 1981. Another is in Gush Katif , and we now meet on the Opinion Column of Arutz 7, Yesha Speaks Out and other forums. When Rachel Saperstein and I used to watch our kids playing in the sandbox, who could have predicted the predicament we're in today.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

from Pirkei Avot, Ethics of the Fathers

"One who pursues greatness, greatness will flee from him; one who flees from
greatness, greatness will pursue him" (Talmud Eiruvin 13b

I read the quotation in the Pirkei Avot emails I get, details below.

It made me think. Substitute "peace" for 'greatness."

Permission is granted to redistribute, but please
give proper attribution
and copyright to the author and Both
the author and
reserve certain rights. Email for full information.
------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Judaism Site
Project Genesis, Inc.
122 Slade Avenue, Suite 250
(410) 602-1350
Baltimore, MD 21208
FAX: (410) 510-1053


please ask everyone to add her to their prayers, so she will have a refuah shleimah,
Tizku b'mitzvot

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

a queen?

It looks like Camilla may be queen someday, after Queen Elizabeth hits 120, I presume. That's if Prince Charles takes after his mother and grandmother.

It's nice to read that other countries have such norishkeit to be concerned about.

busy, as usual

Can't decide whether or not to do a wash; must decide quickly. These machines sure take their time.

Last night a big staff meeting, sort of brain-storming. I didn't want pressure, so I decided to "tremp." That's after helping my daughter with Hallelie and Poratie. I decided that I would get there just fine. But I found myself waiting in Ofra for about half an hour, until I got a ride to Givat Asaf. There I also waited. I was sure that I'd get out of Ofra easily, even straight to Beit El with staff who lives in Ofra. It got so late, that I almost called the bosses to say that maybe it's not worth my coming. But I didn't. I'm pretty nuts about the importance of being on time. Finally a ride to Beit El from Givat Asaf, but to the other neighborhood, so another 5 minute walk, and I went in 45 minutes lates, certain that the meeting must be almost over. It hadn't even begun.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Hevel Hevelim, this week.....

This week's Hevel Hevelim features both me-ander and Shiloh Musings. So take a gander and see what Multiple Mentality recommends.

baby's name

Baruch Hashem and bli eyin haraa
good health to all

Catching up with Kohelet, Ecclesiastes

Sorry, it has been a while. Here's the link to the last one .

Now we're on the Kohelet from almost two weeks ago. The link in the first line is to T'hilim, Psalms. As usual it's recommended to have texts available.

Kohelet 7, 3 &4and onward.....
Life isn't a "cabaret." (Try to tell that to the younger generation! My students demand to be entertained all the time. They think it's outrageous that I expect them to work hard and take responsibility. Just call me Atilla.)
True happiness/joy is in the next world.
When the "wise" listen to the laughter/mocking of the "fool" the wise become fools. (We have to stick with our beliefs and not let the fools influence or weaken us.)
Shmot, Exodus, 5, 19 until the end of the chapter
Moshe complained to G-d that the people aren't listening to him, they complain that since he began his campaign things have only gotten worse.
Then he asked G-d: Why did you send me?
Shmot 6-- G-d answered: "You'll see." because Moses listened to the fools he lost "libo" his heart/confidence. One of the reasons that Moses was punished and couldn't enter the Land of Israel.

9- Stay calm and confident; don't let temper rule. Anger is a sign of frustration, emptiness, no justification. That's why the anti-yesha are so violently against us, so inciteful. Anger comees from a situation when there's no spiritual depth and creativity.
We must see it as a challenge to activate our minds.
We mustn't answer/debate the fool. We shouldn't take him seriously.

Oy, we wasted time talking/complaining about the evil/foolish politicians, instead of getting stronger, via learning.

We must control anger.

10- Were the previous generations better? Or is it that we just remember the good? Times were not really better. Now things are better.
Anger comes from a frustration, because people aim for a false utopia. Reality makes them angry.
Look for the good now and solutions to the problems.

11- What's "nachalah?" $, profession, job......?

to be continued....

Catch 22

It can happen just anyplace, not just in Israel. Yes, catch 22 knows no borders. So beware, and don't trust the clerks and bureaucrats. Terror reigns and fear of terror even more so. And the British Empire reigns supreme.

Have a wonderful week!

Saturday, March 19, 2005

a couple of things

Yes, the baby, granddaughter #2, has a name. But I'll only blog it after we announce it to relatives still on Shabbat time.

The totalitarian dictatorship rules that Jews can no longer move to Gush Katif. Of course there are no rules restricting Arabs. Challenging the law is MK Effy Etam who announced that is moving there.

I must admit that I can't see myself doing it. We find moving more traumatic than symbolic. I really admire the people who are capable of packing up and demonstrating lock, stock and barrel. I remember going to early pre-Gush Emunim demos, especially one at a secret place that ended up being Beit El. It bothered me that the other demonstrators were "pretending" to want to live there. I felt that if the posters said we wanted to stay, we had to be prepared to make our lives there. It was in the fall or winter of 1970, soon after our aliya. Funny to think that I work there.

Unfortunately, Israel is becoming a very undemocratic country.

Shavua tov!

Friday, March 18, 2005

been busy

I've been busy and will be even more so as today progresses, so click on Shiloh Musings to see what I've been up to.

Shabbat Shalom!

Thursday, March 17, 2005

what a world

Maybe it's like shooting onesself in the foot, but there's a solution for those who want their kids to stop watching television . Another health advantage of Marmite.

Considering that women are paid less, it's really not right that they pay more for many services.

What a world!

what a week, and it's not yet over

First, I must apologize for not including notes from my T'hilim (Psalms) and Kohelet (Ecclesiastes) classes, bli neder, I will resume it, as soon as I can. I'm just overwhelmed with good things, Baruch Hashem!

The week started with the birth of our (still nameless) second granddaughter. Baruch Hashem, it was a nice easy birth, just a bit hectic at the end, but in a good way. She was late, but picked a day when I didn't have to work; they had cancelled all classes for the pre-Purim extravaganza. The following day was a regular day off, so the young lady was very considerate. A defeat for Murphy.

Monday began with the "aliya l'kever," end of shiva, going to the grave, for our neighbor who had passed away. Then I did a quick shopping for baby clothes in the local store, where I got some gorgeous things, reasonably priced. Then I rushed to Jerusalem to visit daughter #2 and her daughter #2 in the hospital, handed over the clothes and then rushed to take Hallelie from the maon (day care center.) I had her make a "mazal tov" poster for the door on bright pink paper with lots of butterfly stickers and "scribbles." Definitely a work of art! Then the "other savta (grandmother)" relieved me... I could rush home to go to a wedding. Two local kids got married in a fantastic, laibadik (joyful) wedding in our local yeshiva, music was by another Shiloh-raised guy who married the girl two doors away.

Then, on Tuesday, started as a regular Tuesday. I went to "boker limud" to learn how King David coped with his problems and the writings of his son. Yes, bli neder, soon you'll be able to read all about it.

After that, a slightly shortened Tuesday workday. Of course after working so hard to plan the 10th grade (punishment) test, I forgot that they were on a class trip. (They'll get it next week.) Finished teaching early and took a ride to Jerusalem to meet my cousin's daughter and her husband, who were here. Her first time. She's the first of her branch of the family to visit since her grandmother came about thirty years ago. We had dinner out, and then two of my kids went out together.

Yesterday, can hardly remember, oh, yes, yesterday. I didn't go swimmng, too tired, and the house needed me. So I just went to my daughter's noon-time to make her some food and help with Hallelie. And then....

And in the evening there was a "sheva brachot" (post wedding party) at a neighbor's for the young couple. A typical neighborhood gathering of people from about half a dozen countries, delicious food contributed by the attendees and a wonderful time had by all.

Yes, the week isn't yet over.

This is life in Israel, YESHA, Shiloh

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


It just occurred to me that the incitement against us has been going on for a very long time. I should include the fact that the police's investigation of the terror attack that injured me was inciteful against us. It was easier for the police policy to believe that a yeshiva student/soldier could murder an Arab who had just murdered and injured Jews, than to believe that he saved us. That is incitement against us. It's a psychological war, a war of words and feelings and slogans.

Bli neder, I'll soon write more, hopefully in a more thoughtful and rational/logical way.

I know that this annoys people, presses certain buttons, but it really bothers me that the Holocaust is such big business and so easy to raise money for. Especially when the same people don't see the modern parallels. They don't see that making us, the Jews in YESHA, into "non-humans," "settlers," instead of bonafide Israeli citizens, is the same as putting on a "yellow star."

Why should people be more horrified at a terror attack in Petach Tikva or downtown New York?

There's no difference between a terror attack on the World Trade Center and Neve Dikalim. By distinguishing between the two, nothing has been learned from the murder of 6 million Jews.

lazy/busy day

I'm sure you're wondering, how can a day be both lazy and busy, but it's easy for me. Lazy--because I'm not leaving early for the pool. I slept a bit later than usual and will putter around before putting on the "granny hat." And busy--because I do have plans, plenty of them.

Now, for some other things. Proof that I'm not all that paranoid . I'm one of those people who refuse to give my credit card over the phone, even if I want to contribute to the charity, and I don't order things over the phone. And I don't buy on the internet. I've had some unpleasant experiences with telemarketers and wish that there was a way to keep them from calling. Of course, some people just consider me NASTY. If I had the patience to add one of those polls to the blog, I'd poll visitors on

Do you give your credit card number over the phone? Y/N
If yes, what's your criteria? ______
Do you buy on the internet? Y/N
Are you bothered by SPAM? Y/N
Do you report SPAM to your server? Y/N
Do you "train" your email program to block SPAM addresses? Y/N

Of course, you can always comment your answers.

Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

quick update plus

sorry, no time for Kohelet this week
bli neder, I'll make it up later on

Granddaughter #2 looks like "herself." Long, lanky and gorgeous. Still nameless.

The OU has come out against getting drunk this Purim, or is it "every Purim?" This Purim is a strange one here in Shiloh. We only hear the megilla twice, instead of the usual four times.

Now I somehow have to write up a test for my tenth grade, though I keep making the worst typos. Danced myself silly at a very leibedik wedding last night. Two local kids got married, and they had the wedding here in Shiloh.

Monday, March 14, 2005


Yes, I've been busy. Visited my daughter and granddaughter twice in the hospital. In between had lunch with a friend and then went to my husband's office to call my parents. Had to wait until they were up, though I had sent an email to my brother and sister.

Baby "2" is a nice big girl who eats and sleeps and has light grey/green/blue eyes.

G-d willing she will enjoy good health and a wonderful life.

Sunday, March 13, 2005



looking at the news

Since there's still "no news," as far as I know, just after 6am this morning....

I found other news. First, the first family of modern royalty, the Princes William and Harry are having fun improving their reputations after that tumble in the Nazi SS Uniform. They definitely seem to be combining the characterisitcs of both parents. Horsing around like their father, Prince Charles, and "causing" like their mother, Diana.

And "group exercise" like team sports like the princes do or more mundane types like many of us participate in are just the perfect way of keeping depression away.

Shavua tov, only a week and a half to Purim!

Saturday, March 12, 2005

no news

no news
in womby pool

what to do?
two days off
would be perfect
to help

but so far
no need

who's taking bets?
Monday night's a wedding
that I don't want to miss

and Tuesday afternoon
I have to give
tenth graders a test
as punishment--for not doing work
must teach themselves

so when's ob2
going to make

I remember the stairs
at the Pine View Hotel
feeling so glamorous
marching down
at just the "right moment"
at NCSY's National

and the
glass-enclosed staircase
lit for all of Northern Boulevard
to see
at Leonard's

dreamt of marching up and down
swishing skirts and gowns
finally did
at a "sweet 16"

so with a grandmother
like me
of course,
still waiting

Friday, March 11, 2005

I'm just unique, I guess

After kvetching and muttering that none of my musings made it to Arutz 7 for a few weeks, suddenly I've done something unique.

Apparently there aren't too many people in the "club" who've been in both the "Opinion" and "Torah" columns, of which I'm a member. Of those, I don't know how many other women there are, since most of the Torah columnists are rabbis, and I'm not even a rebbitzen.

But this week, after almost a month of zero, my Frankenstein was put up on the "Opinion column and then this on the Torah one. And I'm neither a rabbi nor an accademic, just me.

I'm sure that my ol' high school classmate, the late Andy Kaufman, would have appreciated the irony.

Now, if I only knew how to make money off of my unique talents... I've been trying to market "Baile Rochel," but no bites. And no news from my daughter.

Must wander back into the kitchen; it is Friday afternoon.

Shabbat Shalom and Chodesh Tov
Two weeks to Purim

more T'hilim, Psalms,

the upside down "nun"
In some, the better I guess, versions of T'hilim there are upside down "nun"'s between chapters, or verses. My books don't have it.
It has to do with being buffeted, thrown around like a ship at sea, being tossed up and down and around by the waves. No stability. Those that keep their faith survive.
It's seen again in Bamidbar 10, "Vayihi binso'a aron.." The Holy Ark was carried like a hovercraft, in a different other-worldly way.

Nissan said that he hopes that the destruction of Yamit was losing the floor, so that we have progressed towards Geula, redemption.

in T'hilim 107, 31-2 reminds us to thank G-d, publicly, before 10 people, two should be chachamim, learned, rabbis.
35, 18 "kahal rav," large group
in chapter 107 verses end with "ki l'olam chasdo" and His mercy is forever

One should invite lots of people to "seudot hodaya" the feast to thank G-d.

I guess that's why I found myself writing this and this .

Chodesh Tov and Shabbat Shalom

Next Kohelet, bli neder, I don't know when.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

some more from T'hilim, Psalms

of course it would help to have a text

We're in T'hilim 35, 17 "heshiva nafshi" She returned/saved/rescued/relaxed/reassured/calmed my soul.
We ask G-d for help when we're in trouble, and we need His help to get through the trouble. People blame G-d for the bad things, like the Holocaust, and expect G-d to fix everything. and fix it real fast. We have to fix things, through change and discipline. G-d works "erech hapayim," long time.
"yachidati" material, the essense of the body.

We were sent to galut, diaspora as punishment.

That's it for tonight.

great news!

Great news! It's almost like the moshiach's coming! June Cleaver, SAHM's are envied by young women . Forget about ol' Beaver's mother, my mother's life as a wife and mother are considered the ideal! That's what I've been saying for years. I wanted a life like that, not having to work out of the house, but active as a volunteer in all sorts of things. I didn't want to have to figure out what to do with a sick kids, because I couldn't miss work. I wanted to have proper meals for my kids and husband when they came home. I managed for a number of years, but then we needed the money, so I started working. I worked at all sorts of jobs, professions without certificates. I could never take myself seriously and embarrassed my kids by not being as successful as their friends' mothers. So they did everything they could not to be like me.

And now, according to statistics, young women want that life, because we can't be everything. Certainly, we can't do it all simultaneously. They finally realize that mothering is fulfilling. Enjoy!

notes T'hilim, Ecclesiastes 7-3 Psalms, Kohelet

As usual, having the text, actually full Bible, around will help, since I don't quote much, just refer to the actual words.

**I arrived late and missed the beginning, so I had trouble following, and Nissan mentioned somethng else that I don't know what he was really referring to.

T'hilim, Psalms, 35, 16
Generally G-d is patient and doesn't interfere, only when things get really bad, like the generation of the flood.
2nd Shmuel/Samuel 9, 14 When David is told that his son will build the Beit Hamikdash, Holy Temple, G-d will be as a father to Shlomo/Solomon and discipline him, that immediately reminded me of the notes from the last class on Kohelet. That David had problems with his sons, because he didn't discipline them. It must have had been his reactions, since he was treated very badly. Only Batsheva and Shlomo were separate from the rest of the family, and she raised him differently, so he was worthy to be king and build the Beit Hamikdash.

Must get ready for my exercise class.
More later, at some point... b'ezrat Hashem

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


No news. Yes, the news is that there's none.

I should have attended yesterday's funeral for my neighbor. Instead I went to teach, and it wasn't pleasant. It's hard to decided in these cases. My ingrained "protestant work ethic" makes cancelling classes so unthinkable. Being a teacher has its drawbacks. There's no flexi-time. I can't "change shifts" nor do a double on a different day. There's also no subbing in our school. Most of my classes are too weak to do independent work. I had also promised a senior a make-up test, which of course he didn't do in the end. The principal promised to proctor it personally on a different day. One of my classes ended up being so unpleasant, I was disgusted. For this I missed going to a funeral. And then I got stuck waiting over half an hour in Beit El for a ride north. The other connections were much better. but still, I only made it home almost an hour and a half after concluding the last lesson. And that's for a twenty minute door-to-door.

Boker Limud, the T'hilim (Psalms)-Kohelet (Ecclesiastes) class I take was fantastic. Amazing how the two books, by father and son, follow the same lines.
But no time right now to start reporting.

G-d willing, today will be better.

Almost Adar Sheni (the leap year month of Adar on the Jewish calendar.) My daughter is starting to think that the baby wants to be born closer to Purim, in Adar Sheni.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

they blame me

Blogspot claims that it's my fault that the colors go nuts on this blog. I've added too much or incorrectly to the template. Maybe it's the counter at the bottom, but I don't know where it starts and ends to try to move it.

I hate being stupid.

What does it mean?

Yesterday it seemed so strange that there were lots of death announcements of rabbis from the YU Alumni email. Then my neighbor passed away, and now a friend wrote that Moshe Kohn, the Jerusalem Post columnist passed away.

I guess wh need their help.

Warm Rain

warm rain
like teardrops
falling from the sky

the heavens cry
for a gentle man
Sidney Simons

who suddenly
passed away
last night

as he prayed
to G-d
G-d took him

Baruch Dayan Ha'emet

Sidney, za"l, and his wonderful wife, Sophie, moved to Shiloh just a few years ago. At an age when most of their peers move into "retirement homes," they made new lives in Shiloh. They were not retiring. They fixed up a new home, planted a magnificent, enviable garden and initiated social and community activities.

We all pray that Sophie will remain here with us in good health for many years to come.

Baruch Dayan Ha'emet

With great sorrow we mourn the passing of our neighbor and friend,
Shimon Sydney Simons, who passed away suddenly earlier tonight.

We wish heartfelt condolences to Sophie and their whole family.

For funeral details, please contact the Shiloh office.

Monday, March 07, 2005

PARTY TIME! Next Week's.....

Next week's host for Hevel Hevelim will be IsraPundit!

bli neder! finishing last week's Kohelet, Ecclesiastes

The previous ended on a very depressing note, that if people put all their energies in the wrong things, like total materialism, they haven't contributed to the world, so it would have had been better if they hadn't lived at all, unless I misundertood what Nissan said...

We're in Kohelet 7, line 3
What's "ka'as?" anger?
In first Kings 1, 6
We see the results of how David raised his kids. They rebeled against him, raped, were a royal disgrace. He didn't discipline them. Only Shlomo was kept away by Batsheva. They weren't part of the royal life..
One shouldn't be afraid to be strict and struggle with your kids when raising them. Like child birth is best with strong contractions, and they hurt. Raising kids properly demands strength and discipline.

As we were finishing, someone asked how G-d could have given us so much rain this year considering how bad Am Yisrael has been. Shouldn't we be praying for rain?
I answered that we have enough rain, because there are more important things to pray for, considering politics, security the spiritual state of our People. Rain, "geshem" is "gashmi" materialism, and G-d doesn't want us to waste our prayers on the material, there are more important spiritual and national matters.

Tomorrow, b'ezrat Hashem, I'll learn more...

May we be worthy of Redemption!

weather reports

Living in Shiloh, I may consider it "the center of the world," and I can even easily convince people how central we are on the Israeli map, but when it comes to weather reports, we have to calculate. We're not Jerusalem; neither are we Ariel, which is sometimes on official Israeli lists.

I've just discovered that we can get a little closer. The closest yahoo weather is
Ramalla . But that may not be perfect, if Ramalla is the same as Beit El. Beit El is colder than Shiloh, gets more snow, and it stays frozen and icy much longer.

And my little weatherpixie just shows the sun, no weather report.

G-d willing we'll have enough rain, not just what we deserve.

Kohelet, Ecclesiastes chapter 7

Try to have a text handy.

Chapter 7
"Tov shem, m'shemen tov."
Better a good name (reputation) than good oil (perfume.) Perfume is very superficial; it masks bad smells. Years ago, when we were on shlichut (doing Zionist youth work) in England, we had a summer camp/seminar in a chateau in the French country-side. I got there a coupld of hours early with the three girls (She'era was a tiny baby), driven my one of the madrichim. I almost puked when I went to the toilet. The wooden floor was saturated with urine smells, worse than an old NYC subway toilet. The staff insisted "no problem" and promptly doused it with some perfumed stuff. And the stink was well-masked.

A good name lasts forever. Good perfume costs lots of money, and a good name is for free. Perfume fades, a name doesn't.
"shemmen"=possesions, like university degrees
"shem"=the inner person
Another reason that the Dovrat Commission's insistance that more university degrees will make a better teacher is wrong. It's superficial. Teaching demands inner strength and knowledge and good instincts. Kids are not predictable. It's not theory.

Whatever you have, you can build on; it depends what you do with it.

2-Death is more important than birth. Even when you have to choose between two events, honor the dead, rather than celebrate. It's better if we do the right things in life.
T'hilim 2, 11 If we worsip G-d with proper respect, "yirah," we'll be able to deal with the troubles.
People forget what is our true purpose in life; especially at smachot, joyous occassions, they get too involved int eh "shemen" instead of in the "shem." At weddings, people sometimes forget that it's to build a new life, and they concentrate on the "gashmi" materialistic end, instead of the spiritual. Weddings are much too expensive. The money should be invested in the young couple, not a few hours of fun. And if the families don't have lots of money, so the wedding should me much simpler. There are ways, and they're much better in the long run and also in the short run.
If people concentrate on the wrong things in life, we go back to the better "nefel,' stillborn than a wasted life.

getting older

The American government is weighing the possibility to raise the age of retirement again. They're making all sorts of excuses, but the real reason is that my generation took their time in having kids, if they had them at all. Of course, I'm speaking statistically.

I remember in the summer of 1972 we were visiting the states. Our eldest was a toddler, and I was in the beginning of my second pregnancy. In Israel wherever you went you saw babies, toddlers, kids and pregnant women. In New York, it was rare, very rare. I don't remember seeing any pregnant women, until we met some other friends who were visiting from Jerusalem, and we exchanged confidences that we were both expecting. (Those two kids are friends to this day.)

So the American Social Security is stretched, supporting people like my parents, and my peers will have to wait until they're much older to retire. I'm sure nobody thought of that when they were in their twenties and thirties.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

busy fingers

Fellow-blogger moze, nor relation to muse, is off yarn shopping and snow snapping. Great snow pics ; take a gander. She may do some great stuff with her needles, but I'll stick with my "goblen," needlepoint. Even though there are those who think I should start crocheting hats. Then I spoke to someone with absolutely gorgeous ones, all hand-crocheted by herself. Then she told me that she had something like 50, and I decided, that there are advantages to the fact that most of the needlepoints can take even years to complete. Do I really need a few new hats a week?

firefox mozilla thunderbird, all of the above

I sent in a complaint to their "forum." I complained about the delays, how blogspot posts only show hours after being posted. And I also complained that this template comes out all peculiar, with colors blocking the posts, etc.

If any of you have also had problems, please contact them at

simply not simple

First, explorer was making problems this morning, so I went onto firefox, which has made a color mess of this template. I hope this is legible.

And on another track, the almost elderly "happily ever after couple," Prince Charles and "the other woman" are facing more obstacles in their very reasonable quest to finally get married. IMHO, let them get on with their lives already. Her big mistake was decades ago, when she married someone else instead of waiting for him to be ready.

Let them get on with their lives, and let the dead stay buried.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

continued, more T'hilim, Psalms and hopefully Kohelet, Ecclesiastes

Have text handy, (and still no new baby)

We're still in Psalms 35, 11-12
When everyone else was in trouble, David prayed for them and helped them, and now David's being persecuted. "they repay me with evil"

1st Shmuel (Samuel) 12, 19 people asked Shmuel to pray for them. He said that he hadn't a choice, if not it would be a sin. How much to pray? Until one becomes sick?

13- David writes that he endangered his life for others, praying and worrying. He covered them with his coat, so he got sick from the cold.
For a talmid chacham, Torah scholar one must pray with all one's might.

14- mourning for one's child is the hardest, and David said he was like that for others

15-and they rejoiced when he was limping, in trouble.
*this is one of my points Also, people, to this day, blame him for his relationship with Batsheva, and he always took responsibility. Even though from my reading of the straight text, she seduced him. Read it and see for yourself.
David's taking responisbiitly is a "yehuda" characteristic, how Yehuda grew after sinning and blamed himself for Tamar's seduction of him, since he didn't marry her off to his third son.
Everyone got so happy whenever he got into trouble, enthusiastic.
16- they tear at him, ripping his skin, like lion cubs. He's surrounded by his enemies.

In Psalms 55 He complains that his enemies were once his friends.
He's talking of Doeg and Achitopphel, how the politicians who were once his good friends, now treat him like enemies.

Sounds too familiar. That's it for now, next time, Kohelet.

Friday, March 04, 2005

continued T'hilim Kohelet March 1

and as usual, a Bible handy

WE're on Psalms 35, 10
He feels "all the bones" when things are very bad. When we're sick we feel our bones, when we're cold, hungry or injured, too.
David's also referring to when Saul tricked him.
First Samuel 17, 25 Goliath was taunting, threatening the Israelites. Saul offered a prize, his daughter Meirav, to anyone who could kill Goliath. As the world knows, David succeded, and when he arrived at his wedding, he discovered Meirav marrying someone else. That hurt, to the bones.
Saul didn't cheat him of money, he took away the wife.

11- David refers to how Saul brought false witnesses to lie, that he was never promised Meirav. It was a great embarrassment for David.

It was also a great embarrassment to Saul, his warriors and to David's macherdik (bigshot) brothers that little scrawny David killed Goliath.
By taking all this into acount, it's a better come from behind than Rocky!

Now I really must finish preparing for Shabbat, so I'll leave you with the message, that we, David, will win. We'll escape Saul's wrath, and destroy the giant and G-d will bring peace as a reward for our efforts. G-d willing. B'ezrat Hashem!

And Shabbat Shalom

ps if the reference isn't clear read:

A Different Generation

I've been hearing this from many people, that the younger kids are nothing like the older ones. Even infants choose nowadays. My granddaughter chose which plastic spoons to buy when she was too small to hold them. My eldest (her aunt) was minding her and took her shopping. She gave her a choice of different feeding spoons. Hallelie pointed to one (the most expensive, of course) so my daughter re-arranged the display, but Hallelie kept choosing the same one. Even after my daughter explained to her that the others gave more for the dollar.

Recently Hallelie doesn't like to have her diaper changed, so she gets to choose which diaper. They are decorated with different animals. Not long ago when my daughter (her mother) came home late from work, Hallelie was half asleep. But perked up enough to say: "Oy yoy yoy, pil." Meaning "there are no more elephant (pil in Hebrew) diapers left." That should be her biggest problem and greatest tragedy.

Shabbat Shalom

and still waiting

OB2's not yet out. No news and no call to pack and get over, or prepare for a toddler guest.

Didn't sleep well. I had better get into the kitchen and do something useful.

Thursday, March 03, 2005


I'm cooking double chicken this week, including a batch to my hatching daughter.

And I put in an official complaint to blogspot about the problems when using firefox. They recommended firefox to keep out "undesirables." A suspicious comment was found by me on shiloh musings. I had a time deleting it. They said that firefox would be better, though I can't imagine how. I only allow blogspotters to comment. If anyone else has complaints, please write to them, too. I think there's a problem with my template, since the orange sometimes takes over, especially when on firefox. If any of you have experienced such an invasion, please complain to blogspot.


Wednesday, March 02, 2005

March 1 T'hilim Psalms Kohelet Ecclesiastes

Let's see what I can get done tonight. Remember, it helps to have texts handy.

T'hilim 35, 8
David, like us, is waiting for the grand reversal, that his enemies will fall into the trap they planned for him. (G-d willing, please)
9- David says that all he has to do is to trust in G-d, which reminds me of the article in "Voices" magazine, the interview with Rabbi Dr. Tendler.
10- We must put our faith in G-d. Nissan said that it seemed out of sequence. What is David referring to?
What does he mean by "all of his/my limbs?" He's referring to a halachik controversy, what type of filth can keep a person from praying. Is the whole body touching it, just a hand, what about smell/ etc Some say "as long as the mouth is in a clean place."

Sorry, that's it for now; I can hardly think.


Hard to make plans; waiting for my daughter to give birth. I just realized that I haven't even started to put this week's notes on T'hilim and Kohelet. Guess I'm distracted. Haven't invited anyone for Shabat; just planning on cooking.
I'm human.

I tried to send this in the morning.

There was some sort of trouble with my internet this morning, but I saved the message.

Yes, busy busy. Wedding last night. Saw lots of old friends, younger than me, though DovBear thinks that no blogger has passed the age of 50. Shows that he is...probably younger than I am.

Enough for this morning.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Guess what? "Noah's" Coming to the Shomron

A Note I got from Sharon Katz:

Guess what?
Our show is coming to Kedumim on Monday, IY"H, March 7th.
A very Zionistic and amazing anonymous donor (I don't even know who he is) donated the entire cost of a "NOAH!" production in Gush Katif and one in the Shomron.
We did the Gush Katif show last week, and as you know, it was phenomenal, B"H.
On Monday, IY"H, we're going up to Kedumim, and the donor is taking care of all our travel expenses, plus the buses from any yishuv in the Shomron or Binyamin.
The tickets are 10 NIS each, and that includes the bus.
It's supposed to be for all the yishuvim there - Kedumim, Har Bracha, Itamar, Yitzhar, Tapuach, Emanuel, etc. etc. etc. - but women from Binyamin can come too.
So, if you have friends or family in any community of the Shomron or Binyamin who would like to come to the Kedumim show on Monday March 7th, please have them call the Matnas of Kedumim for tickets and bus information 09-792-2781.

We are really looking forward to this performance, and since we're traveling all that way, we'd like to have as many women there as possible. We can't wait to greet the women of the Shomron and Binyamin for an evening of music and hope that will truly RAISE their SPIRITS.
So, please pass the word, and let me know if there are any specific folks in any yishuvim that I should contact in order to get the women from that community coming.
Sharon Katz
Producer, NOAH! Ride the Wave!
Founder, Raise Your Spirits