Tuesday, March 08, 2005

they blame me

Blogspot claims that it's my fault that the colors go nuts on this blog. I've added too much or incorrectly to the template. Maybe it's the counter at the bottom, but I don't know where it starts and ends to try to move it.

I hate being stupid.


MatzahNacho said...

I can understand why you'd find the template difficult to work with. It's not easy to follow unless you spend a lot of time getting familiar with it, where everything is, and how to make changes without affecting other things.

Is it the background colors or the text colors that are acting up? Right now I see brown around the blog title and beige around most of the body, with orange-ish borders, and the text color varies from post to post. If that's not how you want it to look, let me know, and I'd be happy to try to help.

Batya said...

thanks for the offer
The orange sometimes takes over the entire bottom, including the sunken sidebar. I realize that I have to reposition the "counter," but I'm not sure where its beginning and end are.

MatzahNacho said...

Your counter appears to start right after the footer code in your template.

It starts with - p align="center" script language = javascript

Then the counter details

Then it ends closing the script and the P.

Not sure why it would be causing problems, but maybe it would work better if you moved it up into the sidebar section?