Saturday, March 12, 2005

no news

no news
in womby pool

what to do?
two days off
would be perfect
to help

but so far
no need

who's taking bets?
Monday night's a wedding
that I don't want to miss

and Tuesday afternoon
I have to give
tenth graders a test
as punishment--for not doing work
must teach themselves

so when's ob2
going to make

I remember the stairs
at the Pine View Hotel
feeling so glamorous
marching down
at just the "right moment"
at NCSY's National

and the
glass-enclosed staircase
lit for all of Northern Boulevard
to see
at Leonard's

dreamt of marching up and down
swishing skirts and gowns
finally did
at a "sweet 16"

so with a grandmother
like me
of course,
still waiting

1 comment:

Sarah Smile said...

I remember National Conventions at the Pine View Hotel! Those were the best years! How old does that make us?!
Shavuah Tov :)