Saturday, March 05, 2005

continued, more T'hilim, Psalms and hopefully Kohelet, Ecclesiastes

Have text handy, (and still no new baby)

We're still in Psalms 35, 11-12
When everyone else was in trouble, David prayed for them and helped them, and now David's being persecuted. "they repay me with evil"

1st Shmuel (Samuel) 12, 19 people asked Shmuel to pray for them. He said that he hadn't a choice, if not it would be a sin. How much to pray? Until one becomes sick?

13- David writes that he endangered his life for others, praying and worrying. He covered them with his coat, so he got sick from the cold.
For a talmid chacham, Torah scholar one must pray with all one's might.

14- mourning for one's child is the hardest, and David said he was like that for others

15-and they rejoiced when he was limping, in trouble.
*this is one of my points Also, people, to this day, blame him for his relationship with Batsheva, and he always took responsibility. Even though from my reading of the straight text, she seduced him. Read it and see for yourself.
David's taking responisbiitly is a "yehuda" characteristic, how Yehuda grew after sinning and blamed himself for Tamar's seduction of him, since he didn't marry her off to his third son.
Everyone got so happy whenever he got into trouble, enthusiastic.
16- they tear at him, ripping his skin, like lion cubs. He's surrounded by his enemies.

In Psalms 55 He complains that his enemies were once his friends.
He's talking of Doeg and Achitopphel, how the politicians who were once his good friends, now treat him like enemies.

Sounds too familiar. That's it for now, next time, Kohelet.

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