Saturday, March 19, 2005

a couple of things

Yes, the baby, granddaughter #2, has a name. But I'll only blog it after we announce it to relatives still on Shabbat time.

The totalitarian dictatorship rules that Jews can no longer move to Gush Katif. Of course there are no rules restricting Arabs. Challenging the law is MK Effy Etam who announced that is moving there.

I must admit that I can't see myself doing it. We find moving more traumatic than symbolic. I really admire the people who are capable of packing up and demonstrating lock, stock and barrel. I remember going to early pre-Gush Emunim demos, especially one at a secret place that ended up being Beit El. It bothered me that the other demonstrators were "pretending" to want to live there. I felt that if the posters said we wanted to stay, we had to be prepared to make our lives there. It was in the fall or winter of 1970, soon after our aliya. Funny to think that I work there.

Unfortunately, Israel is becoming a very undemocratic country.

Shavua tov!

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