Monday, June 22, 2020

All For NS13.50, Less than $5-

Travelling on public transportation here in Israel is discounted for senior citizens, and if you know how to buy the "all day inclusive" chofshi yomi tickets, even for youngsters prices are very reasonable.

Things have been simplified. The country has been divided into districts. And to make life easier for the drivers and also speed up the trip for the passengers, we have to buy our tickets before boarding the bus. You either buy from special machines or a phone app, which unfortunately isn't compatible to all phones or use a special attachment, which costs only NS5- on your computer.

We have the special attachment. Just plug it into your computer, and register on the Ravkav site. Once you stick your actual Ravkav card into the plastic reader, you'll see how much money is in your card and all sorts of ticket possibilities.

You can choose your type of ticket and the date you need to travel. We generally buy the "all day inclusive" chofshi yomi ticket for the "Jerusalem Metropolitan Area," which not only covers Shiloh to Jerusalem  but as far as Ein Gedi to the southeast, Hebron to the south and includes Gush Etzion, Mevasseret Zion and Maale Adumim.

And the all day travel costs us only NS13.50. It would be double if we weren't senior citizens. That's still not much money at all.

For a bit more money we can buy a Jerusalem-Dan District all day ticket which would take us to Tel Aviv and beyond. There are more options. All can be found on the site.

Happy traveling!

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Fantastic Israeli Second Hand Book Store

When I was looking for English children's books as presents for my grandchildren, one of my daughters introduced me to REBOOKS, סיפור חוזר Sipur Chozer. REBOOKS is a chain with a few branches in Jerusalem. We went to the one in the center of town, 4 Shmuel Hanagid Street, Sunday-Thursday 8:30-16:00, Tel. 035341400 just above the Horse Park.

When we walked in a young man greeted us and took our names and phone numbers. He wrote them with the time we were in the store, so if Gd forbid anyone in at the same time would be diagnosed with corona  COVID-19, we can be notified easily.

You can see the hand sterilizer easily available, and everyone is masked.

The book shop is clean and well organized. I was extremely impressed by the large selection of English language books, even for young children.

To simplify things for customers and staff, all books cost NS20, though if you donate books you'll receive a coupon per book, allowing you to buy one for only NS15-

Rebooks calls themselves a "social bookstore chain," because it's actually a retraining/rehabilitation project for those recovering from psychiatric conditions.

I was very impressed by the service and told them I'd be recommending them to everyone.

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Keeping Busy Without Leaving Home Much, Corona COVID-19 Lock-down

Real life in the Corona COVID-19 Lock-down or just trying to stay healthy and sane

I have been enjoying classes via zoom and learning with my study group on Skype. I multi-task by crocheting while at the screen as you can see.

I've even discovered that with the equipment I have, I'm best off using both my computer and phone simultaneously. Microphone and audio are via my phone. But since the phone only shows a maximum of four other participants, I simultaneously zoom on my computer. Before you ask why I don't just use the computer, I must make it clear that my computer doesn't have a camera and mic. Yes, I understand that they sell attachments that would add those capabilities. I'll have to get one if I decide to zoom the Yom Iyyun Tanach (Bible) Study Day at Herzog this summer. Zoom really eats up the phone's battery power.

You can see how I use both phone and computer participating in Matan classes. Their special summer program is scheduled to suit both the "Israel clock" and North America. But I've signed up for Yael Leibowitz's  "Confronting the Other." 

As much as I miss why weekly "vacation in Jerusalem," I do enjoy the convenience of studying from home. I've also been having great fun watching shows, musicals, movies, tv shows etc from my phone and computer all for free. I even march around the house watching on my phone instead of walking outdoors.

BBC Proms' Oklahoma was superb! 
How are you coping with today's restrictions? Or are you ignoring them?
Just stay healthy and happy. I'm doing my best Gd willing.

Monday, June 01, 2020

First Trip Out of Town Since Corona COVID-19 Pandemic

I ate delicious Orange Soup in Piccolino
I must tell you the truth. If I hadn't had a dentist appointment this morning, I never would have left Shiloh. But our dentist is in Jerusalem, and the appointment had been postponed for long enough. Corona COVID-19 Pandemic or not, I masked up and got on the bus.

It took a lot of self-control, but I decided that I wasn't going to confront anybody not wearing a mask. Though I'm debating whether or not to report the bus driver to the authorities. Most of the passengers on the bus wore masks, at least most of the time and other parts of their face. Davka, in Jerusalem the compliance rate of mask wearing was better than in Shiloh, especially on public transportation.

First glimpse of Jerusalem!
Of course I had to take off my mask at the dentist and at Piccolino. The dental staff was suited up in disposable suits looking like characters in a science fiction movie.  Aren't we all?

Besides the bus from Shiloh to Jerusalem and back, I traveled in the lightrail and a couple of other buses. The city seemed a bit less crowded than usual. Restaurants and stores seem to be suffering greatly. There are very few customers.

Before returning home, I bought more of the "jersey" or "t-shirt" yarn to crochet more small rugs, hotplates and potholders. When I had stocked up a few months ago, I was certain that I had a supply that would last me a few years. Zooming has gotten me crocheting a lot, and my family and friends are happy the get the results of my hobby.

The only little "incident" was on the lightrail when a woman began yelling at another one for not having her mask on. A few others joined in taking sides, but I had promised myself not to "make waves." The unmasked woman put her mask on eventually, after she finished her phone call.

May we all be healthy, and may this Corona COVID-19 pandemic end soon, Gd willing.

Helpful reminders to clean and mask at Piccolino.