Monday, June 01, 2020

First Trip Out of Town Since Corona COVID-19 Pandemic

I ate delicious Orange Soup in Piccolino
I must tell you the truth. If I hadn't had a dentist appointment this morning, I never would have left Shiloh. But our dentist is in Jerusalem, and the appointment had been postponed for long enough. Corona COVID-19 Pandemic or not, I masked up and got on the bus.

It took a lot of self-control, but I decided that I wasn't going to confront anybody not wearing a mask. Though I'm debating whether or not to report the bus driver to the authorities. Most of the passengers on the bus wore masks, at least most of the time and other parts of their face. Davka, in Jerusalem the compliance rate of mask wearing was better than in Shiloh, especially on public transportation.

First glimpse of Jerusalem!
Of course I had to take off my mask at the dentist and at Piccolino. The dental staff was suited up in disposable suits looking like characters in a science fiction movie.  Aren't we all?

Besides the bus from Shiloh to Jerusalem and back, I traveled in the lightrail and a couple of other buses. The city seemed a bit less crowded than usual. Restaurants and stores seem to be suffering greatly. There are very few customers.

Before returning home, I bought more of the "jersey" or "t-shirt" yarn to crochet more small rugs, hotplates and potholders. When I had stocked up a few months ago, I was certain that I had a supply that would last me a few years. Zooming has gotten me crocheting a lot, and my family and friends are happy the get the results of my hobby.

The only little "incident" was on the lightrail when a woman began yelling at another one for not having her mask on. A few others joined in taking sides, but I had promised myself not to "make waves." The unmasked woman put her mask on eventually, after she finished her phone call.

May we all be healthy, and may this Corona COVID-19 pandemic end soon, Gd willing.

Helpful reminders to clean and mask at Piccolino.


Debbie Dan said...

Today was also our first day out to Jerusalem where Herby had eye Dr. appointment (he has cataracts). Fun to shop a bit, eat out etc...

Batya said...

Yes, great. We'll be in touch.