Sunday, June 19, 2005

the easiest cake recipe

Plain Cake, Simply Delicious!

This is the basis for all sorts of cakes, including chocolate, apple, chocolate chip, etc. It can be multiplied, and I never make it with less than 3 cups of flour. Of course, it can be frozen and iced. I make it with whole wheat cake flour and brown sugar.

1 cup flour
1/2 cup sugar
1 t baking powder
1/6 cup oil (soy)
1/2 cup water
1 egg
1 t vanilla

mix dry ingredients
add oil and water
add eggs
pour in pan
bake medium heat
until pops up when gently pressed in center of cake

You can ice, sugar or serve plain.

***New healthy icing idea!
My two year old granddaughter loved it!
Ice with date spread!***


Anonymous said...

I have a sweet-tooth, after reading all of these..
(for breakfast, hehehe) looked, and have ALL the ingredients, right now! Thanks!

Batya said...

Whole wheat flour and brown sugar, so it must be healthy, and of course the date spread is fruit. Don't worry!

Anonymous said...

awesome recipe my wife was going to go to the store but my son was the only 1 who wanted it so i made 1 for my son who is awesome and cool and a better golfer/skiier oyeah says tom

dot said...

This is an awful recipe. I used the whole wheat flour and brown sugar and used 1 tsp baking powder since it did not indicate a measurement. It wasn't good enough to be bread nor good enough to be cake. Stay away from this one!

Batya said...

Very strange, dot. Some people just don't like whole wheat flour and brown sugar. There are different grades of whole wheat. The lighter is best for cakes. One teaspoon of baking powder always works, and ours isn't even double-acting. If the batter sits before baking, the baking powder loses effect.

Sorry you didn't like it, but most people do find it a good basic cake recipe.

Anonymous said...

This was a great recipe and I use it as a base and add a variety of different fruits and flavours. For someone who is "Baking Impared" this was easy to make. Thanks for posting it.

Batya said...

I'm glad you found it easy. I'm a lazy cook and stay away from anything complicated. IMHO, it's as easy as a cake mix.

Ariela ben-Eliezer said...

what is IMHO?

Batya said...

In my personal opinion

Laura said...

What size pan does this fit in (without doubling it)?

Thanks! Always looking for simple :-)

Batya said...

A 1 cup of flour cake would need a very small pan, like half size an "English Cake" pan or a few cupcakes.

Anonymous said...

The recipe says eggs, but only one egg listed. I'm assuming just one egg?

Batya said...

Multiply to any size cake. One cup of flour makes a tiny cake.