Thursday, June 30, 2005


At present, there "agents" working "underground" pretending to be patriotic, enthusiastic anti-Disengagement activists. Unfortunately, the truth is something else.

There are at least two groups of kids who were arrested simultaneiously for preparing "tacks" to blow tires. Activities like these are not part of the civil disobedience. Road blocking does not endanger anyone, and the legal situation is simpler.

Do yourself and everyone else a favor, and WARN YOUR KIDS, RELATIVES AND FRIENDS. I know that it's hard not to trust, but remind people that they can't protest when jailed in a "sting."

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Esther said...

i just saw footage on Fox News showing a Palestinian man being pelted with rocks as well as a soldier. What is going on? My heart is breaking for you all.

Batya said...

One Arab injured vs dozens of Jews. Didn't they show the Jewish kids being attacked by the riot police?

Esther said...

In conjunction with stuff being thrown on the roads to knock out tires and something about tires being set on fire? :(

Batya said...

Shabak instigated, not the real demonstrators. they convinced gullible kids who are now jailed. But the tens of thousands of other demonstrators don't do things like that.