Thursday, June 30, 2005

haves and have nots

If you're reading this, you're one of the haves. You have internet, and you read blogs. Sometimes it's so strange, since I have to remember when talking to others, which they are. I have friends who, in conversation, refer to what they've read in my blogs, and others who don't know their way around a keyboard.

It sort of makes me schizophrenic at times.

We're all in different worlds with different references. I, for instance, don't see much tv, and when I do it's just one @#$%#$% channel, Israel's first and worst. I watch only two shows and not when broadcast. We record "CSI" and "L & O," since I fall asleep watching tv at night. On rare occasions I catch a glimpse of the news, which generally gets me upset. You know the saying: "Don't get mad; get even." ? They sometimes inspire some of my best musings.

In Israel, cellphones are so universal, it's rarer than rare not to have one. Though I'm not planning on carrying one around when in the states for a visit. G-d willing, through the help of a friend, I'll have a laptop to get messages, though I don't want to carry it all over.

Now, must finish morning, pre-exercise class preparations. And that's another category here in Shiloh, those who take Channinat Hashem's classes and those who don't.


wendy said...

We are kind of wishy-washy with technology in our family. We have highspeed cable internet, but we don't have cable TV and only get 3 fuzzy channels. I prefer reading to watching tv, and my husband spends his evening working in his woodshop. I cannot remember the last time we watched a tv show together. We do watch movies on the weekends. I sometimes pull a chair into the workshop and read while he sands!

Batya said...

Yes, it's best not to be slaves to the newest, most advanced...
And nothing beats a good book and some music in the background.