Saturday, June 18, 2005

should be

Let's make a list, a should be list.

What should you be doing? Taking for granted that blogging and surfing aren't the most important things in the real world.

I'll start:
I should be washing the dishes.
I should be putting a wash in the machine.
I should be spending time with my family.
I should be cleaning from Shabbat.

What should you be doing?

Shavua Tov,

My husband just nudged that he wants a turn on the computer. And I had to use a tablespoon with my yogurt, since there weren't any teaspoons clean and dry.


Esther said...

Definitely exercising. Need to do more of that.

Job searching and preparing.... sigh. I can't wait til that's over and can cross it off my list.

Cleaning the house for sure.

Batya said...

Thanks for reminding me. I also have some clerical stuff to get more money from work, etc.

Anonymous said...

I have some great ideas :) Nevermind. Next time.