Monday, June 13, 2005

a splish and a splash

It's almost that time of the year.
Just a few more hours...
and then we can splish and splash,
and splash and splish
in the neighborhood
in the local... pool
yippy, splisshy

I'll reduce
my morning computer time
on pool days

there's no place like home
when there's a local pool

no need to go away to vacation
vacation comes here

let's get that sun screen'
and top the suit
with a high-necked shirt

early to bed
early to swim
and if I'm lucky
I'll be slim!



Esther said...

I belonged to the local public pool where I grew up and every summer was a slice of heaven. I really wish there was one in walking distance to where I live now, but there isn't. I miss it. Enjoy!

Batya said...

Heaven it it, bli eyin haraa.