Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Piccolino Friday Brunch, What Took Me So Long?

For years I had been hearing about the Friday Brunch served at Piccolino, but it took me until last Friday to finally experience it. The occasion was a visit from visiting family members. Since they were treating me, I didn't check out the price.

On Fridays you can order just what you want, like on a regular day, or you pay for the privilege of eating from the open buffet. There was an amazing choice of salads, fish, cheese, quiche, pizza, fruit and more. I tried to concentrate on the salads and the spinach quiche, which is a great favorite of mine. The meal included juice which I didn't take. There's no way that simple words can describe the variety and great tastes. Everyone found what they wanted, and the staff was extremely helpful. And there was live music in adjoining Music Square, too.

Here are some photos:

Asy you can see here, one can still stick to a diet with the choices and not feel like you're suffering or being deprived. And if you can eat "anything," wow, you'll really have fun! We were three generations at the table, and everyone was happy with the food.

Piccolino is in Jerusalem's Nachalat Shiva, a few minutes' walk from Zion Square, 12 Yoel Solomon Street. For further information and reservations or group arrangements, contact: Nava@piccolino.co.il or call 02:6244186.


ALIZA said...

We had supper there .It was delicious

Batya said...

It's the best.