Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Enjoyable Walk on Jerusalem String Bridge

Yesterday I ended up on a ride to Jerusalem that took me to Kiryat Moshe. That was absolutely perfect for two reasons.

  1. I needed to meet a friend for our annual Birthday Lunch, and we had decided on Center 1.
  2. It was an opportunity to walk the bridge!

The Jerusalem String or Chords Bridge has become one of Jerusalem's great landmarks, even though there were plenty of complaints about it as it was being planned and constructed. It certainly doesn't "blend" into the nearby architecture, but the contrast is striking. And something was needed for the lightrail to make that turn from Jaffa Road to Herzl Boulevard.

There's a walkway on the Binyanei Ha'uma side of it. I saw someone traveling it on an electric handicapped "scooter," and there were also a lot of cyclists who used it.

Not only did I enjoy the view, but I didn't have to cross all those streets at a very complex junction.


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