Monday, May 21, 2018

Sparkling New French Press!

Reflecting on my new French Press, because unlike the others, which were mostly glass and one small plastic one, this new one is stainless steel, yes, UNBREAKABLE

Over the years, ole Murphy's Law seems to have a special category for French Presses, which generally have a glass carafe. The more you like that French Press, the better the plunger/filter and more suitable its size, the more quickly the carafe will shatter.

After my 1.5 liter French Press, with the fantastically made plunger/filter shattered, my fault entirely, I pulled out the too small "6 cup" with the awful bent plunger/filter that always allowed coffee grounds to invade my mugs and spoil my mornings. I had no choice. Around once a week, I'd perk Israeli Elite Turkish coffee in my classic stove-top stainless steel peculator.

Rumor got to me that it's possible to buy an unbreakable stainless steel French Press. I asked in some Israeli stores, but nobody sold them. So I went "modern" and checked on the internet. I found a few on Amazon, but I don't buy online.

Now that I had a solution, I patiently awaited my savior. My good friend who has been supplying me with American coffee has an Amazon account. She finally came for a visit.  We put in the order, and I paid her to cover costs. At first we were going to have it delivered to one of my Jerusalem kids, but that would double the price. Instead it was delivered to her home, and last week I was able to pick it up in Jerusalem.

This morning I had my first coffee from my new AMORA stainless steel French Press! What a pleasure to use. And the coffee was great. It'll be such a relief not to worry about breaking, thank Gd.

Finished Counting Omer 5778, 2018

Now that the Shavuot Holiday is over, so too is the count. I used this page to help remind me on Shabbat, when my phone is off. Actually, I only succeeded in counting the omer once I had a cell phone to remind me.

What's your trick or tip?

Friday, May 18, 2018

A Visit to The Diaspora Museum.

Actually the museum is now called The Museum of the Jewish People, Beit Hatfutsot, but that's too much a mouthful for a title. And most people still think of it by its old name. I went there as a field trip with the senior citizens program I attend in the Ofra Girls High School. We were hosted by the museum, since we "veterans" have our stories on their oral history site. You can see my story here, ממחול בניו יורק לתפילה בתל שילה From Dancing in New York to Praying in Tel Shiloh.  Sorry, but it's in Hebrew. I must find out how to get an English version up on its English page.

We had a wonderful time yesterday, and they even picked us up and dropped us off in Shiloh, since Shiloh's on the way to Ramat Aviv, where the museum is located. I'd love to go back to the museum some time. I hadn't been there since it opened forty years ago. It's definitely recommended for family visits with kids. There was none of the "shhh, shhh, don't make noise" which makes taking kids to museums so difficult. We were told to talk about what the exhibits mean to us and how we feel connected.

Here are some pictures:

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Lots of Jewish Books

It seems like the last of the genre of Jewish blog carnivals is the Jewish Book Carnival. I'm involved with it and davka hosted the most recent one, May, 2018.

The carnival consists of all sorts of blog posts about Jewish books and authors, not just book reviews. If you'd like more information or would like to host an edition email

Check out the latest  Jewish Book Carnival.

Happy reading!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Salad Could be a Meal

This salad could be a complete meal, if you're trying to cut down on carbohydrates. The seeds have protein. It can also be a side dish, served with any sort of meal.

The ingredients:
shredded raw beet
pumpkin seeds
fresh parsley

The dressing:
olive oil
freshly squeezed lemon juice

This colorful and tasty salad was my contribution to our book club's pot luck dinner meeting. This month we read Rebecca. I find that the best way to make sure that there's something low carb at the meal is to bring it myself.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Summer Soon, Pool to Open

When we see work being done on the local swimming pool, we know that summer is almost here.

It's summer, whether weather is ready or not when the pool opens. The pool season is very short, just three months. Gd willing the air will heat up in time.

I love our local pool; it's just a short walk from my house. I go as often as I can.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Dog Owners, SCOOP the POOP!

Yesterday, I noticed a nice big sign when I entered Ariel, near the university.

Most dog owners
collect after
their dogs
For your information:

NS475 Fine
For those who don't collect after their dog
Because in the end
It's important
To collect

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Israel's Eurovision Win, Not Just Music

When I saw Israel's Netta's "Toy" in the Eurovision semifinal last week, which was the first time I watched it or any of the annual contest for years, I began to understand that Eurovision's no longer just a "song contest." And I'm not talking about the "politics." If you want to know a bit about the "politics," then read my Shiloh Musings post.

The staging and production of Eurovision is now most suited to a sports arena, and there's no way that it will fit in Jerusalem's Binyanei Ha'uma, where it had been held in the past.

Israel's "Halleluyah" won Eurovision in 1979, when the competition took place in Jerusalem's Binyanei Ha'uma.

Compare it to Israel's win in Lisbon just a few hours ago:

There's nothing simple about the staging. Of course the most spectacular place in Jerusalem would be Sultan's Pool, outside of the Old City, but security would be easier at Teddy Stadium. What do you think?

Friday, May 11, 2018

Celebrating at Tereza & Seeing The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

This week some of my friends took me out for a pre-Birthday Lunch at Tereza, Cinema City Jerusalem. Afterwards we saw The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, because we had read the book for our book club.

At first we had trouble choosing a restaurant in Cinema City; there are so many. But despite the fact that Tereza bills itself as a "Pasta Bar," we chose it. It looked more interesting, and was relatively quiet. Apparently it's a chain, and I couldn't find a phone number for the branch itself, 1-700-700-338. 

Tereza offers those popular lunch specials in which for the price of just the main course you get a starter and juice, bottled water or soda. We all chose different menu items, breakfast, fish and pasta.

My first course of grilled eggplant, which included salad and white cheese, was so large and filling, I had them pack it up for me to eat the following day for breakfast. I chose a fish which was delicious. The bones had all been removed, so it was easy to eat. As you can see, there was also a large green salad, which I chose from the side dish options. The others were all carbohydrates.

My friends ordered us a celebratory waffle with ice cream and whipped cream for my upcoming birthday. It was the perfect end to a birthday lunch with close friends. And for me, eating a quarter of such a treat was enough to satisfy my sugar cravings. On that we were split. Half of us said that we were glad to share it, while the other half would have been happier eating an entire portion.

We all agreed that Tereza was a great choice. We loved the food and the atmosphere. Service could have been a bit swifter, but we made it to the movie on time.

Being that it was a Tuesday afternoon, the senior tickets were reduced to NS14, if I remember correctly. We also enjoyed the movie and agreed that the screenwriter did a pretty good job adapting it. With the exception of the non-American actor playing the fiance, who had an awful fake accent, casting was on target. I love the fact that British actors have real faces, unlike Americans who look like they've come off an assembly line in a toy factory.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society is a movie suitable for all ages.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

The Ladies Blog #1

I decided to present a roundup of blogs written by women. I'd say that these Ladies' Blogs are more varied and interesting than blogs in general aka blogs written by men. We write on the same political,  Torah, health and personal topics as men, but we also write about topics that men ignore. Yes, these are mostly Jewish or Israeli blogs, though some are written to be for general readership. I know many of the bloggers personally, though not all.

I hope you enjoy the selection I've chosen, and if you know of other suitable blogs written by women, please include the links in the comments below.

Of course, like with any blog round-up, please visit, read, comment and share among friends. I'm sticking to my usual format of just writing the blog post title. But I'm illustrating the post with logos or pictures from the included blogs.

I also must wish to make it clear that opinions stated in the blogs linked here are not my own, just the opinions of those bloggers.

In Reverse
Yaron's remember garden
"60+ is Fun," Getting Together Talking About Wars
My Daughters' Fun and Frugal Last Minute Birthday Party
70 Years Young
New Starts and Fresh Beginnings
Israel's Very Long War of Independence
Flash flood
Kate & Tammy: Killing The Rest of Us Softly
Believe Half of What You Hear and a Fourth of What You See
And the Jets Roared...
Do you know how to protect yourself on Jerusalem’s sidewalks?
Giro d’Italia 2018 from Jerusalem to Eliat
On a wing and prayer
Delicious, Quick, and Easy Coconut Cookies - Gluten Free
A Fly and a Cockroach Shake Hands
Relax, Get Your Grin Back. Here's a How-to for COPING with Your Medical Challenge
Jerusalem, Jewish and Israeli For Sure
Meet the Missionaries - The Garlows
Geula and more geula, part 3
New Discovery in Shiloh Hakeduma, Tel Shiloh
My Notes: Measuring Ketones For Cancer and More About Ketones
Meira: Matching Prints and Solids
Attractions - Indoors, Outdoors - EVERYTHING Discounted!

I'd love to hear your reactions to this, so don't be shy. Maybe I'll do it again. What do you think? Should I?

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

"60+ is Fun," Getting Together Talking About Wars

Salute to Israel Parade, New York, 1970
NCSY Dance Group
That's me holding the flag. (photographer unknown)
Here in Shiloh new genres of social activities are developing as we get older. One of them is the "60+ is Fun," which can also be called "empty-nesters." Few of us still have children at home, and the children who live at home are adults, too. The group includes retirees and those still working.

There are two reasons for these activities. One is that as the house empties, we find ourselves with empty evenings. And the other is that so many young families live in Shiloh now, we are no longer the "face of the community," meaning that our interests/experiences/needs are different from Shiloh's young mothers of today.

Some of our activities are also for men, but every month or so we gather around someone's table, which fills with nosh, for some discussion or other activity.

Last night we celebrated Yom Ha'atzma'ut, Israeli Independence Day by reminiscing about the 1967 Six Days War. About half of us were in late high school at the time, and we all had very clear and different memories of the war and the tense weeks leading up to it.

We also come from a number of places; half were raised in Israel. I brought these two pictures to show my friends in order to try to give them an idea of what it was like to be a "Jewish activist" and Zionist fifty years ago in New York.

It's a shame that the discussion wasn't recorded, since it had very serious historical value. It was led by a retired History Teacher.

Salute to Israel Parade, New York, 1970
NCSY Dance Group
That's me holding the flag. (photographer unknown)

Friday, May 04, 2018

B"H, I'm Back

Some of you, especially those who follow me on Instagram, 365 Project, Facebook and my blogs may have noticed that I have/had been pretty silent the few days. The blog posts that went up here and on Shiloh Musings Wednesday morning had been written and programmed to post on Tuesday before I left home. Yesterday I returned to Facebook, and last night I looked at Instagram and liked some photos, but that's it.

I'm human. I was sick.

The realization that something was wrong hit me while I was with my kids, and I ended up spending two nights with one of them, getting lots of loving care. So I didn't make it to Matan on Wednesday or any of my other plans. And now, even though now I'm safely home and much improved, I reduced various social commitments until I'm completely better.

Baruch Hashem, Thank Gd, I didn't have anything serious and I was in a place and with people who could help. All I needed was rest, liquids and some time.

In a few hours it's Shabbat and then after Shabbat a new week begins. May it be a good one for all.

Shabbat Shalom u'Mevorach
May You Have a Peaceful and Blessed Shabbat

Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Breakfast Tweak Prevents Sugar Craving

Reporting on how my switching from a nice full vegetable omelet to fruit and goat yogurt has affected my food cravings. A few months ago I found myself craving sweets and fruit at best after eating a nice big vegetable omelet. And I also couldn't get the 3-4 kilo which had snuck on back off. So I decided to change my breakfast to fruit and goat yogurt. In the beginning I sometimes even added some oats.

apple, peach, ginger slivers and goat yogurt

Well, the results are even better than I had expected. I no longer crave something sweet, eat less fruit during the day and I lost the few kilo, thank Gd.

There are times that we must listen to our "cravings" and then use them as guides. If you find a way to prevent them, you gain control and can even lose weight.

Have you any easy diet tips like this one?

Tuesday, May 01, 2018

"Merlot" Great Shiloh Dairy Restaurant

I'd been hearing amazing reports about "Merlot," the dairy restaurant in the heart of Shiloh. There's a pizza place in the same building, which I still haven't sampled. They're near the bus stops and just across from the supermarket, Kupat Cholim Leumit clinic and the Dvrarim Yafim clothing/toy/misc store.

A couple of weeks ago my friend invited me there for brunch. You must know that I'd never refuse such an offer, and I gladly accepted. To be honest, I wasn't even sure that it was open in the morning. I thought it opened only at noon, but I was wrong. It's the pizza place that opens later.

Merlot has a breakfast menu, just like the nice dairy restaurants in Israeli cities. The prices are pretty standard, though not in the high end. It's nicely decorated and very comfortable.

We had the "Breakfast for Two." Our eggs were custom cooked, and we ordered different types. We shared the salad, spreads and rolls. My only complaint was that the "whole wheat" wasn't really whole wheat. The flour was too fine, and it didn't have the crunch and texture I expected in a good bread. The advantage of that was that I ate less bread than I would have.

Our coffee was included in the price of the breakfast meal.  The waitress brought us that "white milky coffee," which I don't like. When I told her that she hadn't asked what type of coffee we had wanted, she quickly took my coffee order and brought the other one back to the kitchen. She was very polite about it. Merlot's coffee was fine, as one would expect with such an impressive coffeemaker.

Next time I must go there for a real meal. I'm looking forward to it.

Kosher, of course. Open Sunday- Thursday from 8:00 AM – 11:00 PM, Fridays from 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM and Saturday nights from one hour after the Sabbath until 11:00 PM. Telephone: 02-6284601. Call to verify, of course. They also handle groups. There's a parking lot behind it for cars and buses. Egged Taavura lines 461 and 463 have nearby stops.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Walking in Jerusalem, "Live Feed"

Recently, I find myself doing the new "live feed" via Facebook. Facebook friends get a little box/notice, and if they want, they can click and follow it. Sometimes I do it when sitting on the bus, front seat, and I have some FB friends who really enjoy joining me. When I photograph the trip, I add all sorts of decorations to make it more interesting.

Yesterday I set it up to photograph my walk, which you should be able to see by clicking  Walking in Jerusalem.

I don't know if people realized that I was photographing as I walked. But some friends did join me, virtually that is. Here are a couple of stills from the walk.

Did any of you see this?

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Prom Memories

A Facebook friend asked if anyone had attended a prom, and I found myself answering. This is what I said:
I was at a few, nothing very enjoyable. Maybe because I wasn't asked by anyone I cared to be with. It's a very awkward time for those who aren't really dating anyone. Lots of pressure to make parents happy and not look like the kid is a reject. All of my invitations were to make the guy feel accepted. Twice I went with school paper's editor, whose mutual friend fixed us up, because he had to show to mine, jr and his sr. A couple of years before jrs from a nearby school needed dates to show and didn't have gfs, so my friend and I got "drafted." My hs stopped them 3 years after I graduated, because the kids thought it stupid and old-fashioned.

  • Were there proms in your day and school? 
  • Did you go? 
  • What memories, pro or con, pleasant or nightmarish do you have?

Here's my high school yearbook photo:

Great Neck North 1967

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Kitchen Plan "Tweaked"

Yesterday, before Shabbat, I had a couple of shiputznikim, best translated as "jack of all trade" repair guys over to see the kitchen before giving estimates for the job. I trust you read yesterday's post about my kitchen plans, if not, then click here, thanks.

Quite a number of people, including professionals had seen the plan, and everyone said it was good. But then one of the shiputznikim yesterday took a look at it, walked around the kitchen and said:
"You should make a change. Move the sink to the corner, and then you'll have much more storage space. Corner storage is never very useful."
Wow! I knew immediately that he was right.

My original plan did have a corner sink, but not there. I even blogged about some young kitchen salesgirl trying to tell me that she knew more than me and corner sinks weren't good. Read Kitchen Update #1. That was actually written almost a year ago.

What do you think?

Now we're waiting for estimates to choose the professionals to do the job Gd willing.