Saturday, March 09, 2019

Best Beer! Taste Test #1 A Success!

Over a week ago, I blogged that I bought myself three beers as a treat. On Shabbat I tried one, the Shapiro "Jack's Winter Ale," and I love it.

Strong fruity aroma, rich brown color and full of flavor. It's really the type of beer I like.

I poured myself about a third of the bottle Friday night with our Shabbat Meal, after first drinking an excellent white wine.

Since we had a guest Shabbat morning/lunch, I offered him a chance to share the remaining ale with me. My husband isn't a beer drinker. The guest was very impressed. He pointed out that "Jack's Winter Ale" is relatively high alcohol, 8.5%.

I wonder if I'll like the others as much. Maybe I'll start stocking up on Israeli craft beers after Passover.

Doug, are you familiar with this beer/ale?


Doug Greener said...

Good choice. One of my favorite beers for the wintertime. If you're having it with food, make sure it's a hearty dish - a strong cholent for example, or strong cheese.

Batya said...

Thanks, so is this beer produced every winter?