Wednesday, March 13, 2019

MALKA Stout Beer... Not My Favorite

When I bought the Shapira Ale I loved I also bought a dark stout from Malka Beer.

I poured the beer slowly, but instead of a glass of beer, I found myself with a glass of light coffee-colored foamy bubbles. It took ages for me to be able to pour in some more and then finally taste it.

As much as I love the Shapiro Ale, I don't like the Malka dark Stout. It's too dry and bitter for me. That surprised me, because I generally like dark flavorful beers whether the unique Israel craft beers or those from the large international breweries.

This Malka stout won't go to waste. I see it as a great cooking beer. I'm thinking of experimenting, using it with fish, instead of the beef, my usual beer partner. What do you think?

I must thank Doug, the Beer Mavin for getting me introduced to Israeli craft beers.


Doug Greener said...

Malka did well in our Stout Beer Tasting Panel. What can you tell me about Benji Beers, the guy whose name is on the glass? Is he a home-brewer from your neck of the woods?

Batya Medad said...

Benji was our Rosh Hashannah gift from the moetza Mateh Binyamin a year and a half ago.