Monday, March 18, 2024

That Oppenheimer Movie

Oppenheimer did really well in the recent Oscars aka Academy Awards, but IMHO they didn't deserve all those awards.

The other night I saw that Oppenheimer movie. Actually we didn't go to the cinema; we saw it in a neighbor's home where she has a nice big screen. 

I'm glad that I hadn't paid to see it. It was rather torturous to be perfectly honest. One neighbor walked out in the middle saying that he know the plot/history. I stayed hoping it would get better, even though trying to run a marathon would probably have been more pleasant.

Just because it won lots of prizes doesn't mean it's good. I'm a cynic, realist, pragmatist, and I don't follow the crowds. Some movies which had won barely any awards have have held up and today over half a century later, like Some Like It Hot, and are now treasured, praised and viewed more than ever. Compare it to Roman Holiday and The Sting, also great award winners. They're favorites with many, though over a half a century old. If I'm even in enforced bedrest, please keep me cheerful and fascinated by watching movies like those. I doubt if people will will willing to watch the three hours of Oppenheimer in sixty 60 years, or even in ten, unless they're already unconscious.

Good cinema, like good literature must show character development, challenges and changes. Granted Oppenheimer did face challenges, but Cillian Murphey's expression, tone and expression never changed. Maybe it's because his facial skin had been stretched too tightly...

I was surprised to discover that Emily Blunt was the actress who played Kitty Oppenheimer, because, at least to me, she was unrecognizable and looked miserable. Kitty was a very poorly written character, which makes little sense. Do you consider that good acting for an attractive actress who did such a great job as in The Devil Wears Prada?

The only aspect of the movie that impressed me was the visual at times, so I would have nominated them for the Academy Award for  "Special Affects." Not only didn't they win it, but they weren't even nominated for that category.

If you're thinking of seeing Oppenheimer, think again. It's not worth three hours of your life. For me the test of what's a great movie is answering "yes" to the question: 
"Would you like to see this movie another few times for enjoyment?"

Thursday, March 07, 2024

Hearing Aids Report #6 Two Years Later-- A Few Tips and HUMOR 馃槄馃槉

You may find it helpful to read my previous articles about life with hearing aids, updates #1,  #2#3#4, #5, plus mask-tying advice for avoiding COVID and loss of expensive hearing aids.

pre-bedtime routine
glasses and hearing aids
It's hard to believe that over two years have passed since I first got my hearing aids. My audiologist had sent me out that day with them in my ears claiming that there's no gradual getting used to them, but to be honest it did take me quite a few months. During those first few months I returned to the clinic for quick visits, help, different size domes etc. Also, I'd go days without wearing them and find them uncomfortable by the end of the day.

I can't say exactly when things changed and wearing them daily until bedtime became routine. Of course, I wasn't under a lot of pressure to rush it, because I do hear, though not perfectly. Generally I don't put them in until I'm leaving home, or if I need the Bluetooth in order to listen to things when I'm not alone.

One of the The best thing about wearing hearing aids is no longer interrupting people with "What?" or "I couldn't hear that."

A few weeks ago I made an appointment at the clinic where I had bought my hearing aids to see if there had been any changes in my hearing. The audiologist who helped me then had be promoted to head a different branch, so I had someone else. She tested my hearing and adjusted the hearing aids to their new requirements. No complaints.

Our healthcare provider gave lots of choice in places to get the hearing aids but first required an exam by an ENT and a proper hearing test. Every three and a half years we, here in Israel, can buy a subsidized pair.


Following are a couple of funny things concerning my life with hearing aids. My hearing may be faulty, but not my sense of humor. What do you think?

Has this happened to anyone else?馃檭 Tell me in the comments.

1-I sat down by the computer in the den after being in the kitchen and suddenly realized I didn't have my phone, though I could hear it through the Bluetooth. 

So I went back to the kitchen and looked all over. I couldn't find it. 

My husband decided to be helpful and "dialed" me, but of course that didn't help, since the ring is via Bluetooth. I heard the ring through my hearing aids.

So I took out my hearing aids and opened the battery case to turn off the Bluetooth. 

Suddenly sounds came out of a cabinet. Yes, I had placed my phone in a kitchen cabinet. I took it out,  turned my hearing aids back on and returned them to my ears.馃槈

2-One morning my phone refused to make any sounds. I tried everything, turned it off. Restart didn't help. I psyched myself up to prepare for a trip to someone for repairs. 

Before leaving, I took my hearing aids to insert in my ears and... discovered that I hadn't turned them off before going to sleep. There wasn't anything wrong with my telephone's sound. The sound had been going into the hearing aids which had been in their box. The only thing I hadn't tried was to turn off the Bluetooth. 馃槒

Monday, March 04, 2024

Women's Rosh Chodesh Adar 2 Prayers at Tel Shiloh

Ladies, join us at Tel Shiloh, Shiloh Hakeduma on the 1st of Adar Bet, Monday March 11 at 8:30am.

Besides our Women's Prayers, there are many other things to do at the beautiful well developed archeological site at Tel Shiloh. This is the actual, proven, location where the Biblical Chana prayed for a son and the Mishkan, Tabernacle stood welcoming Jews for prayers for close to four hundred 400 years. 

For more information 02-578-9111, and