Saturday, December 05, 2015

Win for "Jerusalem Big Blue Lions" Opening Game!

 האריות מנצחים את הפתח תקוה טרופרס 46-10
 Lions beat the Petach Tikva Troopers 46-10

We (two of my kids and I-after meeting in Pisgat Zeev) schlepped out to Mishor Adumim for the opening game of the Israeli Tackle Football Season. We went to cheer for the Jerusalem Big Blue Lions

I can't believe I'm still going to games even though my son no longer suits up to play. He is now the Head Coach, so the games no longer cause the stress in the kishkes that they used to. I just enjoy getting out and watching the people, the players as people. After all the years I've been going, I've gotten to know many of them. I know their parents, too. Some I knew before our kids knew each other via football, and others I know from the game. It's also a very nice way to see my kids.

When I first got to the game I almost freaked out, because I saw that my son's shirt (number and name) was on a player. I knew that he wasn't playing, and then I realized that the body in that shirt wasn't his. He had lent the shirt to a player whose shirt hadn't yet arrived. There was also another player's shirt on someone much bigger than the shirt's owner. Sometimes things aren't ready for the season's opening.

After the game, I slept over at friends in Maale Adumim. I just didn't feel like having to tremp home after midnight, especially when my friends were so eager to have me as a guest.

During Chanuka there will be another game. The Lions will be playing their archrivals, the Rebels. The game starts at 9pm, Thursday night, December 10,  in Mishor Adumim. The field is near the SuperSol. Come and cheer the Lions!!

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