Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Bringing Out The Beauty in a Rose

The latest 52 Frames Theme/Challenge was to use two different ones from this year for/on one photo. When I took a picture of this lovely shy rose I thought I'd combine Nature with Macro, and the raindrops would be the Macro. Of course I'd crop it well. 

Then on the 52Frames facebook discussion page, someone offered to edit a photo -which was also a theme/challenge, and I just jumped at the idea of sending the rose to more capable hands. So, I sent her off to Bridget Mayfield. She came up with a few interesting and gorgeous works of art.

Take a look.

 And I chose.....

"Power Flower"
This photo combines the two challenges of Nature and Another's Editing. I must thank Bridget Mayfield for turning my shy rose, a true "wallflower" into this Power Flower. 

This photo qualifies for the "Extra Credit" challenge: "No B+W, Odds, or Lines"

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