Saturday, December 26, 2015

Nu, Why Do I Go To Football Games?

Most of you must know that I go to football games, Jerusalem "Big Blue" Lions, yes American tackle football, like in the USA but here in Israel. 

Like many in my family, I'm not a spectator by nature. My father didn't watch sports on television or anyplace. Once his cousin's husband got him to take my brother to a baseball game along with him and his two sons. That was the first and last time he did it. In high school there was a time I went to the school basketball games which are so fast moving that I didn't feel like I was sitting still. I was jumping up cheering and moving all the time.

I do that at the football games. I keep moving. There are three reasons for that:

  1. It's too cold to just sit, even if Mishor Adumim, which is warmer than Shiloh.
  2. The seats are too far from the action. I'm allowed to stand behind the players who aren't on the field. We all follow the action by foot.
  3. I like to move/walk. My phone's pedometer aka "WalkLogger" shows that I get a lot of walking done during the games, which is good for me. 
You must know the real reason I go to the games. It's a good way to see some of my children. At most of the games a majority of my kids are there, and that is the best reason of all!!

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