Sunday, December 27, 2015

Perfect Size Tuna Sandwich for Only ns15.90*

I'm always looking for a good sandwich deal, one that not only doesn't cost too much, but there's something to eat in it. I did try a few of those ns5 places, but even though there was enough roll for me, it was hard finding more than a bite of tuna inside. I've bought some nice big sandwiches for ns20, but I really don't need so much food.

I bought this one in the Sambooki, 34 Rechov Yaffo, Jerusalem. It's between Zion Square and the Jerusalem Municipality. As you can see, it was full of salad and tuna and a hardboiled egg. That's a meal. It was readymade, so service was quick. I think that the custom-made ones cost more.

*I'm pretty sure that was the price. If I got it wrong, it's small mistake, unless they've raised the price since I bought mine.

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