Thursday, December 10, 2015

Chanukah, 5776, 2015, Day #4, A Night at The Movies, VIP

The first thing my husband and I did as we rushed back into the house after a night at the movies was to get our chanukiyot ready for lighting.

Yes, we went to the movies! Here's how I summarized our evening on my facebook page:
I hadn't been to a real movie, like in a cinema for years, ever since the Andy Kaufman Man in the Moon played in Israel. (We had been in the same GNN class.) But tonight my husband and I went to see Bridge of Spies, the Tom Hanks movie about Gary Powers etc. And even more, it was in the Cinema City VIP, a birthday gift from his job. It took months to find a movie the right movie, night and time. Coincidentally, someone else from there was also at the same showing and they dropped us off at the "city-line." Within a minute or two a neighbor came by and took us home. B"H!!

Since I had been warned that the seats were extremely comfortable, I have have a history of dozing off at movies, I took a cup of coffee, cappuccino, as part of the complimentary self-service "dinner" before the movie. In all honesty, the food was nothing spectacular, but there was a lot of it and they even had a salad of sorts and roasted vegetables, besides pizza, pasta, lasagna and too many desserts, popcorn, too, of course. And there was also wine and soft drinks. I didn't see any beer, but I didn't ask.

So even though, my feet were very comfortably raised, I stayed awake for the entire movie. The coffee must have helped, and it was good coffee. I only had a couple of sips of wine, which can put me to sleep if I drink a cup of it.

Now, from what we've heard, a large percentage of those who take advantage of that VIP deal got their tickets as gifts, frequently from work like my husband did. Considering that at our age, movie prices are reduced, you can go to a good restaurant for the same and not be rushed to finish on time. There's only a half hour allocated for each showing. For those who love that sort of food and dessert it can be fun. We did have a good time, and it was worth waiting for the movie. Maybe because it was a serious adult history (totally clean, so anyone would feel comfortable viewing it) movie, the audience was quiet and respectful. I have no idea what goes on during other movies.

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