Friday, December 11, 2015

Chanukah, 5776, 2015, Day #5, Behind the Blogging Scenes

I must admit something. This post does not have a candle-lighting photo, because it's being written in advance ans set up to post in the morning. That's because the plan is to be at a football game "last night" which is really tonight, since I'm writing this Thursday morning, not Friday morning.

preseason game between the Jerusalem "Big Blue" Lions and the Judean Rebels

This game in Mishor Adumim, I'm going to is between the Jerusalem "Big Blue" Lions and the Judean Rebels. The teams played each other preseason, which is when I took the picture above.

Since I'll probably sleep over at a friend's, I'm writing this in advance and setting it up to post in the morning. This is very easy to do on "blogger." I do the same usually on Shiloh Musings, so now the truth is out. The writing and posting aren't always what they seem, date-wise.

Gd willing the game will be a good game, no injuries and lots of fair-play, sportsmanship. The score should be close, so the losing team isn't embarrassed. And of course I hope and pray that the Jerusalem "Big Blue" Lions win. They should have great, victorious season, Gd willing.

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