Tuesday, March 31, 2009

MAZAL TOV to Pesky!!

Yes, our very own Pesky Settler gave birth last week to a baby pesky boy settler!

Yes, that's the young man, still nameless, but unmistakably Pesky's.

I Hope It Wasn't A Dumb Move

The day before yesterday, I had my hair cut. It seemed like a decent job, and I enthusiastically thanked the student and her teacher. I usually have it done by a neighbor, but being that it's so soon before Passover, and we have all this Pesach cleaning to do I didn't call her. So, I went to the hair cutting school, where the price is cut rate, very cheap. Considering that I cover my hair, and bad hair cuts grow out, like good ones, I figured I can't go wrong.

Then yesterday morning, after my shower I looked in the mirror and decided that there was still too much hair in the back. Before I knew it, the hair-cutting scissors was in my hand, and I was enthusiastically snipping away, more and more.

I honestly have no idea how it really looks from the back. I didn't arrange the mirrors to see. I'm terrified to discover an uneven patchy mess. And if that's the case, it'll grow out even worse. I'm afraid to let anyone see it.

I guess you can chalk that one up to:

"You get what you pay for."

Monday, March 30, 2009

Nothing Better Than A Long-Handled Brush!

I'm taking a break from cleaning. Actually, I did things I usually don't do well. Well, I did them better than I usually do. Really,

I was never really taught/trained/mentored into thorough Pesach cleaning. Cleaning was punishment, torture ad nauseum etc. When I finish cleaning for Passover, my house isn't as clean as most are all year.

One thing I'm very strict, even obsessive about are the dishes and cutlery. I have no desire for a house so clean "you can eat off the floor." But if I see anything that could be unwashed, missed dirt on a fork or plate... back to the sink it goes. No, we don't have a dishwasher.

For lots of other cleaning jobs, from the toilets, to the molding or to the tiles on the wall, I make use of brushes. Sprays are forbidden, and rubber gloves are the "fashion look" for cleaning.

There's lots more to do...

A Walk Down Memory Lane

As I write this, I'm wondering if the pictures will "upload." Last night, I kept trying to post a picture essay on Shiloh Musings about last week's women's Rosh Chodesh Nissan Prayers at Tel Shiloh. After waiting and waiting and waiting, it kept going into some "error." Bloggers, not mine, but who suffers and who wasted so much time? Me, of course.

Now I'm curious to see if the pictures I took when walking to and from Shvut Rachel will upload. We walked in the "valley" between Shiloh and Shvut Rachel. It's actually a short walk, no more, probably less than walking around our neighborhood. I just couldn't bear walking around the neighborhood again. It does get boring, so when my walking friend came over, I suggested a change of scenery.

Yes, it is gorgeous, especially this time of the year. Everything here is gorgeous this time of the year, even when the rainfall isn't massive.

Shvut Rachel is just to the east of us. It's in land which is part of Shiloh's official territory and was established as a neighborhood after my good friend, Rachella Druk was murdered on the eve of the Madrid Conference. The young families who moved there requested/demanded that they be considered an independent yishuv, so some arrangement was made, and they're governed independently.

I can see Shvut Rachel from my windows. When those very first caravans, mobile homes, were trucked in it was hard to look at them through my tear-filled eyes. We were all reeling in shock from Rachella's murder and the serious conditions of the wounded children.

Just last week, a neighbor and I stood at Rachella's grave reminiscing about our friend who is no longer dancing with us in this world. Rachella loved children, and we must take comfort in her children, their children and the children growing up Shvut Rachel, established in her memory.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Snip! Snip!

I finally had my hair cut today, after hearing three, each better than the previous, shiurim (classes) about Passover and the Birkat Hachamah at Matan. In between, I picked up my new passport.

Yes, this is where I had my hair cut. It's a hair dressing school, and you can get a fairly decent hair cut for very little money, NS35, well under $10- Considering that my hair is covered, and even the worst haircut will grow out, it's a good deal. Most of the women who go there don't cover their hair, and everyone looks great after their haircut.

Spring here in Israel is full of surprises. It can be sunny, stormy, cold or hot. One never, never knows. Just please be prepared for dust storms, too.

Today started off sort of nasty, and before we left the house we heard thunder, so we quickly turned off and unplugged the computers. I'm glad that I just laundered some dark wash and hung it in the livingroom.

Waiting for the bus, I noticed how gorgeous the sky was. It's always prettier when the weather is stormy or rainy. I guess that's how G-d compensates us for getting our feet wet. Yes, mine got wet, again, while going from bus to bus, just like last Tuesday.

That's no "bubby" in the seat in front of me. Hint! Hint! Think colorful Mechitza, the wall which separates men and women when praying. That's right! The guy sitting in front of me was dovening, praying. Actually, so was I, at least for part of the time. He was wrapped in his Tallit, prayer shawl and wearing T'fillin.

Yes, the 6:30am bus is not just a commuter bus; it's a synagogue, too.

Jack Took The Reigns

Yes, Jack, of Havel Havelim fame, did it himself this week. Take a look at his very entertaining Havel Havelim!

Pesach Food-- Lots More Than Potatoes And Matzah

You don't have to gain weight on Passover. There is no mitzvah to prepare fattening, starch-laden food. You can stick to your diet and even lose weight.

Unless you've scheduled some long hikes and lots of exercise, I wouldn't bother reading about how to cook low calorie potato recipes. Everything I've read about potatoes stress that it contains one of the worst types of carbohydrates for dieters and diabetics.

There are so many permitted on Passover vegetables, which aren't starchy. Most squash and zucchini are fine, and even the starchier winter squashes, like pumpkin can be eaten in moderation and twice the quantity of white potatoes, according to most diets.

Have a large salad with each meal, instead of kugel. Fill it with lettuce, peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers.

Make sure that your soup is full of more carrots than kneidelach.

And, of course, don't forget to take walks to keep your metabolism going. If there are young kids at the Holiday meals, get up and dance to the songs you sing at the table.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

More Reasons To Drink Coffee

During various times in my life, I rejected coffee, considering it unhealthy. But I gave up on all those "coffee substitutes," those brown powders of unknown origin and indistinct flavors.

I start my day drinking lots of water and then I have a nice big mug of coffee and then I have more. For the past few years, my coffee is made in one of those filter coffee makers. I used to perc it in a percolator, which was really a wake-up call.

I love the taste of coffee, and it has a cleansing effect on the body. That's fine, as long as I'm home.

Athletes are discovering that coffee is the one permitted stimulant. The New York Times writes about it. Of course it may not be good for all athletes, and when I read about how some runners could prove an improvement in time, I was just wondering if their speed picked up, because they needed to pee...

Friday, March 27, 2009

First Day of Daylight Savings Time

This year we have Friday as a first day. Suddenly I have so much time before Shabbat. I wish I had that time last week. I could have seen the AFI Tackle Football Game when Jerusalem Big Blue Lions won. The next game is after Shabbat, and there's no way we can make it, as Shabbat comes out so late. If the clock change had been after the game, I would have gone. Well, if they/we win, the final will be on a Friday...

Root for Big Blue, especially #31!

OK, just because I have time doesn't mean I should waste it. All the cooking's done. I have to call my neighbor to see if I can bring the food over to heat there.

Now for the floor washing and then a hot shower, G-d willing.

Cold Feet

My feet are vety sensitive to the cold, as are my hands and my legs and I guess, I'm sensitive to the cold all over.

Well, last night I went to a wedding. It was here in Shiloh at the yeshiva. The couple are olim immigrants from the FSU. The hesder yeshiva here in Shiloh and Machon Meir were involved with it. The entire yishuv was invited. It was beautiful, and bli neder, G-d willing, I'll post pictures. There was one big cold problem. The chuppah (wedding canopy/ceremony) was outdoors. Now I'm suffering from cold feet and stiff knees. My knees are worse than usual. I try to be very careful, not straining them, but last night's chill hurts now.

blogger's spellcheck is taking a break, so sorry for typos

Two Down, Too Many To Go

The good news is that I "cleaned" two rooms in the house "for Passover." The bad news is that there's just too much more to do. Of course, besides the kitchen, diningroom, livingroom and laundry room, most rooms don't get much actual chametz, the forbidden during Passover foods.

The rooms I cleaned, moving furniture (when possible), cleaning the window sill (not the windows, we don't eat off of them and the dust storm season is yet to come,) the floors etc are where my daughter and family sleep when they come for Shabbat. That's the easiest part of the house.

The hard stuff still awaits me. My bedroom, though not an eating room at all is really the hardest, because I can't move the furniture. There's no way to clean it well, just plain cleaning, not to rid it of chametz.

Early next week, I'll go through the freezer and pantry to see what I can give to neighbors. For years, I've been giving my neighbor my left-over food. She looks forward to it and is part of a group that makes a "chametz party" a couple of days before Passover. They cook up a storm of soon to be forbidden food and party.

Between our "empty nest" and my diet there aren't enough eaters in the house.

Back to work. I have to put things back into those two rooms and I also have to prepare for Shabbat and clean the mess here.

One more full week before Passover...

I Just Lost An Hour's Sleep

Yes, the dreaded and deadly Day Light Savings Time has begun.

I'm not a fan. I don't need a "sunlit evening." It encourages us to go to bed too late. When my kids were little, I felt that it was part of a conspiracy to make life Hell. How could I get them to bed at a decent hour when the sun was still shining? And then how could they get up on time and function well if they didn't get enough sleep?

And why do I use the term "deadly?" Adults--drivers--don't sleep enough, and when someone doesn't sleep enough, they exhibit ADHD symptoms, concentration and impulsively problems. These problems cause more accidents.

Only one good thing... I get to see more sunrises. This is a recent one, though not from today. It's from the day I had to get up very, very early for the Matan tour to the north.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Cats' Meow!

The other day a neighbor called and asked if I had a little time. She was hoping that I would come over and take a picture of her cat and dog playing together. Unfortunately, I wasn't yet "decent" and couldn't go out.

When I can, I do take pictures of animals. Here are some cats:

Dieting On Passover, No Problem

It just occurred to me the other day, that I shouldn't have any problem with my diet on Pesach, besides seder night.

I've been on a combination of Start Fresh kosher weight loss diet and the Blood Type Diet for a few months now and I've lost seventeen (17) pounds, close to eight kilo, already.

Since I'm Type O, I avoid grains and carbohydrates. That leaves me with protein and all sorts of vegetables, even those like carrots and onions which are considered sugary. I no longer eat my life-long favorite food, noodles. All the pasta in the pantry has been ignored. No bread, no sandwiches, no bulgar and no rice. If I have lentils, they're in a soup. I also eat fruit and bio yogurts.

Yes, I eat and I eat plenty of food. I try never to allow myself to get hungry. That's one of the key things. When I travel, I take a yogurt, fruit and salad. When I eat out, I don't eat any starch.

My "test" for whether a food is bad for me is very simple:
Does eating it satisfy me, satiate my appetite, or do I just want to eat more and more of it?

If it stimulates my appetite it's bad for me. I feel hungrier after a slice of bread or a "portion" of noodles. That's why they're out, eliminated from my diet.

Cooked vegetables are best. I start the cooking with a bit of oil, and then I cover the pot or pan. With a good pot, you don't need to add water. The vitamins, minerals and flavor stay in.

OK, the Seder has its required foods matzah and wine or juice, but after that I shouldn't have any problem sticking to my diet to lose weight.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wow! What A Beautiful Country!

Here's just the tiniest taste of the gorgeous pictures I took yesterday when I was on the Matan tour. We went up north, where Eliyahu and Elisha, the Prophets, had been.

Sorry, but I'm not labeling the pictures.

We were in the Carmel Mountains, Meggido, the Jordan Valley and all over, mostly by bus. How much can you do when there's only a day from start to finish?

Shopping For Passover

Pesach shopping doesn't have to wait until the last minute.

Our local store begins stocking Passover food right after Purim. This year, to make things even easier, "Bassar Shomron," the meat-poultry business I like, not only put a Kosher for Passover sticker on the packages. They also are using a different color for the "containers."

And this week when I was in Machane Yehuda, Jerusalem's open air market, I saw the first Kosher for Passover signs.

Shopping for Passover is easy. I wish I could say that about the cleaning... and paying for everything...

Only A Woman...

More specifically, only a woman of a certain age could have come up with such a solution.

The problem was that my shoes, then socks then feet, got wet between buses on the way to my final Matan, Prophets Tour. At our first "pit stop," I tried to buy new socks. Davka, I had thought of bringing an extra pair, but I was afraid I'd miss the bus, the 6am bus to Jerusalem.

I was hoping that the driver would have the heat on high, but he didn't find it cold. I was suffering.

Then my friend came up with a totally creative solution. She insisted that she was well-stocked, as many women over a certain age must be, with... panty liners. She instructed me to take off my shoes and socks and place a liner in each shoe, so that my feet would be cushioned on something dry. So, that's what I did. I hung my socks to dry in the bus and went around the whole day with my feet on the panty liners.

Yes, only a woman would think of it!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


When my first child was a baby, it never occurred to me to "nurse" her in public. I certainly didn't come from a "breast-feeding culture."

My younger children ended up being "nursed" in some of the strangest and most unexpected public places. None of this was exhibitionist nor obsene. In many cases, only someone familiar with breast-feeding could have guessed what was going on.

I was surprised today to discover that there's a law in New York upholding the right of mothers to breast feed their babies in public. This came to light after a mother was harassed by a guard in a public library.

Unless there's some medical reason, nothing is better for human babies than human milk, so it's a good law. It's so important to give babies the best start possible.

Rain, Can't Complain, But...

Considering the water deficit (drought) here in Israel... For years there has been less rainfall than needed and/or too much wasting water. It's forbidden to complain about rain, but...

Why davka today? Since last night it has been raining. There were no complaints from me when the electricity in this whole area, as far as the eye could see, was off. I was happy to see that my new emergency light was working and very strong. A few years ago, I bought a new one to be put up in the hallway, near our bedroom and the bathrooms. A couple of years ago, I had our friendly electrician add an outlet for it. Then finally I bought a light, with a 10 hour battery, and my baby installed it. Until last night, it hadn't been needed. I figured that's because I spent extra money on an extra long-lasting one.

So, nu, why am I tempted to complain about the rain? G-d forbid I should complain. Today is the last meeting, final tiyul (tour) of my Matan, Follow the Prophets course. It's a full-day tour of the Jordan Valley, centered on the stories of the Prophets, Eliyahu and Elisha. I have to take the 6am bus, which is why I'm up so early. Rain makes my traveling to Matan more difficult. I also have to wear boots, rather than comfortable shoes.

While I'm kvetching, I'll add that dieting means no sandwiches, the easiest food to take any place. True, technically the Start Fresh kosher weight loss diet permits bread, but I find that bread isn't very good for me. It's enough on Shabbat. I could rationalize eating one if I was going to be physically active, but I understand that it's a bus tour.

G-d willing there will be pictures and commentary about the tour afterwards. Stay tuned both here and on Shiloh Musings.

Monday, March 23, 2009

No Cavities! So, I Bought Myself A....

... it should be easy to guess. Yes! I got a digital scale. Right now it's safely away.

I won't have to go to my neighbor's to weigh myself any more. I just have to start on mine and see what it says. Scales frequently differ in their readings.

Re: the dentist. We've been going to the same one for over twenty years already, if I'm not mistaken. In recent years I've just been getting cleanings, check-ups and having old fillings replaced. So, Baruch Hashem, bli eyin haraa, I really can't complain.

It's amazing how serious I'm getting about my diet. Maybe I shouldn't use the "d" word. I don't feel like I'm dieting. Thank G-d I've found a way to choose food, which satisfies me and has less calories than my body needs.

Last night I told the young woman who showed up that I can help coach/encourage her to follow any diet her sick fund dietitian recommends. I don't claim to be a dietitian. I'm just a "coach."

Digital Scale?

The ladies in my Diet Support Group insist that I must have a digital scale to weigh them each week. I don't know anything about digital scales. But I promised them that I'd buy one. That means that I'll really be keeping records of their weights.
It's funny, but I'm the type who would find that terribly embarrassing. I keep my weight a secret. I guess, that's how I gained so much. I kept it a secret from myself, too. Now I publicize how much weight I've lost. Seventeen pounds or almost eight kilo are barely a third of what I must lose, and even then I'll be overweight according to the charts.
I'm still wearing the same clothes, but they fit differently. The weight is coming off in proportion. I've resisted the "winter sales" and haven't bought any new clothes. Of course, being unemployed, I don't have the money. G-d willing, by next year, I'll be earning enough and thin enough to buy a new wardrobe.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Me? The Dieting Diet Maiven?

Could it be?
Yes, it could
Something's coming, something good...

Well, not only have I already lost 17 pounds on my Start Fresh kosher weight loss diet, but I actually started a diet support group, and we've already met twice.

At this point, I'm not taking money. It's practice for me to see if I can really pull it off. So not only do I have a "public diet," I have people trying to imitate it. Now I have to buy a scale, since the women insist on being weighed and my keeping score.

I really like helping people and figuring out how to help them solve their problems.

Benji, Is It War?

No! It's HH #209, hosted by Benji! No "war zone," just the jbloggers floating magazine, Havel Havelim.

There's lots to read and enjoy, so take a gander.

Pre-Coaching Prep

As I had written earlier, I'm going to be coached by Yehudit. This demands work and preparation by me.

When I took a coaching course a number of years ago, I was impressed by the basic premise, technique, that you must stop using the past as an excuse. Look forward and by taking small doable steps, change and improve.

Too many of us are too used to excusing our lack of success/progress etc by claiming that our past has "damaged" us. Or we expect others to change to make our lives easier.

Now, before my first real session I have homework to do.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

KCC At Kosher Cuisine!

Take a gander at Material Maidel's debut at hosting the Kosher Cooking Carnival!

There's a nice variety of posts about kosher food. Please send in any suitable posts you write or see via blog carnival. And if you'd like to host an edition, please let me know shilohmuse at yahoo dot com Here's the line up for the next few editions:

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Healthy Kosher Eating With Chana

Shavua Tov!

Refuah Shleimah

Refuah Shleimah, A Complete Recovery to:
Perel Miriam bat Esther Leah
My friend's mother is having surgery on Sunday.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Thanks To The New Brain Cells...

My computer's, not mine, though I could use an increase...

For the past few months the computer couldn't handle the IBA, radio and tv news. There was a time I could listen while working on the computer, and then everything just got so slow.

It's now about 7am, and I've already heard/watched last night's IBA TV news. I mostly listened, but switched "windows" to watch when it seemed particularly interesting. After that I heard the "live" English REKA radio news, and now I have "Reshet Gimmel's" pleasant Hebrew music in the background.

I'll have to go off line soon, leave the computer, because it's Friday morning and I have too much to do. My husband has his turn in the Begin Center, so I have to do everything here. Plus my married daughter is coming, meaning that I have to get the house ready for the family.

Shabbat Shalom!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I Offered To Show My Dental Work

It's not the first time that I kept beeping when going through metal detectors. Once the guard had the nerve to ask me to remove my hat. A female guard and I then went to the "ladies room." Another time, when Bibi was Prime Minister, and we were attending the same wedding, I had to take off my gold bracelet. And yes, that was the last thing I had to take off before my "strap bridge."

Luckily, sans bracelet the metal detector was silent.

Today I went through hell and fire just because I'm an American. Some of you may have guess what I'm about to say. Yes, I was at the American Consulate in Jerusalem. I think it's permitted to thank G-d it wasn't raining, since the "waiting area" is a courtyard with holey cover. It's partially covered with some heavy plastic. I spent over an hour out there waiting my turn.

The good news was that I could bring my bag, pouch etc. I had remembered that it was forbidden. They kept the phone and camera. Maybe they relaxed the rules, and I had spent hours last night looking for an outfit with a pocket for my wallet.

Now to wait a few weeks until I get the call to come and pick it up... at a delivery office, which adds more to the expense.

There's No "One Size Fits All" Diet

A Simple Jew has posted his simple methods to keep his weight down. They work for him, so they are good for him. They don't work for me.

Everyone has to find his/her own way to be a healthy weight. For some people it's necessary to gain weight and other must lose weight. Of course, some more and some less.

Today I was talking to a neighbor who couldn't accept that I don't eat bread. I don't need bread. I don't have to eat bread. I don't miss bread. And most ironically of all, when I do eat bread, I frequently (prior to this diet at least) eat it in uncontrollable quantities. I have the same problem with noodles, brown rice, bulgar and other carbohydrates. I just eat and eat and eta, until the pot is empty. It's not that I can stop when satiated, because I don't feel satiated. Either the food is finished or I force myself from the table.

That's me. Other people do very well with their slice or two of bread at each meal.

There is no one diet which suits everyone, and most of us need to change our diets during various stages of life.

A Different "Megillah"

It's hard to believe that just last week was Purim and here in Shiloh, we read, or listened to, Megillat Esther four times. After twenty-seven years in Shiloh, celebrating double Purim is easy and natural. I can't even imagine it as only one day.

A "megillah" is a "scroll" or "story." The book of Ruth, read on Shavuot, is also called a "megillah." But the "megillah" in the title here is a different one entirely. I'm referring to the Gantseh Megillah, a monthly internet magazine on Jewish topics. Take a look. There's a very broad range of writers to choose from.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I Need To Be "Coached" Into My "New Life"

G-d is good! Siyatte D'Shmaya, the Hand of G-d moves things in the most amazing ways. As I've been mentioning, I have to start some new way of earning money and using my talents. I really don't want to return to the classroom.

Through the recommendation of a good friend, I found myself a coach, Yehudit Lynn Yosef, of Dynamic Solutions For Women. I definitely need someone to coach me through all this. Otherwise, I'll never accomplish all I need to do, and I'll just procrastinate and procrastinate, wasting valuable time.

I must admit to being frightened. I'm about to enter a new world, and I can't afford to just dabble. Dabbling, I've been doing. I remember how scary it was to enter the classroom as an English Teacher for the first time. I hadn't the vaguest idea what to do, but somehow I succeeded in teaching the boys what they needed.

Now, my aim is to utilize the talents I have and make a business out of them.

Yes, I'm going to have to start a business. I can't work in the "black," illegally. Clerical stuff is one of my weaknesses, but I'm going to have to find ways to cope. Yehudit will help, and then I can hang my shingle out to coach others. And once "I" become a business, I can also commercialize my photography. And of course, I must try to get some money from my writing.

At least I took those first steps. I started my Diet Support Group, and I have a coach of my own.

"Window Shopping" From Home

Ironically, although my blogs host ads, I've never purchased anything online. I'm a kinesthetic shopper and "people person." I have to touch, feel, see up close whatever I'm buying. I don't trust the pictures. I'm too suspicious. Nothing is the same f2f. In addition, I like getting to know the salespeople and pop in to my favorite stores, just to say "Hello."

There were times when I worked in sales, as an advertising agent, wandering from place to place trying to close a deal. I even sold bagel sandwiches, pastries, salads and drinks from coolers on trays I wheeled from office to office in Jerusalem's Har Chotzvim, high tech industrial zone over twelve years ago. And I also worked in a couple of stores as a saleswoman. The personal connection has always been important to me.

I'm not your primary potential customer when it comes to internet shopping.

But last night, a neighbor's daughter came over, because I had promised to help her pick out a digital camera. At first I thought that I'd just go with her to Jerusalem, but then I realized that all the preparation is best done online.

She had already gone to CAMERA (formerly Photo Nissim,) where I had purchased mine almost three years ago. I decided that the most efficient and effective way of camera pre-shopping was online, as my sons had told me. But now, after close to three years of experience using a digital camera, I actually understand something about them.

So we went onto the CAMERA site, which is in Hebrew (there are pictures and model names/numbers in English,) and parallel to that, then we went into the international English customer reviews for the cameras which suited her budget.

I like the CAMERA store, because it has a repair lab on the spot, and the staff has been extremely helpful and courteous each time I've gone in for questions and "repairs." I put the word, "repairs," in quotation marks, because in the end, nothing has ever been broken. I just didn't know and still don't know how to adjust all the menu/function options. I doubt if I ever will.

Some of the cameras we checked out had reviewers complain bitterly that the cameras needed constant battery changes or took much too long between shots. And the store offers different lengths of time for the guarantees, from one to five years. I explained to the young teen what points to look for and the importance of the service contract.

It was great to be able to switch from "window to window" checking it all out from the comfort of my own home. That is the way to prepare for purchasing a camera and other sorts of appliances.

I admit that I've never before done it, but now I understand the how and why's (wise) of it.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

One Month Later, And There's a Little Less of Me

Blogging About Losing Weight #2

You may have noticed that I'm not calling this a "Diet Blog Carnival," and that's because I'm terribly
ambivalent about the term diet. Also, this isn't a dieting blog. Me-ander is just life/diary/miscellaneous blog. It's not a commercial site.

The Blogging About Losing Weight Carnival is a monthly blog carnival which includes blog posts about weight loss. I'm most interested in people's personal stories, the "highs and lows" puns and all. I know that I can't keep out the commercial posts, since most weight loss blogs are commercial. But I'd really prefer diet posts from ordinary bloggers about the successes, failures and challenges of trying to lose weight. I'm just an ordinary wife, mother, grandmother and blogger who needs all the encouragement possible to keep on my diet.
Please blog about the "carnival" and send the link to anyone who may benefit. Low calorie, easy to prepare recipes are good, as are ways to "eat out" and not eat too much.

Send your posts for the next edition via
blog carnival. Thanks

If we have to lose weight, we have to make life changes, and many of us need the
support and problem solving of others. Recently I read of an Interesting Diet Theory which claims that varying your diet make the metablolism works more quickly, meaning burn more calories. That has given me the confidence to play around with my daily diet more than I did before. The diet I've been on, the Start Fresh Diet, says one should never be hungry. It slows down the metabolism and makes you crave food.

When I first started the diet, the most difficult thing was getting used to eating five times a day instead of three. Now, my
weight loss diet challenge is a different one.

One more thing before presenting the carnival. Here's the meatloaf which destroys the myth that you must have some sort of starch/binder/carbohydrate in a meatloaf. You don't!
This meatloaf, sans carbs, was delicious cooked and served!

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How to find out if you are overweight or not posted at switch2life.
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Top 10 Myths About Anorexia posted at Britannica Blog, saying, "There are many misconceptions about anorexia, and I highlight the ten most common myths in this article."
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Heart Chakra posted at Divine Magic, saying, "Cultivating and maintaining good posture is one of our modern challenges. In this lesson we will cover some pointers and techniques related to posture."
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Autism - No Need For A Cure? posted at Brain Blogger, saying, "The prevalence of autism has increased nearly 1000% in the United States over the last 15 years. Now, as many as 1 in 150 children may be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders"
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Mexico Gastric Lap band Costs compared to the USA posted at Gastric Lap Band Surgery.
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Fat Loss Tips That Are Guaranteed To Give You Results posted at Best Weight Loss Guides, saying, "Losing weight can be just about the most frustrating and irritating things to accomplish. There are so many different diets and fat loss tips to listen to, but it is difficult to determine which will actually work. Luckily, there are some tips that are guaranteed to give you the results you are looking for."
Caitlyn Howells presents 3 Ways To Lose Weight The Easy Way! Melt Belly Fat Today posted at Melt Belly Fat Today, saying, "Would you like to lose weight without having to eat boring meals and ironing it out for hours at the gym? If yes then I will tell you about three ways to lose weight fast. After you finish reading this article, you will notice how easy weight loss is!"
Caitlyn Howells presents
Acid and alkaline foods in the pH miracle diet Melt Belly Fat Today posted at Melt Belly Fat Today, saying, "The main concept behind the pH miracle diet is to maintain a balance of pH in the foods that you eat. The human body is slightly alkaline and therefore it is better for your health to eat a diet composed of alkalizing foods. When you eat too many acidic foods, your system becomes unbalanced and it can cause a whole host of problems, including weight gain, poor concentration, fatigue and depressed immunity that can lead to more serious conditions."
Sarah McCurdy presents Causes Of Childhood Obesity posted at Health Log, saying, "In the United States, more than one child in five is overweight and this number continues to grow every year. Just in the last two decades this number has grown by more than 50 percent and the number of "
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James presents Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle Review posted at Lose Weight In A Week, saying, "Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle is a comprehensive 357 page fat loss guide. This guide has helped thousands of people lose weight and tone muscle naturally. Written by Tom Venuto, a professional bodybuilder of almost 20 years and certified conditioning specialist and personal trainer. You are assured to receive the most effective fat loss technique provided in his guide. Tom relates all he knows about fat loss in a very concise and easy to read manner."
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Karen presents
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Brain Blogger presents Lithium as a Neuroprotectant? posted at Brain Blogger, saying, "Lithium is an elemental chemical found naturally as an alkali metal. The ionic form can be used to form salts which are readily available for medicinal purposes. Although the exact mechanism of action for lithium is unknown, it is believed to function by simultaneously raising serotonin levels and lowering norepinephrine levels. Lithium is used primarily as a mood stabilizer, as it has the unique ability to treat both mania and depression."
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4 Sneaky Household Suspects Of Allergies posted at Allergy Asthma Zone.
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8 Recommended Control Measures For Miserable Ragweed Allergy Symptoms posted at Allergy Asthma Zone.
Babies and Children
Dr Tooth presents
Dental Problems Affect Overall Health posted at WorlDental, saying, "Internal infections in pregnant women, originating from the mouth, have been known to cause low birth weights and premature birth."
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Accidental Poisoning: How To Keep Your Child Safe? posted at Newborn Baby Zone.
Diet Program
Sam presents
NEW !! Famous Diet Pills. What Works and What Doesn't posted at Surfer Sam and Friends, saying, "Thanks for Including My Article. Here's how it goes. For most people diet and exercise are still the best way to lose weight safely. Because starting and maintaining a weight-loss program is not easy, people turn to anti-obesity drugs or weight loss drugs. They use pharmacological agents that reduce or control weight. These drugs alter one of the fundamental processes of the human body, weight regulation, either by supressing your appetite or by increasing body metabolism. [famous diet pills] Are They Miracle Diet Pills or Not? Kathryn presents How to Lose Weight Safely with Alli Diet Pill eHow.com posted at FaithAllen, saying, "Tips for using the Alli weight loss program but doing so safely so that you can lose weight in a healthy way and keep it off."
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Lose Fat After Pregnancy The Easy Way! Healthy Eating Benefits posted at Healthy Eating Benefits.
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Home Exercise Equipment posted at Who's In First Blog, saying, "Gym memberships are one of the first things hit by a bad economy. Don’t let the economic downturn affect your health, alongside your pocket book. Workout from home."
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Can You Walk to Work? posted at Melt Belly Fat Today, saying, "There’s no doubt about it, walking is one of the best exercises that you can possibly do for your health. Not only can it help you to keep trim, it can keep your metabolism running strong which can aid you in any weight-loss efforts that you happen to be undertaking."
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Running In The Evening To Burn Fat posted at Body And Fitness Blog, saying, "My experience of trying to lose weight and gain muscle leads me to believe that it's quite difficult to do this unless you train for each goal separately."
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Getting Started
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Medical Tourism - 5 Reasons to consider Goa posted at nomad4ever.
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25 "Diet" Tips to Fight the Battle of the Bulge posted at Shortcut Sleuth, saying, "This article contains some "no nonsense" tips to get you started in the battle of the bulge!"
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Fastest Way To Lose Weight Guide posted at A1 How To, saying, "You should see fast results when starting a healthy diet, regardless of whether or not you limit calories, as your body celebrates the fact that it is no longer having to protect itself against the unhealthy foods that were being inflicted on it before."
Gal Josefsberg presents Approaching Fitness With An Open Mind posted at 60 IN 3, saying, "It's been five years now since I started looking after my body and trying to be fit. The most important lesson I learned along the way was to keep an open mind."
Lara Bross presents
Transform Your Body, Part I posted at FigureFoodie.com, saying, "During my transformation from frumpy girl to national-level physique-competitor, I learned how to make a total body transformation. Also, many of the men and women I train with have been through their own transformation. In sharing our experiences, we have have pinpointed the areas that were responsible for the changes we made. This series outlines how you can do it too. Sorry, no magic pills or berries are involved; determination and hard work are required."
Maintaining Weight Loss
Mert Erkal presents
How To Lose Weight Fast and Healthy posted at Hugepedia.com.
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Busting through my weight loss plateau posted at Diet Renegade, saying, "How I stay motivated through weight loss plateaus and never give up!"
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Women Over 50: Hormones And Weight Loss posted at Lose Weight Permanently, saying, "Understanding the changes in the hormone system for women over 50 makes it easier to address the effects of these changes in daily life, helping to lose weight permanently."
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Got a Craving? Hang 20 And Ride The Wave! posted at A Weight Lifted, saying, "Riding the wave is a term that was coined early on by eating behavior professionals at Green Mountain at Fox Run (most infamously by Linda Crawford a dearly beloved 20 year eating behavior veteran). When the urge strikes for Dunkin Donuts or a bag of Lays Potato Chips, professionals suggest trying to ride out the craving."
Dennis Dalton presents
Simple Weight Loss - Part 1 posted at Simple Personal Development and Growth, saying, "My personal weight loss techniques"
Dennis Dalton presents
Simple Exercise posted at Simple Personal Development and Growth, saying, "My personal weight loss success"
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5 Easy Tips for Guaranteed Fat Loss ~ *Health and Nutrition Facts* posted at *Health and Nutrition Facts*.
Sigrid Landau presents
Fast Female Weight Loss Is Easier With The Simple Diet Programs For Women posted at A1 How To, saying, "Close to a hundred million Americans go on a weight loss diet in any given year and up to ninety-five percent of them regain the weight they lose within five years."
myln presents
20 rapid weight loss tips posted at Weight Loss Help and Tips, saying, "There are a lot of tips to follow for rapid weight loss. It is of great importance to make sure that anything you do to loose weight fast is healthy and you need to take all the necessary measures to ensure that you will not gain the weight back once you stop the diet or weight loss program. This article outlines 20 tips that can help you in your weight loss efforts in a healthy and secure way."
Personal Story
Joe E presents
Follow Me on My Weight Loss Challenge Promote Health posted at Promote Health, saying, "Losing weight isn't the easiest thing in the world, but it's much easier with the help of other people to motivate you to keep going. I've decided to do just that, lose weight and record my progress for all to see. Check it out!"
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Simple Weight Loss - Part 1 posted at Simple Personal Development and Growth.
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No Guilt From the Past; No Fear of the Future: Living in the Present posted at HomeSpunHealers, saying, "My personal struggle with weight loss and what I have learned along the way."
Caila presents
A Story about Me and My Grandmother. posted at Caila Lipovsky, saying, "This is a funny anecote about encouraging my Grandmother to diet when I was a little girl."
Caila presents
Speaking of Diets? posted at Caila Lipovsky, saying, "accidental weight loss. kinda icky."
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