Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rain, Can't Complain, But...

Considering the water deficit (drought) here in Israel... For years there has been less rainfall than needed and/or too much wasting water. It's forbidden to complain about rain, but...

Why davka today? Since last night it has been raining. There were no complaints from me when the electricity in this whole area, as far as the eye could see, was off. I was happy to see that my new emergency light was working and very strong. A few years ago, I bought a new one to be put up in the hallway, near our bedroom and the bathrooms. A couple of years ago, I had our friendly electrician add an outlet for it. Then finally I bought a light, with a 10 hour battery, and my baby installed it. Until last night, it hadn't been needed. I figured that's because I spent extra money on an extra long-lasting one.

So, nu, why am I tempted to complain about the rain? G-d forbid I should complain. Today is the last meeting, final tiyul (tour) of my Matan, Follow the Prophets course. It's a full-day tour of the Jordan Valley, centered on the stories of the Prophets, Eliyahu and Elisha. I have to take the 6am bus, which is why I'm up so early. Rain makes my traveling to Matan more difficult. I also have to wear boots, rather than comfortable shoes.

While I'm kvetching, I'll add that dieting means no sandwiches, the easiest food to take any place. True, technically the Start Fresh kosher weight loss diet permits bread, but I find that bread isn't very good for me. It's enough on Shabbat. I could rationalize eating one if I was going to be physically active, but I understand that it's a bus tour.

G-d willing there will be pictures and commentary about the tour afterwards. Stay tuned both here and on Shiloh Musings.

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