Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Refuah Shleimah, Keep Praying for Moshe Rafael ben Aliza A'isha

Here's the latest report about Moshe Rafael ben Aliza A'isha, who was very seriously wounded when an Arab terrorist shot at him and his wife less than two months ago. The letter was sent to me by his mother-in-law. He was shot in the head, and although his recovery is miraculous, he is now visually handicapped.

Dear Relatives and Friends,

I decided to wait until tonight to send out my report as I could then do so after seeing at first hand how Moshe is. This morning I, six of my daughters and two little grandchildren went on a trip to Shevut Rachel, where Moshe and Sarah live.

It has been some time since I have sent out an update on Moshe's condition. This is mainly because there hasn't really been anything new to report. Life has been a long round of checkups and therapy (both physical and emotional). He has had the support packing removed from under his left eye - an extremely painful process, thankfully over. Sarah and Moshe are following up on a lot of advice that they have been given but, as I told you all in my previous mail, the conventional doctors say that at the moment there is nothing that can be done to improve Moshe's vision. I know that many of you have given advice on both conventional doctors and alternative therapy. For this, Sarah and Moshe are most grateful and they are exploring all avenues, but it all takes time.

The doctors are also concerned that Moshe can't open his mouth as much as they think he should be able to. He has been given a sort of spatula to help him to do exercises for his jaw. Hopefully these will work. If not, he may need surgery for this.

Sarah went back to her work as an English teacher yesterday and the men in their village take it in turns to stay with Moshe whilst she is at work. The men also take turns in learning Talmud with Moshe. For those of you who may not know this, learning Talmud is an extremely important part of the life of an orthodox Jewish man and although Moshe now cannot read the books, his friends help him with the learning.

Moshe is taken into his office (he is a partner in a building company) for a few hours most days. He finds that what he can do there is extremely limited. Yet, in spite of all the above, we found them in good spirits. They are learning to adjust to this new reality.

Please keep on praying for Moshe's recovery and that the scientists will come up with new technology that can help Moshe.

All the best and thanks for your continued concern,


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