Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What's Your Purim Disguise?

I have a standard, traditional disguise every year. I'll have to be photographed for you to see it. It's a "nahafochu," reverse/opposite of my standard. There's halachik basis to it.

Until it's posted, you can guess, and send links in your comments to your own Purim costume.

Now, I had better get ready for Megillah reading 2 out of 4. Yes, this is Shiloh! We celebrate two days of Purim. I have 3 pineapple surprise cakes in the oven and another awaiting its turn. Recipe, later.

Blogger's spellcheck's on vacation again, sorry for typos.


Leora said...

Do you dress like a man? No, I know, a Tel Aviv leftist! ;-)

Happy Purim.

Baila said...

Happy Purim, Batya. (And my blogger spell check hasn't worked in months. I go to dictionary.com everytime I'm unsure of how to spell something. Really annoying.)

Batya said...

Leora, Baila, I guess I'll have to post a picture... tomorrow. I'm waiting for more guesses and to know how/if you dress for Purim.

Baila, sometimes blogger's spellcheck does work...