Sunday, March 15, 2009

It Took A While...

One never knows how long it will take until posts are commented on. This one finally got its first comment last night, four and a half years after it was posted!

My guess is that somebody "googled" King David, King Solomon, sons and hit my post.

After replying to the comment, I changed the color of the writing. It had been in a green which didn't show up well on today's background. Originally the background was white or much lighter, so a lot of my earlier posts are extremely hard to read. If I ever get around to changing the template, I'll make the background a bit lighter. I was sure that being out of work would provide me with the time to upgrade my templates, but I'm not getting more things done.

Blogger claims no typos. I hope it's right. Don't be shy about commenting corrections. Thanks

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