Thursday, March 05, 2009


Last night I ran our local elections. I've been appointed to the committee for over twenty years, and I've chaired it for maybe fifteen or so. Each time there are different challenges, which makes it more fun. Of course, my aim, besides that it all be fair, legal etc, is to run it as efficiently as humanly possible.

I try to learn from "mistakes" and worse.

The voters used to write their choices on small pieces of paper, the ballots. That was fine until the year we had two candidates named "Moshe" and two candidates named "Shlomo." Of course, you guessed it. Some people didn't realize we couldn't guess which Shlomo or which Moshe they had meant. So after that I began preparing ballots in advance, all neatly typed with a box next to each name to check off. "Check off?" Of course, there's always the voter who crosses off the ones they don't want invalidating their ballot. At least, this wasn't a very close election, so one invalidated ballot made no potential difference to the end results.

I do enjoy running the elections. It's a great social event, especially ever since my kids graduated the local school and I don't go to PTA or "meet the teacher" meetings.

But it took me a long time to unwind last night and fall asleep. So, I'm totally exhausted.


YMedad said...

Picture credit: Yisraek Medad aja the Husband.

I haven't seen the one taken of me yet.

YMedad said...

Yisrael (sorry, my fingers are either too big for the keyboard or, like my conversation, my fingers get garbled.

muse said...

Sorry for not crediting you.

And we all have "rebellious" fingers at times, hitting the wrong keys.