Friday, March 27, 2009

I Just Lost An Hour's Sleep

Yes, the dreaded and deadly Day Light Savings Time has begun.

I'm not a fan. I don't need a "sunlit evening." It encourages us to go to bed too late. When my kids were little, I felt that it was part of a conspiracy to make life Hell. How could I get them to bed at a decent hour when the sun was still shining? And then how could they get up on time and function well if they didn't get enough sleep?

And why do I use the term "deadly?" Adults--drivers--don't sleep enough, and when someone doesn't sleep enough, they exhibit ADHD symptoms, concentration and impulsively problems. These problems cause more accidents.

Only one good thing... I get to see more sunrises. This is a recent one, though not from today. It's from the day I had to get up very, very early for the Matan tour to the north.


rickismom said...

Yeah, I also hate daylight savings time! I feel that school, after Pesach, is often a big loss due to sleepy kids...

I remember as a kid feeling angry that I had to go to sleep (mom drew the blinds and made the room dark)when I could hear kids outside playing.....

Batya said...

Years ago, DLS was much shorter, minimizing the damage.
When I was doing my teachers license, I did a study about insufficient sleep, and we're all so sleep deprived. It causes major problems, especially for kids and super especially when they're supposed to be learning as you mentioned.

Do you try your mother's trick of darkening the room to get your kids to sleep on time?