Sunday, March 29, 2009

Snip! Snip!

I finally had my hair cut today, after hearing three, each better than the previous, shiurim (classes) about Passover and the Birkat Hachamah at Matan. In between, I picked up my new passport.

Yes, this is where I had my hair cut. It's a hair dressing school, and you can get a fairly decent hair cut for very little money, NS35, well under $10- Considering that my hair is covered, and even the worst haircut will grow out, it's a good deal. Most of the women who go there don't cover their hair, and everyone looks great after their haircut.

Spring here in Israel is full of surprises. It can be sunny, stormy, cold or hot. One never, never knows. Just please be prepared for dust storms, too.

Today started off sort of nasty, and before we left the house we heard thunder, so we quickly turned off and unplugged the computers. I'm glad that I just laundered some dark wash and hung it in the livingroom.

Waiting for the bus, I noticed how gorgeous the sky was. It's always prettier when the weather is stormy or rainy. I guess that's how G-d compensates us for getting our feet wet. Yes, mine got wet, again, while going from bus to bus, just like last Tuesday.

That's no "bubby" in the seat in front of me. Hint! Hint! Think colorful Mechitza, the wall which separates men and women when praying. That's right! The guy sitting in front of me was dovening, praying. Actually, so was I, at least for part of the time. He was wrapped in his Tallit, prayer shawl and wearing T'fillin.

Yes, the 6:30am bus is not just a commuter bus; it's a synagogue, too.

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