Saturday, March 28, 2009

More Reasons To Drink Coffee

During various times in my life, I rejected coffee, considering it unhealthy. But I gave up on all those "coffee substitutes," those brown powders of unknown origin and indistinct flavors.

I start my day drinking lots of water and then I have a nice big mug of coffee and then I have more. For the past few years, my coffee is made in one of those filter coffee makers. I used to perc it in a percolator, which was really a wake-up call.

I love the taste of coffee, and it has a cleansing effect on the body. That's fine, as long as I'm home.

Athletes are discovering that coffee is the one permitted stimulant. The New York Times writes about it. Of course it may not be good for all athletes, and when I read about how some runners could prove an improvement in time, I was just wondering if their speed picked up, because they needed to pee...


swag said...

Exercise, eat a balanced diet, don’t be fat, drink alcohol only in moderation and, whatever you do, don’t smoke.

Anything beyond that is absolute time-wasting crap meant to scare you or make you believe you're going to live to 200 by buying their product.

Batya said...

Thanks swag, I agree. I'm trying to lose weight, even started a support group.