Sunday, June 29, 2008

quick note

We were in Holliswood, Queens, NY, for Shabbat.
Really wonderful, must thank all, including use of computer.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Big News

If you caught it in the previous post, you already know. Also I did hint about it. Yes, I'm leaving my teaching job.

This year wasn't as enjoyable as the past. The hardest was the traveling, the waiting, yes, the tremping. If you clicked that link, you'll see that years ago nothing seemed to bother me. This past year, I couldn't take it any more. All I wanted was for them to fire me and offer me full "compensation," and that's what I got.

The school I've been teaching in has fewer students than before, so if I had continued teaching, I would have lost class hours, meaning less money. I'd have to spend as much time traveling for less salary, no more long days, just broken and wasted ones.

Now, yes, the big question:

"What will I do?"
Everyone keeps asking me. Financially, it's not easy. I'll have to tutor, get paid for writing somehow and sell my pictures. Yes, recently there have been some offers. G-d willing, we'll see.
And what to do with my time? No, I don't want to blog more. I blog too much already. I want to study Bible, maybe in Matan, and I want to be able to get to a pool once a week, like I used to, and of course, I have to find a way of making money to compensate for the teaching salary I will no longer receive. I didn't teach English long enough for a real pension.
I may not post again until who knows when I get near a computer in NY. I asked a few friends to try to keep my blogs interesting, so keep checking.

Past My Bedtime

Just got back from staff outing--tour, hike, meal, and...

I got a farewell gift. Yes, I'm leaving my teaching job. Really. Rather complicated to explain now, but it is the right time. I like teaching, but...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It? He? She? Or What?

I think that Rip Van Winkle would prefer going back to sleep.
Not your usual NY Times type of story, more for the tabloids. But after being featured on "Oprah" it's now kosher enough for the NYT.
Yes, that looks like a man, a pregnant man. Could it be? Well, sort of.
Let's start with the "yes." Yes, there's a baby in that belly.
Yes, the "carrier" looks like a man. Now, what's the punch line? The "man" was born female and kept the original "plumbing." They call it/she/he a "transman."
So, in today's gender blurring, a born female, who wants to be a male, doesn't have to give up her maternal instincts. Does that mean that doctors have created a "new sex category?"
Considering, we really don't know if what we see is what we think we see.
I'm confused. Just think of what's written in Pirkei Avot, Ethics of the Fathers:
"One who is rich is happy with his portion."

Soon, Again

Won't deny
a certain beauty

though I can certainly
live without it
Just the thought of
the lines
and stress

don't worry
If there's silence on this blog.
G-d willing,
I'll be back in a few weeks.

Monday, June 23, 2008

I was too buys to take a picture, sorry!

My friend and I went shopping for a third person needing something special for a fancy wedding. Sort of crazy, considering, but I was determined.

We went to the "Designers Gallery Outlet," in Talpiyot, Jerusalem. The full-price store is in the Malcha Mall. The prices in this store are about 1/3 or even 1/4 of the original prices. Some of Israel's best designers sell there, like Doreen Frankfort and Reuma. I can't remember the others. There were some totally magnificent dresses, skirts, tops etc there.

Yes, we're convinced that we succeeded and found something for the lucky recipient.

Summer Kvetch, Rant

It never bothered me when I was a kid. I remember riding my bike in 98 degree and same humidity weather. I loved it. Now, I just don't function. Yesterday I wet my shirt in order to walk to pick up my grandson and granddaughters. OK, it was the heat of the day and the total is quite a hike. But I was slathered in sun screen and a large hat, long loose clothes, light colors, just what the experts recommend.

Some people claim that it would be easier if the house was air-conditioned. I don't know. I guess it would make the house more comfortable and I'd get more done.

Three washes out to dry and errands to do...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Back in The Saddle

A return appearance by


Yes, Soccer Dad has guest hosted this week's
Havel Havelim! And I'm happy to say that he hasn't lost his touch. I guess he's practicing for his debut as KCC host later this summer. Stay tuned...
And of course, take a look at HH #170!

Added Something New

Prior to my upcoming trip to see my parents, etc I decided to check out the site for ol' time BPG--Bell Park Gardens residents. I was surprised to see that it's moving to a totally different set-up.

View my page on Top of the Court

Impressive to say the least and it's really what today's internet can offer. I'm part of another "ol' time" group of New York Betarim. We have an email list and a blog, but this new thing is what was envisioned but didn't exist then.

I don't know the privacy/security deal, but it's good for families etc, and I don't know if it cost anything.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Feeling Ready

Not much to say, so I guess I'm ripe for a break from blogging more than daily. In a few days I'll be away from the computer, except for irregular opportunities.

Keep checking in if you can. Set up one of those rss or whatevers, so on the rare occasion I post, you'll know.

I hope to photograph NY and try out more kosher restaurants and see family and friends and a blogger or two or three or more...

Friday, June 20, 2008

Easy Shabbat

I really don't need left-overs this week. Usually what I cook for Shabbat is what we eat most of the week.

This is an easy week. We're invited out tonight, Erev Shabbat dinner and tomorrow I ended up not finding, not looking all that hard, for guests. Maybe I should have looked harder. Last week I really did and didn't find any.

So, the cooking's all done, water's boiled. All I have to do is wash the floor. I've even taken in the wash and sorted it.

Next week is the week!

So far scheduled:
1- swim babysit
2- pack/clean
3- swim go to Jm and staff event
4- then...

Suitcases Down

My husband took down the suitcases. Yes, that means we're really going to NY.

As usual, I can't believe it. I don't feel ready. It would be so much easier to just stay home and enjoy the pool, relax etc.

OK, I always feel like this, at least the past few times.

This is the first time we've gone to the states together for... decades. Yes, over thirty years when we went on "shlichut," to work in England. Other times, I'd go with the kids, and he'd join us and then we'd all come home together. During the Gulf War we were invited to speak in England and we traveled both directions together. Two and a half years ago we went to a wedding in NY. We arrived separately and returned together. This time we arrive together and return separately. Our kids are going, but they're all taking Continental. And not everyone's together.

I'll be getting more nervous as time goes on.

Shabbat shalom

Two Scenes

Grapes, growing. They should be big and ready and ripe in a few weeks!

I couldn't resist shooting the painting scene. Luckily I can zoom in.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

OOPS! Missed one!

Isn't this
the most perfect
place for
a wedding!!

So, how could I have left it out of the pics posted?

Back From The Pool and...

I promised you some pictures!

Here's that new Jerusalem Bridge. The good news is that it's pretty. The bad news concerns its safety and cost overruns.

And here are a couple of pictures from the wedding I went to last night.

Yes, it was totally gorgeous!

Something for Everyone Recipe Carnival

Just the thing to cheer me after being told that the pool has a "chlorine problem." As tired as I am I went off to the pool to wake up and should have expected bad news, since I could hear a man's voice. Oy!

Happily this very colorful Carnival of the Recipes was waiting on my computer. I'm sure that you'll find something to suit you, too!

And don't forget to send in your links to the next Kosher Cooking Carnival!

There is no limit to the amount of posts you can send, as long as they fit the criteria. You may also send in links to other bloggers' posts. Please use the carnival submission form.

If you're interested in hosting a Kosher Cooking Carnival, please don't be shy. It's great fun; just let me know which month you want. The calendar is filling. June's KCC will be hosted by West Bank Mama, July by Soccer Dad, and August will be at Here in HP. So, as you can see, hosting the Kosher Cooking Carnival is definitely the "in" thing to do for jbloggers. To reserve your month, please write to me at: shilohmuse at yahoo dot com

Keep smiling!

Eyes Barely Open...

Pictures will follow, G-d willing, bli neder (don't hold me)...

Last night I went to a gorgeous wedding, a place called Ronit's Farm, up north, on the water. Not the ocean, but nearby.

Very trendy. Food was served on large plates, artistically placed garnished blobs. Tasty, too. Music wasn't my style, mechanical drums.

Fanciest wc's...

Different climate, chairs wet with humidity, plates, too.

Got a ride to French Hill after last bus, but I got home pretty quickly. At least after midnight, no sun. Couldn't imagine standing in the sun. Soon to the pool. Hope the water wakes me up.

I'm so tired...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


One of the glorious surprises my digital camera, the Canon 620, has brought me is the "reflected picture." Images reflected. I don't "do" photoshop, cropping and the like. Frequently, the photos are total surprises. They looked "interesting" and the result has so many extra treats.

Here are a few for your viewing pleasure.


Jerusalem Reflection, Agrippas



It seems like photobucket is OK, now.

Something Must Have Happened to Photobucket!


Last night 192 people checked out my blog post re: a problem with photobucket. It must have happened again.

A hundred years ago people took pictures, OK, fewer than today, but those pictures and their negatives still can be seen.

Except for the few of my thousands of digital photos I've printed, who knows if any will be viewable in another few years.

These are such disposable times. No one will be able to publish our "collected letters" after our deaths. Paper lasts so much longer than email and SMS.

While Drinking My Morning Coffee

I'm more careful than this guy.

When I was younger, I went through no-coffee phases. Now I start the day with a couple of large mugs of water then the same of nice strong coffee.

And yes, when I'm on the computer; though I don't have a computer like this one. Right now, I'd really appreciate it. I'm also listening to the news, via the computer, and don't want to miss any thing.

And the GOOD NEWS is that coffee is now considered "healthy," or at least "not bad for one's health." I drink the real thing with milk and sugar, no, not skimmed milk. Israeli "regular" milk has a bit less fat than American regular, but I'm not afraid of a bit of milk fat. I don't eat yellow cheese, which has much more fat. For those sensitive to lactose, the fat is better. Many of those lactose intolerant (allergic to milk--yes, I know that there's a bissel difference) have no problems with butter and other high fat dairy products.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Money-Saving Tips

Read The Eight Little Pigs - Festival of Frugality #130
There are some great ideas, large and small.

Try them out!

Another Wedding, Baruch Hashem!

The other night
there was
a wedding
at Tel Shiloh
the entire yishuv
was invited
to the Chupah
(the wedding ceremony)

To be together
in joy
as well as sorrow.

How About More Sleep?

Here's another article about ADHD and alternative treatments. It mentions diet, bio-feedback, vitamins and other conventional non-conventional alternatives.]

Maybe I missed it, not being all that alert myself, but did they mention the only non-chemical, non-biological, totally free alternative treatment? It's called sleep!

Insufficient sleep can and does cause symptoms that mimic ADHD including, concentration, memory and impulsively problems. That's it in a nutshell.

When I was doing my teachers license, I did a research project/presentation on it. A simple internet search for the ramifications/results of insufficient sleep gave me a list of symptoms identical to ADHD. That's why it has reached epidemic proportions. True, primary ADHD is very rare. What we see and suffer from is more secondary and even tertiary, the result of too much sugar and caffeine and not enough sleep.

To sleep well, caffeine, sugar and strenuous exercise should be earlier in the day. Everyone should walk more and other physical activities which utilize the entire body. Keyboard tapping and computer games won't give anyone a full-night's sleep. Don't nap, either.

When I was a kid we could spend all of our free time outside playing with friends, riding bikes, skating, walking, running. We weren't restricted. Until I was in the 8th grade and moved to Great Neck, I walked to school. ADHD was very rare.

Yes, try to move the clock back. Create an environment that is healthy, physically and mentally. Don't give up.


Yesterday I had some photos framed, to give as gifts when we go to New York. To me, the framing is part of the art, the composition. I can take a few of the same photo and give each a different look with different frames and matting.

The framing place is very tolerant and helpful. Of course, they benefit, since by giving the right service and prices, I'll be back.

Yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised when everything was done as I waited. I was so sure that I'd be told to return in a few days and had been going nuts trying to figure out when.

I was pretty mellow, probably weak from my cold, so when I discovered that the photo-printer had printed the wrong one and then offered to print a replacement, I accepted his offer. Then I ended up buying them all at reduced prices. He insisted that the one he chose was the nicer one. While the pictures were being printed (again) I managed to buy wedding gifts for a wedding I had just gone to, the one this week and the one we're missing.

So, all and all, I really got everything done.

Mad Dogs and Englishmen

Yes, "mad dogs and Englishmen" may prefer the midday sun, but if you (in the northern hemisphere) are looking for something indoors to do, try reading the Gantseh Megillah, monthly internet magazine. It's full of a great variety of articles, including some lady out of the box...

ps It travels well and is fun-reading in the southern hemisphere, too.

Monday, June 16, 2008

My Voice Fades

That awful cold I was sick with yesterday has now affected my voice. I taught today and did the oral/interview test on my seniors. I'm supposed to read tests to kids tomorrow. A neighbor told me I'm crazy. My voice is so bad that the kids I "help" may fail. I have to call the English coordinator.

If that's the case, all that's left of the school year is the staff trip and party. I still have to go through my stuff to take things home and throw things out.

Yahoo Changes, Worse Than Before

The free yahoo just recently underwent changes. I can't think of anything very good about them. There are two serious ones I don't like. One is just annoying and the other is a very, very bad foul up.
The "spam" business just added another step. It used to be that if you labeled a piece of mail "spam," it disappeared or went into trash. Now, it goes in to the spam mailbox. That wouldn't be all that bad, except that I empty it on entering the mail service, so now I have to empty it twice. Since sometimes legitimate mail goes there (including my own yahoo mail,) I sort through when opening the service. Now I have to change my routine. Always annoying.
The super-problematic is what they did to draft. Draft had always been my archives. Now, if I have something in draft, it self-deletes when sent, and if it's saved as a draft, the bcc addresses self-delete. Now I understand why I didn't get my usual replies to the mailing I sent yesterday. People didn't get the mailing. I have to redo everything. Very bad news for me.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Another Havel Havelim Debut!

She writes like she talks, a blogname I wish I had copyrighted, debuts with her very first Havel Havelim. Actually, it's only part 1. Part 2 should be posted in a few hours. I guess that she has never read my blog carnival instructions.

There are lots and lots of posts and more to come!

I Napped

I slept so deeply that I didn't even hear the phones and they were right next to me. Now I have to wake up again, shower off the chlorine from the pool.
It may be a little late for my morning coffee, but I really need it. I'm just afraid that I'll have trouble falling asleep on time, then a vicious cycle...
It's so rare for me to nap. I guess I really needed the sleep.

1 Thing Cancelled

As I posted earlier, I'm just too busy and too sick today. So I called my daughter and she agreed that I shouldn't babysit. We don't want me to gt the kids sick.

Now the rest of my plans don't involve such intimate relations with others. I'll go to the pool, get some sun, less pool than usual, but that's why I took a membership.

I'll do my exercise with friends.

Then I can rest, then tutor, then a wedding ceremony (not the meal) at Tel Shiloh.

Yes, it's still a busy day, but not dangerously so.

Rediculously Busy Day Today

...and I have a bad cold...

Tomorrow's busy, too, but not as...

Tuesday is bus plus stress...

Wednesday, a long one...

Thursday? Maybe easier...

Friday? Nothing much planned.

But that's if I survive today...

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Printing Those Picture Books

I'm beginning to wonder if I should take the plunge and order one of those picture books from one of the online deals. Honestly, I just get very nervous at the idea of sending my credit card details to some mysterious online internet site. Am I crazy? paranoid?

If you've done it, what do you recommend?

Friday, June 13, 2008

Tangle-Free Linen

I wanted to give you an update about the linen-laundering quest.

Good news!

Baby shampoo is the perfect detergent for laundering linen and taking out the tangles.

After spending a fortune on dry cleaning and electricity to power the iron and energy to iron my linen skirts, I've discovered that I can wash them in the washing machine with baby shampoo. After hanging them to dry, there are less wrinkles than after ironing.

Reduce the Meat--Reduce the Pain

OK, I admit; it could have been coincidence. But since I've cut back on meat/poultry my knees are better. They are neither swollen nor painful. I don't have the flexibility of my youth, but I'm not a kid anymore. Things had gotten so bad I couldn't dance at weddings without paying a painfully heavy price.

Keeping the Jewish Laws of Kashrut means that I don't have meat/poultry at more than one meal a day, since I can't eat those things with dairy, and I can't have dairy for a number of hours after eating them.

The article which accompanies this gorgeous picture give ideas on how to reduce meat portions. I find it difficult to eat just a tiny bit of meat during a meal. If it's a meat meal, I take what is my general portion. I fill my plate with salad, cooked vegetables and meat/poultry. Then I eat the salad and veggies, and only afterwards do I eat the meat. And if I think I'm still hungry, I take seconds of the salad and veggies.
For me it's easier to "cut back" by having meatless days. On those days I'll have fish, dairy, eggs, soy, but no beef or poultry. I also don't serve fish as a first course for a meat meal. I prefer one course meals or salad first meals.
Now, if I could only figure out a painless way of losing weight...

Yes, I Was First!!

It wasn't that I got to the pool at the stroke of 7:30am; it's just that I was the first to arrive to swim.

The staff was waiting, sort of. They weren't really ready. The local manager, a male, still had a couple of things to do. When he finished and left--ladies' hours are ladies only--I stripped off my robe, added the shirt, cap etc to the bathing suit and went in.

Brrrr... yes, the water was cold. It will take a few days of sun to heat up, but it was wonderful!
Summer has finally begun!

Just Fading Away

This year, even more than usual, the school year is just fading away. Usually I have a week or two after grades are in to show the kids movies. Now there's just one week to go, and Tuesaday is the English Bagrut, national finals. On Monday, I have some important fianl teaching and oral testing with my seniors. I'm not sure that I'll have the 10th grade and pretty certainly not the 11th. Since Tuesday's the Bagrut, the 11th and 12th won't study English on Wednesday, so... that's it! Hard to believe.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Less Than Twelve Hours To Go!

I've been waiting about nine months for this. Yes, and less than tweleve hours to go.

Are you guessing?

Well, nu?

What happened nine months ago? And what will be ready, G-d willing in less than twelve hours?

Staying In The Shade

One of the mistakes we made in planning the house was putting the merpeset, balcony/terrace, on the south side of the house. The original idea was for it to be on the east, in the very front of the house. At some point, very early in construction, it was moved requiring a switch in where the second large window would go and where there would be a door out.

There are pros and cons to both, of course. It's the location of our "succah" every year during the
Succot holiday. I have the very best clothes lines "in the world." In the summer, I can dry sheets faster outside than in a clothes dryer. But I need the merpeset to be a "playroom," relaxing place for adults, etc. It's too windy in the winter and too sunny in the summer. Finally, just a couple of years ago, I got my son to buy us this black netting. He has the job of putting it up every year, late spring, and then it gets taken down before the succah is put up.

It had made such a difference. There's no rain here in the summer, so the netting isn't damaged, just dusty. Now, I really must get myself some lounge chairs...

When we first came to Shiloh, the only shade at the Tel was under an ancient fig tree. There was an old wooden picnic table there, and for years people would say: "Meet me at the fig tree."

A couple of years ago, when the Tel was being developed for tourists, the fig tree was declared "diseased" and cut down. The picnic table disappeared and this, whatever you want to call it, was put up near the place most archaeologists believe the Mishkan, The Tabernacle, had stood and Eli the The Priest had stationed himself to wait for news after the Holy Ark was taken to battle.

The view is amazing and the spiritual vibrations inspiring. So, that's where
we went on Rosh Chodesh Sivan, the first of the Jewish Month of Sivan. If you want to join us on Rosh Chodesh Tammuz, July 4, 9:45am, please do. For details contact mmdcta at

You don't have to wait for a special time. Tel Shiloh is open for visitors, prayers and special events at all times. For more information, call the Tourist Office of Tel Shiloh, 02-994-4019.

There is now, also, a Coffee Shop--Gallery. Snacks, art work, photographs and other souvenirs are for sale. Meals for groups can be arranged.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Not A Total Loss

Granted, last night was a waste. I went to Jerusalem for a very disappointing meeting.

There was just one great thing, the sky. I almost missed the bus, because I was tempted to photograph the sky while going down to the bus. Luckily, I controlled myself and didn't. If I had I would have missed it, the bus, that is.

So, to compensate, I took these pictures in Jerusalem:

Spring Clouds 1


Spring Clouds 2

They Don't Make Movie Stars Like They Used To

In the "olden days," when the studios "owned" the movie stars, they were very careful about "image."

Even when playing poverty-stricken whores, the stars looked better than this:

I guess that slob is the new sheek.

Do you recognize Modanna and Kate Hudson (and her mother, who looks better coifed)?

New Pan, New Recipe

When my cousin visited on Pesach, she gave me a ceramic baking dish. I decided to use it for cooking meat. I like the idea of one nice-looking dish for both the cooking and serving, and this one looked just perfect, very classic, white and deep enough for just about anything.

As you can see, first I put cut vegetables around the edge, just some carrots and simple green squash.

Then I added chopped "meat," actually chicken, not beef, mixed as for a meatloaf. That means an onion, cut small, some tomato paste, an egg and whatever spices you like. I don't add salt.

I decorated it all with some simply sliced onions. Use what you have, like etc. Then I baked it in a hot oven until it seemed well-enough cooked.

This can be a very filling, impressive, fancy diet meal. Just serve it with a salad. For those who can handle the starch, add potatoes to "decorate." Sweet potatoes are also good.

Like most of my recipes, variations are totally flexible. You can make individual servings if you have the right size and quantity of baking pans.

I'd love to know how you've played with it, your successful and less so variations. You can update me in the comments.


ps thanks "h"

Guess Who Has Been Here!!

I'm sure you can't imagine...

The really big question is:
How long will it take me to clean everything up?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Eating Solids

My grandson has started "really" eating solids, mushable solids. My grandkids are progressing the opposite of how mine did. My eldest ate great, ate everything. Number two a little fussier and number three, notoriously fussy. No, I think "fussy" just doesn't say it. She ate nothing, for years almost no food, and she had been weaned at 11 1/2 months. But she was healthy. No, she hardly gained, but she wasn't thin. She didn't eat, but she crawled before she was five months, sat at five months, stood at six and a few weeks later, still before seven months, she walked around "holding on."

My eldest grandkid didn't go for solids or bottles or anything but her mother. Even today, she doesn't eat much variety. The second eats much better and the baby just loves to eat, whether it's applesauce, yogurt, blended chicken and veggies, etc.

Now I'm hungry writing about this.


Today, I'll be home. My daughter is leaving the kids and going to work. We'll have a neighborhood girl over for a few hours to help entertain them. Luckily, my grandson began sitting in the high chair, so feeding him should be easier and more fun. Too bad the TV doesn't work. I hope the weather cools down.

Today's "Jewish Mother" is Korean

Your old time pre-JAP Jewish mother was known as a hyper-focused anything for the kids--especially the sons--emasculating, "don't end up like your father" pushy gal. Today, except for some Russian immigrant grandmothers, holding down the fort while their children work hard to make money and they raise the grandchildren, it's more legend and sitcom exaggerations.

It seems like that old stereotype, hyper-ambitious mother speaks Korean. Thousands of upscale Korean families have sent the wives and kids to English speaking countries to guarantee a higher level of English for their kids than available in even the best of Korean schools.

Reading through the entire article brought up two disturbing facts or trends. One is that Korean men, even when the families are living together, aren't really involved with their children. And two, by stressing the importance of learning English and not having similarly high level Korean studies, those kids will ironically end up failing to achieve academic superiority when they return home to Korea.

I just can't imagine that sort of life, pushing to learn and get perfect grades.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Don't Miss It!

Jack has done a great job on the latest Havel Havelim. I'm sure it's a busy week for you with the Shavuot Holiday and all sorts of end of the school year stuff if you're in the northern hemisphere.

But please, do take a look at Havel Havelim. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. And considering the cheesecake, sorbet and ice cream I bought for Shavuot, I'm glad to have a treat which isn't full of calories!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Not Much Time

This is my early morning, on the computer time, but afterwards I'll be very busy.

It's the "eve" of the Shavuot holiday, and I have cooking, cleaning, shopping and getting ready for Halleli's 5th Birthday. Yes, my married daughter is coming with the crew for the holiday and birthday. And tomorrow afternoon I'm hosting our annual Shavuot in English Shiur (Torah class.) And did I leave out the laundry?

Right, not much time.

Chag Sameach!! Have a wonderful Holiday!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Jewish Raggae

הוא שלנו
"Hu shelanu!" "He's one of us!"
Local Boy Makes Good
That's a popular thing to say in Israel when one of the family or neighbor or school buddy another Israeli or Jew has some big success. I think lots of us feel that way when it comes to Matisyahu.

American, Jewish, Baal Tshuva, Chassidish, Reggae singing sensation, Matisyahu, is multiple nachas for many. Read about his travels to Jamaica, the origin of reggae.

Yes, he's popular in my family.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Linen Surprise

Last spring, yes, about exactly a year ago, I bought myself two linen skirts. No, they weren't cheap, even though they were "two for the price of one."

One's white and one's a "straw color." They're sort of big and loose, not at all tailored or fitted. OK, more like tents to hide under.

Well, one, the straw-colored, always looked wrinkled. I was told that it "just needed ironing." Well, that didn't work. So I sent it to the cleaner, and it quickly frizzed up again, like difficult curley hair on a humid day.

I've been wearing it a lot, and it really was looking awful, dirty and wrinkled. It certainly doesn't look like the expensive skirt it actually is. I didn't want to wait for my husband's next trip to the dry cleaners, so I tried reading the "washing instructions." I saw one of those "handwash" logos.

I don't wash anything "by hand" any more, so I decided to try asking on the internet. At the first site I found, it very reasuringly insisted that since people have been wearing linen long before there was dry cleaning, it must be possible to safely launder it. Apparently proper laundering softens the linen so it won't be wrinkled.

It suggested a gentle cycle with gentle soap, even shampoo. So, this morning I put the skirt and some other things in the machine with baby shampoo. It's now drying out on the merpeset, balcony, and looks less wrinkled than usual. They claim that it can also be dried in the dryer or you can lay it flat on the grass or any surface.

I'll stick with the clothes line.

Now I wonder what else I should be washing in the machine.

Another Shavuot Thought

It's traditional to study Torah (Jewish texts and Law) all night, since the Holiday is to celebrate the gift of Torah by G-d to the Jewish People. Years ago I could pull those all-nighters, but now, after a certain hour, I doze off if seated.

We have been hosting a shiur (class), in our home on Shavuot afternoon for over ten years. It's great for those who can't stay awake and alert at night and an extra bonus for those who can.

Chag Sameach
Have a Wonderful Holiday

Almost Shavuot, So...

Shavuot is an unknown Jewish Holiday for some. It doesn't supply the vivid culinary memories of Pesach (Passover,) nor the fun of Chanukah, nor the seriousness Rosh Hashannah and Yom Kippur. There's no succah to decorate, dancing around the Torah nor Hamantaschen and noise-makers.

It's on the calendar, during the school year, so I must have heard about it during my five years (I graduated!) of OJC Hebrew School, but honestly I don't think I knew it existed until I became religious when in high school.

In the Jewish world dominated by Ashkenazim (European Jews) it's claimed that "everybody eats dairy, especially cheesecake, on Shavuot." But the truth is very different.

North African Jews, like my Tunisian son-in-law, don't have a dairy culinary culture. For them, a Jewish Holiday meal is meat and poultry, not even fish, and certainly no cheesecake.

And they're, that's the Tunisian branch of the family, are coming for Shavuot, so maybe one of the meals will be meat.

Thursday, June 05, 2008


My teens was Kennedy time. Early into my second decade JFK was elected US President, assassinated soon after, and as that decade ended his younger brother RFK was also murdered.

I think of them by initials, like newspaper headlines.

They were brothers, special brothers. Trying to understand things today along with the images, over forty years in my mind, it seems like one had the looks and the other the power and drive to put him in office.

Jack and Jackie were on their twin pedestals, propped up by Bobby's hard, gutsy work.

Over the years, lots of negative stuff has been revealed about them all, especially JFK. My feeling was always that Bobby was the real tough one. Today, he'd be called "hyper." That's why I was very impressed by the essays by three of his kids. They show a Bobby Kennedy more human and wiser than I would have guessed.

Lots of "Educating" Posts

The latest Carnival of Education is up.

Lots and lots to read.


Busy Yesterday

I started the day at Tel Shiloh for our Women's Rosh Chodesh (beginning of the Jewish Month) Prayers. We had a nice, largest so far, group from the Golan, Rechovot, Eli, Jerusalem and Shiloh. The participants originated from Europe, North and South America and Israel. Next month, Rosh Chodesh Tammuz will be either July 3rd or 4th; I'll let you know within a couple of days. Of course you can always go to Tel Shiloh, just to see the site where the Mishkan, the Tabernacle stood for 369 years.

The Tel is open for visitors, prayers and special events at all times. For more information, call the Tourist Office of Tel Shiloh, 02-994-4019.

There's now a Coffee Shop--Gallery, and I have pictures of Shiloh on sale.
After our prayers at the Tel, I went to Jerusalem. I don't know why, but there was a major traffic jam. I think that it was more than because Jaffa Road is partially closed for construction. I got off the bus quite a long distance from where I had planned, and I walked.
My kids organized a birthday party for me. We were at the Anna Ticho Museum, downtown Jerusalem. This time the toilets didn't smell, but I had to send back my vegetables which were drowning in salt. They were very nice and prepared a whole plate of unsalted ones. That restaurant is excellent about things like that. They're very generous about replacing problematic food.

I even had a little "birthday cake," and when my family sang Happy Birthday in Hebrew, others joined in!

Now for something else. I'm curious as to whether the guards, manning the x-ray security machine at the bus station are permitted to talk on their phones at work. This guard had her phone hidden in her hair. My camera got caught int the machine, and I had trouble finding it. I wanted her to check the screen, but she was oblivious. Luckily it came out.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

What Happened to Photobucket?

It seems that all my Photobucket pictures are "down." I can't see them on my blog, just a box and something to click, which brings me to codes but no picture.

We live in such a "virtual," imaginary world. We count on technology we can neither see nor comprehend. Almost like UFO's.

It makes it easier to believe in G-d.

Strange Radio and misc.

Mornings I listen to the radio, while on the computer. There's English News at 6:30am my time. The other day there must have had been a mix-up. The stations didn't come on as they should have. It was like a comedy routine. I never found the news.

Generally I turn on an Israeli music station when the news is over.

I used to listen to the radio all the time, frequently the BBC. Now I listen to cd's, usually the same for days on end.

The tv is still dead, never called the repair guy. I ought to have him check it out before we go to NY. If it can't be fixed, we can get another at duty free, where we got this one. Sometimes I use the "laptop" for movies, exercise dvd and "card games."

Last night I called my mother, who was out, and my father said that she got her cast off. Thank G-d

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Lots of Recipes

Take a gander at the latest Carnival of Recipes on Woman Tribune.

There's a really nice variety, and while we're talking food, don't forget to send in your links to the next Kosher Cooking Carnival!

There is no limit to the amount of posts you can send, as long as they fit the criteria. You may also send in links to other bloggers' posts. Please use the carnival submission form.If you're interested in hosting a Kosher Cooking Carnival, please don't be shy. It's great fun; just let me know which month you want. The calendar is filling. June's KCC will be hosted by West Bank Mama, July by Soccer Dad, and August will be at Here in HP. So, as you can see, hosting the Kosher Cooking Carnival is definitely the "in" thing to do for jbloggers. To reserve your month, please write to me at: shilohmuse at yahoo dot com