Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Pan, New Recipe

When my cousin visited on Pesach, she gave me a ceramic baking dish. I decided to use it for cooking meat. I like the idea of one nice-looking dish for both the cooking and serving, and this one looked just perfect, very classic, white and deep enough for just about anything.

As you can see, first I put cut vegetables around the edge, just some carrots and simple green squash.

Then I added chopped "meat," actually chicken, not beef, mixed as for a meatloaf. That means an onion, cut small, some tomato paste, an egg and whatever spices you like. I don't add salt.

I decorated it all with some simply sliced onions. Use what you have, like etc. Then I baked it in a hot oven until it seemed well-enough cooked.

This can be a very filling, impressive, fancy diet meal. Just serve it with a salad. For those who can handle the starch, add potatoes to "decorate." Sweet potatoes are also good.

Like most of my recipes, variations are totally flexible. You can make individual servings if you have the right size and quantity of baking pans.

I'd love to know how you've played with it, your successful and less so variations. You can update me in the comments.


ps thanks "h"

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