Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Big News

If you caught it in the previous post, you already know. Also I did hint about it. Yes, I'm leaving my teaching job.

This year wasn't as enjoyable as the past. The hardest was the traveling, the waiting, yes, the tremping. If you clicked that link, you'll see that years ago nothing seemed to bother me. This past year, I couldn't take it any more. All I wanted was for them to fire me and offer me full "compensation," and that's what I got.

The school I've been teaching in has fewer students than before, so if I had continued teaching, I would have lost class hours, meaning less money. I'd have to spend as much time traveling for less salary, no more long days, just broken and wasted ones.

Now, yes, the big question:

"What will I do?"
Everyone keeps asking me. Financially, it's not easy. I'll have to tutor, get paid for writing somehow and sell my pictures. Yes, recently there have been some offers. G-d willing, we'll see.
And what to do with my time? No, I don't want to blog more. I blog too much already. I want to study Bible, maybe in Matan, and I want to be able to get to a pool once a week, like I used to, and of course, I have to find a way of making money to compensate for the teaching salary I will no longer receive. I didn't teach English long enough for a real pension.
I may not post again until who knows when I get near a computer in NY. I asked a few friends to try to keep my blogs interesting, so keep checking.


mother in israel said...

Good luck! I'm sure you will find interesting and hopefully lucrative things to do.

Anonymous said...

Hope you will find something you enjoy.

frumhouse said...

Life has a way of working out. One door closes, and another door opens....

Batya said...

I'm excited about the opportunity.