Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tiring Just To Think Of It

A couple of weeks ago, we went to a wedding in Jerusalem the night before I had a class. Someone from the class was also invited to the wedding. I "invited myself," OK, asked her if I could stay over, so I wouldn't have the trip back home and then have to get up early to go back to Jerusalem.

I'm just not used to all that traveling. It knocks me out. My husband does it routinely, but I just can't handle it. On the other hand, I also need my standard water, coffee, "elimination" etc routine. When I sleep over at friends I can't do my usual morning routine, and that's not healthy.

So, I guess whatever happens, I'll be starting the week exhausted....

Sudden Chill

Honestly, I should be looking for cliparts of icicles. It got so cold yesterday before Shabbat, and it has been raining and hailing (not to the chief) and thunder, lightning and freezing!

At least it was warm in shul. The heat was on in the synagogue. It's hard to concentrate on typing when I'm so cold and I couldn't take a walk, since when I opened the door, I discovered rain.

But Baruch Hashem! Thank G-d it's raining, a true gift from G-d!

Friday, February 27, 2009

And The New Grand Total Is.....

I was hoping to find a dramatic drum roll on youtube...

7 kilo or 15.5 pounds less than when I started!! And please don't ask how many more until my "goal!"

This Start Fresh kosher weight loss diet isn't bad at all. I never thought I could do it. Not that I'm even close to my goal, but still. I would never have even tried if Steve of webads hadn't offered me the deal.

There's nothing more encouraging like success, so I'm continuing with the diet to lose weight, G-d willing.

Would This Be Considered Cheating?

I've been trying to follow the Start Fresh kosher weight loss diet for almost three months. As of last week I lost about 13 pounds or almost 6 kilo.

This week, I didnt eat much, because I was sick. I haven't yet weighed myself at my neighbor's. If I lose more than what has been usual, could my illness be diet cheating? Or will I end up gaining some of it back, if the loss is more than standard?

Yesterday, I planned three full meals and the required snacks, but somehow, lunch was eaten as an early dinner, and my second fruit was a post dinner snack. I never had the third.

I went out late morning to talk to someone about "yishuv business." I'm perpetually chosen to head our election committee and we're having local elections next week. On the way to speak to him and back, I ran into all sorts of neighbors and had great conversations with them.

Yesterday was such a glorious spring day, and so many neighbors were outside. I really do prefer f2f whenever possible.

Now to get the house ready for Shabbat!

Blogger claims no typos, but I'm sure it's just blogger's mistake. Sometimes the spellcheck takes a break and doesn't function. I just double-checked and hope I caught them all.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I've Been Very Lucky

Baruch Hashem, Thank G-d!

I really should thank G-d more often. Just now I was reminded anew when reading about the death of the young son of UK's Conservative Party head, David Cameron. The child, Ivan, was severely disabled with Cerebral Palsy and a very serious/dangerous type of epilepsy.

We spent two relatively long times in the hospital, one with each son, but thank G-d, our sons are bli eyin haraa healthy today.

Before our first such experience I thought that it only happens to parents who "aren't careful." But then our then newborn baby had to be rehospitalized with an extremely dangerous infection. We, my baby and I, lived in the hospital for six weeks. After a week or so, a neighbor began organizing babysitters to stay with him in the hospital so I could see my other kids for dinner and put them to bed. Then I would take the late bus home back to the hospital. And yes, just like the word "home" would come out of my mouth then, just over 25 years ago, it came out of my fingers as I typed this.

Miraculously he recovered and didn't suffer any negative reactions from all the antibiotics, nor brain damage which had been feared by the doctors. (I just hope he doesn't kill me for writing this.)

Our second was with our older son after he was in a bicycle accident. Then I wasn't the only one taking care of him in the hospital. He was old enough for others to be there. But I was in charge of his physical therapy when we returned home. After the orthopedist gave me written instructions, I went to a friend who was a physical therapist. She showed us, demonstrated everything he had to do. I took notes and drew pictures. Then I made up a chart with the pictures and a place to write how many times and the weights used. We kept track and did the exercises twice a day until he was allowed to walk on both feet.

These were definitely humbling experiences.

May the Cameron family be comforted...

Somethings Good and Something Confusing

First I'll start with the confusing:
There seems to be a problem with sitemeter's recording of "hits" to this blog. I think it's showing fewer or at great delay. If it's correct, then what's the point of blogging here?
Just wondering...

Now for some good things:

First, it was pointed out by my neighbor, Rav Dov Berkovits, how miraculous the blossoming trees are this year, considering that the rainfall has been less than minimal.

Yesterday was the day I had planned for our Women's Rosh Chodesh (start of the Jewish New Month, which is based on the lunar calendar) Prayers at Tel Shiloh. I had been very sick the day before and knew that if I was up to going, it could only be if I got a ride. So the night before called a neighbor who usually goes and by car; she had other plans.

So I sent out an announcement to the Shiloh email list. Nobody called or replied. Then I called another neighbor who said that she wasn't sure and would call me if she was going.

Throughout the early morning, I got calls from yet another neighbor who needed a ride and promised to call if someone offered. But nobody called, so I dovened Shacharit, prayed the morning prayer, and was about to hang the wash when the doorbell rang.

Yes, a ride. So I had her call the waiting neighbor while I got a few things I needed. Then we went down to the Tel. We found other neighbors already there and one joined us.

It was beautiful. I could have taken pictures all morning, but my driving neighbor was in a hurry and didn't have time.

So we went to the spot many believe had been the location of the Mishkan, Tabernacle, and prayed the "Hallel" prayer together out loud and then Musaf, the added prayer for holidays. And then we rode back up.

Earlier in the week we attended a wedding. a lovely young couple from different countries a each of a combination of Jewish ethnic backgrounds.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Almost Purim! KCC #39

The Almost Purim KCC
Kosher Cooking Carnival #39
Adar, 5769 אדר ,

From the beginning I've said that "the Kosher Cooking Carnival is not just a kosher recipe carnival." I hope that more halachik posts will be submitted to it. Keeping kosher is complicated, and you have to know what you're doing.

Please send in any suitable posts you write or see via blog carnival. And if you'd like to host an edition, please let me know shilohmuse at yahoo dot com

Pretty soon we'll be taking our leave of the original KCC logo, which I made up with real scissors and paste over three years ago.

Looking back, here's a list of all the previous KCC's:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, KCC Meta Carnival, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37 and 38.

In modern Hebrew כשר kosher has two meanings. One relates the food and the other to physical fitness. I've been on the kosher
Start Fresh kosher weight loss diet, and I've even lost weight. To encourage myself even more, I started a new blog carnival, Blogging About Losing Weight. Send your posts here.

A number of people sent me the link the article abobut how the
Chariedi newspaper Hamodia published a traif recipe. They claimed typo and that instead of using a "baleboosteh" to write the column they use an advertising agency. And obviously the men running the paper think cooking's beneath them and don't proof the column.

Every day meals

Shtetl Fabulous gives some very good advice:
Cook What You Know!
Try Ilana-Davita's
Honey-Mustard Chicken. It sounds absolutely delicious! Her Vegetarian Biryani, also seems great and looks good, too.
The “Bima Ima” gives some good advice about
onions and freezing.

Amanda's Poppy Seed Noodles looks like a great idea.

Now that I'm dieting, I eat lots of
vegetables, which are really easy to make.

Mottel can "
cook" not only photograph.

Shabbat Food
Shorty sent in
A sweet Shabbos for two. And of course, you can make lots more of it!

Jewish Holiday Food
Here’s a
breath of sanity about Purim by Ricki’s Mom.

Material Maidel makes a mean
Turkish Salad.

Annette Berlin’s
Mock Chopped Liver seems easy to make. I don’t go for complicated cooking.

Try these
brownies like you've never seen before, from Pesky Settler.

Birthday Cake form Mrs. S. isn't chocolate; it's even better!
If you want
sweet compote sans the sugar, bake it! Yes, it's a no sugar-added, really without sugar, compote. And here’s another version, this time with strawberries. It was a hit when I served it to friends.

Anything Kosher!
Leora offers
Oatmeal Quinoa Bread Pics Definitely dangerous for my diet.

Is it ever too early to
get ready for Passover? And I'm not referring to cleaning?

There's nothing like Elisson to look at kashrut from a
very unique perspective
“G6” sent
"A Recipe For Anonymous...." and I agree totally with the message. Ps, it’s a salad, but read the post, too, even if you don’t eat salads.
A Simple Jew’s wife posts about her quest to eat
healthier foods.
Is it true that
there won't be kosher food in the new NY Mets Stadium?

Daled Amos posts about a kashrut controversy, Blowing The New Kashrut's Cover.

It’s important to publicize the blog carnivals, so that more and more people will visit the various blogs included. So please send the carnival link out and post about it on your blog, if you have one. Thanks!

Next month’s edition will be hosted by
Material Maidel of Kosher Cuisine fame. Please send in any suitable posts you write or see via blog carnival. And if you'd like to host an edition, please let me know shilohmuse at yahoo dot com

Chodesh Tov! Have a great and joyful month!

Technorati tags:
kosher cooking carnival, blog carnival.

Nothing Kosher?

I could have missed it, but in the NY Post article about the food in the new Mets Stadium, replacing Shae, which I remember as new, it mentions all sorts of restaurants and menus, but... nothing is kosher.
Could that really be? Apparently, the food court will be open "all the time," not just for games.
I was sure that I heard that kosher food is available in some of the major stadiums. Is it true?

Check Out Shiloh Musings... Soon

I'll be posting pictures and story from Kever Rachel and Tel Shiloh!

That's in
Shiloh Musings.

Baruch Hashem! Thank G-d!

I slept well and soundly last night. Usually, the quality of my sleep is an accurate indicator of my health. The night before I just didn't sleep. I moaned and groaned, and of course disturbed my husband. I finally fell asleep early in the morning and was awakened at 8:30 by a call asking me if I was on my way to the Matan tour. I apologized for not getting up to call her and explained that I was sick. Then I fell back to sleep.

I finally woke up at 12:30! I never do things like that. I usually get up before 6am. But at least I slept.

Today I feel weak but better. I even had some coffee, after water with freshly squeezed lemon. Yesterday, all the water, and only water, I drank was with lemon juice. I consider it the best medicine for all flues, colds, sore throats, etc. Not honey. The sugar in the honey isn't good.

I also managed to cook myself some vegetables, onions, squash, sweet potatoes, carrots and garlic, with oil in a covered pot. I ate small portions during the day.

And now, I hope that my appetite has shrunken a bit to help me lose weight on my Start Fresh kosher weight loss diet. I have lost weight, but it's going much more slowly now. I'm eating the right proportions of food, but I have to get used to eating less.

On with my day...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

This Time I'm Sick

Last night as I was getting ready to go to bed, I began to feel like I was "coming down with something."

But I still got ready for today's tour with Matan.

Once I got into bed, I began to shiver and shake, My toes were freezing cold even though I had thermal socks and a heavy down blanket.

I didn't sleep and still don't feel 100%. So that's why I haven't been blogging,

Monday, February 23, 2009

They Noticed!?!

There's nothing more reasuring and encouraging than a compliment. Last night at a wedding, people did say that there seemed to be "less" of me. It seems like my Start Fresh kosher weight loss diet is helping.

I probably overdid my protein allowance last night, and I shouldn't have had that drink from the bar. But all things considered, and considering the temptations, I was a good girl.

Extra good, actually. One should give compliments, not just receive them. The band was great. I've known this band for well over twenty years, and it just gets better and better. So I went over to one of the musicians, whom I know, and told him that I'm impressed at how much better they've gotten. And I like how they "reinvent" themselves musically. His reply:

"I've waited my whole life for someone to say that."
His reply made me feel even better.

Continue to Pray For Moshe Avitan (Moshe Rafael ben Aliza A'isha)

Here's the letter I received from Moshe's mother-in-law, but because of Internet problems, I'm only posting it now.

Moshe and his wife Sarah were shot at by Arab terrorists over a month a go. Moshe was very seriously wounded in the head. He has made a miraculous recovery, but as you'll read in Ruth's letter, there are still very crucial and difficult problems.

Dear Relatives and Friends,

Well, Moshe's long-awaited appointment with the eye doctor took place yesterday. The verdict is that there is scarring on the retina and the macula in both eyes. As I understand it, the vision in the left eye may improve slightly when the hemorrhaging there clears. This may require an operation. Moshe has another appointment in a month to get another evaluation. The doctors say that at the moment there is nothing that can be done to improve Moshe's vision. However, there are new advances being made all the time and it may be that something can be done in the future. In the meantime, we need to keep praying!!

Moshe sounds to be in good spirits and is trying to keep occupied in between doctors' appointments and therapy sessions.

I'll try to keep you all posted if there is anything new to report.

Have a Shabbat Shalom (a good and peaceful Sabbath),


Refuah Shleimah, A full and speedy recovery, to Moshe Rafael ben Aliza A'isha.

~Sarah~'s Back!!

Yes, she is! Read ~Sarah~'s Havel Havelim from Down Under!

~Sarah~ is the gifted young graphic artist who designed my blog banners. And her Havel Havelim is also a work of art.

I hope this means that ~Sarah~ is back to blogging more frequently.

Back Blogging

Internet has returned.

Saturday night, just after 11pm, the screens went white on the computers in our home. At first we waited patiently expecting that it was one of those momentary glitches.

But the moment went into plural, and it seemed like I'd never finish the sentence or phrase I had begun. The usual green lights were flashing from our Bezek modem, but netvision claimed some pop3 malfunction.

It was a good excuse for me to hit the sack expecting full service in the morning. But in the morning there was no improvement. Netvision was still claiming those pop3 problems. I gave them a call:

"We are aware of some technical problems and are taking care of it."
So I checked in periodically, but the patient was still sick.

I went to babysit for the grandkids and quickly checked my yahoo. The younger generation doesn't netvision.

I was concerned, because I needed a ride to a wedding and had sent requests to our local email list asking that people call me. So I sent another request. None of the phone calls I had made resulted in a ride.

Eventually, I got a call about a potential ride and set it up. Later I got another call and changed arrangements, figuring that a large van would be more comfortable than being crowded three in the backseat.

At the wedding, I discovered that other neighbors had return-emailed that I could go with them, but sans email for technical and location/occupation reasons, I never saw their replies. I did ask that people phone for that reason. Why do they think I spend every waking moment on the computer?

But I do have wonderful neighbors who are always generous and complained because they really wanted to give us rides.

Yes, it was a gorgeous wedding. Between the bride and groom there's such a combination of Jewish ethnic backgrounds, Eastern Europe Holocaust survivors, Morocco, Italy, Libya... Baruch Hashem! Two wonderful Jewish people getting married! MAZAL TOV!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Soon It Will Be Purim

Some thoughts....

On Shabbat my mind was in the wrong world, spinning about what to make/give for Mishloach Manot, the "food gifts."

Someone asked a question on a food list I'm on. They wanted a Hamentaschen dough sans margarine. Mine is without margarine, and it's easy to make.
"No Big Deal Hamentaschen Cookie Dough"

Today I hosted our neighborhood "Shiur Nashim," Women's Torah Class, and served another version of my no sugar-baked compote.
This time it had apples and strawberries. I covered the pyrex pan with foil. It was a hit and they couldn't believe that it was just fruit.

Friday, February 20, 2009


One of the things I like about living in Shiloh is the community spirit. Of course, when we first arrived here, we were all about the same age with young children or expecting the firstborns. At that time, twenty-seven and a half years ago, there wasn't much more than a fifteen year age span from oldest to youngest adults.

Today, even though our record-breaking over one hundred year old resident is now buried in the cemetery, we have a number of people in their eighties and also some couples who are still in their teens or early twenties.

Yes, today's Shiloh is different from the one we moved to, but some things are the same. It's still a community with opportunities and the need for volunteers.

My favorite committee is the Election committee. Like Brigadoon, it comes and goes. Every year or so, before local elections, there's a town meeting to choose "Va'adat Kalpi," the Election Board. I've been running elections here for about twenty years. It used to be among the responsibilities of the Appointments Committee, but then it was discovered that the department of the Ministry of the Interior had certain procedures they demanded, and we hadn't been doing it correctly.

The Election Board is a temporary status, generally only for twenty-one days. If we need an extension, we must contact the proper government official. If someone here decides that a "mistake" was made, we're called in for investigation. It's not pleasant and a real waste of time. That's one of the reasons I keep getting appointed, technically voted in by the Town Meeting.

For good or for bad, people trust me and know that I'll stick to the rules and not play games. Also, I know the rules. I learned them from a neighbor who is an expert in law. She trained me.

My computer has the standard announcement in its memory. Each time, I just have to make a few changes.

I don't mind doing it for a few reasons. One is that the committee only exists for a few weeks, so it's not a long-term commitment. Another is that there isn't a paid person doing the same thing here. I refuse to volunteer for anything that has salaried workers doing the same. My time is no less valuable. And lastly, I feel confident that everything will be according to law when I run the elections.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Just Because It Isn't Raining....

... doesn't mean you can hang the wash out to dry. It may dry, but it may feel like sand paper, with sand, actual sand embedded in the fabric.

The weather's nuts this year. It's not only a drought. We're having late spring sand storms in mid-winter freezing cold weather.

Fruit trees have been blooming, but there many not be much fruit, because the winds will blow the Flowers away prematurely and the cold will prevent the fruit from developing. So enjoy the flowers. They're as good as we're going to get.

Be Prepared

I don't want to wait until the last minute, so I've been working on the 39th Kosher Cooking Carnival. It's due to be posted next week.

B"H, I have a few volunteers lined up for future editions.

And don't forget to send posts in for it. And of course, if you'd like to host one, please let me know.

The Jerusalem International Book Fair

I guess I could still go today... but I don't plan on it.
It's used to be a biennial highlight. That was even when there was a high admission price.

It's not like I was ever into buying books, just looking at them. And last time I got some for free from a publisher to review on my blog. I should have gone yesterday, but I totally forgot about it.

My "baby" was home for a visit, and it was nice to be here and talk to him a bit. I also took a nice walk with a friend and her granddaughter in tow, in the carriage.

Oh, well, I guess I'll have to wait another two years...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Re: The New KCC Logo

I had terribly underestimated the interest you'd be having in choosing a new KCC logo. Thanks for all the suggestions. I wish I had photoshop and was the sort of graphic artist to do it. But thank G-d Pesky Settler volunteered!

It's now in her very capable hands and computer keys. My artistic talent goes no further than how I aim my camera. I don't even crop the pictures.

And don't forget to send posts in for the
Kosher Cooking Carnival. And of course, if you'd like to host one, please let me know.

Choose A New Logo For KCC

There have been a lot of complaints about my Kosher Cooking Carnival logo, so after three plus years, I think it's time to change it. Distinctive it is, but it's not like it's a necessary element, and some hosts haven't even included it.

I went through my files and found three very different pictures and wonder if you'll be kind enough to vote in the comments. Since the next edition #39 is due to be posted next week, please get your vote in by February 24th.

And of course if you've posted anything about kosher food, recipes, halacha, anecdotes, traditions, restaurant or cookbook reviews, please send me the link. For those who would like to host an edition, please write to me at shilohmuse at yahoo dot com




Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Change in Plans

Being unemployed and all, I decided that instead of going to the pool tomorrow I should exercise at home. My 12 entrance pool card is almost finished, and I have to get another.

My son recommends the pool in Beit Hechayal, Gan Sacher, Jerusalem. It's sort of in between the bus station and Betzalel Street, near Nachla'ot behind Kraft Stadium. Of course, for those of you not familiar with that section of Jerusalem, it could be on the rings of Saturn. Its women's hours are different times and days from the one in Neve Yaakov. He said that it also has a steam room and sauna.

I'm glad I haven't yet bought a new card for the Neve Ya'akov pool. I almost did a couple of times, and then, somehow... siyata d'shmaya the hand of G-d, I didn't. They cost about the same, but I won't have to leave so early in the morning. Less stress. I didn't realize that it was a community pool. But my son has worked there as a life guard.

Tomorrow I had better get out. I'll also call my sweatin' to the oldies buddy. Today I just sat around freezing and blogging. I posted my new blog carnival. Scroll down and you'll see it...

A Mother’s tehillim project / A Single’s tehillim project

A Mother’s tehillim project / A Single’s tehillim project

Rosh Chodesh Adar – Wednesday, February 25th

... people around the world will join together and pray for their childrens', relatives', or friends' soul-mates PROJECT 1.

… single people around the world will pray together for their destined soul-mates PROJECT 2.

In order to accomplish this goal, I am asking that everyone goes to and fill out the respective form. Once groups of 40 people are formed per project in your timezone, I will send you your portions of tehillim to recite along with the names of the rest of your group and further instructions. Your allotted tehillim should be recited once on Rosh Chodesh day. Check your spam if you don’t hear back from me.

Kol Yisrael Areivim Zeh Lazeh. All of Israel is responsible for one another - pass this email on to others who may be interested in participating. Please also help me advertise for this project by posting on any email group you may be on.

May our prayers be answered sweetly and speedily,Tamara

* Your email address will NOT be distributed or displayed. No last names will be displayed. Questions can still be sent to, but it may take time to respond.

Debut! Blogging About Losing Weight Carnival

Debut Edition
Blogging About Losing Weight Carnival #1

Now that I'm dieting, with
Start Fresh kosher weight loss diet, food is on my mind. But more than that, I'd like to help and encourage people to lose weight, so I decided to start this blog carnival.

The Blogging About Losing Weight Carnival is a monthly blog carnival which includes blog posts about weight loss. I'm most interested in people's personal stories, the "highs and lows" puns and all. I know that I can't keep out the commercial posts, since most weight loss blogs are commercial. But I'd really prefer diet posts from ordinary bloggers about the successes, failures and challenges of trying to lose weight. I'm just an ordinary wife, mother, grandmother and blogger who needs all the encouragement possible to keep on my diet.

Please blog about the "carnival" and send the link to anyone who may benefit. Low calorie, easy to prepare recipes are good, as are ways to "eat out" and not eat too much.
Send your posts for the next edition via blog carnival. Thanks

rickismom presents
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The Hardest Diet Technique For Me What's yours?
Read how starving is not the way to go: Did I Need Lunch!
A Simple Jew posts about the importance of grape seed oil and the quest to find it kosher.
Diet Program
Here's more about Start Fresh from its blog. It's the diet I'm on, and I feel great and am losing weight.
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I'm proud to post
And Another Pound Off!
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Getting Started
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Try visiting as many of the blogs included here, as possible; there's lots to learn. Also, please blog about the "carnival" and send the link to anyone who may benefit. Send your posts for the next edition via blog carnival.

Thanks again and stay healthy!

And More Blog Carnivals

This week's riches of blog carnivals must be to remind me that I have two to prepare. One is the debut of Blogging About Losing Weight and the other is the February Kosher Cooking Carnival.

It's all about food, isn't it. That includes another Carnival of the Recipes. And lastly, at least for this morning, is the Carnival of Education. Enjoy them both!

Did I Need Lunch!

One of the laws in the Start Fresh kosher weight loss diet is never to feel hungry, and yesterday, by the time I made it to the bus station, customer support should have had me arrested.

I was thirsty, too, even though I drank a lot of water at my friend's place in the morning and again after the Matan lecture. Actually, by the time I picked up my new glasses in the center of town I was hungry but wanted to get to the bus station first. Many diet experts say that exercise increases metabolism so that what you eat post-workout is worth fewer calories. Besides that, I was afraid that I'd feel "too heavy and satisfied" after eating to walk.

I walked the kilometer or more with a very heavy backpack strapped to my back. I needed to buy myself some water in the discount supermarket near the bus station, and I figured I could save money by buying low-fat cheese and veggies. Also, I need some hat "yarn." I'm sure you've heard that shopping should never be done when hungry, couldn't make a decision, so walked out of the yarn store empty-handed.

At the supermarket, I cracked a six-pack of water, just taking one small bottle and then headed for the cheese. Each little package was over ns10 and chock full of salt and the sort of "milk solids" I don't like, so I just paid for the water and headed back to the bus station.

Cafe` Net was my first stop. I checked out their salads. NS21 for a big bowl and had them add tuna (sans mayonnaise,) a hard boiled egg and some olives.

Delicious! Half was eaten in the shop and the other half on the bus. I couldn't have made a more satisfying or less expensive lunch on the go.

The most difficult lesson I've learned from this diet is that you have to eat to lose weight. OK, maybe I should have totally ignored the dessert at the wedding, but I only polished off the fruit part, nibbled at the sorbet and I did ignore the chocolate cake...