Monday, February 16, 2009

Better Late Than Never

You may have noticed the silence here and on Shiloh Musings for thirty hours or more. I hope you noticed. I hope you popped in to visit...

After my friend and I (and her infant granddaughter) sweated to the oldies, I got myself spruced up, went to Ofra to babysit for the grandkids and then to a wedidng in Jerusalem. I stayed over at friends, because the friend and I study together in Matan, and we had a lecture this morning.

So... after picking up my new reading glasses, the cheapest "free" frame but spluging a big ns40 on a chain--lots less than a nicer frame, I hiked to the bus station and came home. And here I am.

I hope I'll be able to sleep tonight, since I had my morning coffee at 2pm.

That's not the "later" the title refers to. I'm a bit late to see the lastest, most recent, Havel Havelim at Leora's. Over twenty bloggers already posted comments, and it's only Monday!

Considering that the last few previous posts here are all about blog carnivals of sorts, you must think that I'm finished with the subject. Sorry, but you won't be sorry to see that there's also a new edition of the Carnival of Recipes.

I love the community spirit among bloggers. And don't forget Kosher Cooking Carnival. Please send in your posts and anything suitable you see. And if you're interested in hosting one, please write to me at shilohmuse at yahoo dot com



Leora said...

Thanks for the link to HH.

Looking forward to the next KCC.

Batya said...

My pleasure, I was hoping to post something yesterday.