Monday, February 02, 2009

A Bissel Reality

The "vacation" may have to end.

As you probably know, I'm not working, and as old as I am, I'm not "on pension." I let them fire me from my teaching job, because I just couldn't go on with the stress of traveling/tremping waiting for rides in the sun, rain, storms, dark etc. By the time I got to work, I didn't have the energy needed to deal with the school and the kids and everything. I kept feeling like my good health would soon be a distant memory. It was impossible to eat properly, too, or get to the pool for a swim.

Now I feel relaxed. I enjoy life and am available to help with the grandchildren.

But, yes the big but, for various reasons we will need some more income soon, even though I've cut my spending enormously. It's not like I was constantly shopping, not at all, but I could buy myself a new sweater or lots of clothes for the grandkids without wondering if we could afford it. One of the temporary ramifications of my being on Start Fresh kosher weight loss diet is that I expect, G-d wiling, to be a smaller size next year. So it's rather wasteful to buy clothes this year, even on sale. I am still looking for a brown skirt, but only one which will fit even if I'm G-d willing smaller.

Before became an English teacher, I spent a couple of years hysterically trying to find work and held a number of sales jobs, which were physically draining. I just can't imagine going that direction again. Just the traveling with finish me.

If I could only get a writing job or figure out how to free lance. Oy...

Reality Kicks In


BB said...

Here are some ideas: You could do an English chug in Shiloh. You could do private lessons or group lessons. You could do a writing chug. You could sign up for one of these teach English over the phone things. They pay well and you can work from home. These are just some ideas about what you can do with your English teaching background. Good luck!

Batya said...

Shiloh's not affluent enough to support tutors who need real salaries, and there are many English speakers and teachers. I've had a few students over the years and made much less money than I could have any place else.

The online and phone teaching are an option. I really wish I could sell my articles and photos or do pr, which I once did, or "write copy."