Saturday, February 21, 2009

Soon It Will Be Purim

Some thoughts....

On Shabbat my mind was in the wrong world, spinning about what to make/give for Mishloach Manot, the "food gifts."

Someone asked a question on a food list I'm on. They wanted a Hamentaschen dough sans margarine. Mine is without margarine, and it's easy to make.
"No Big Deal Hamentaschen Cookie Dough"

Today I hosted our neighborhood "Shiur Nashim," Women's Torah Class, and served another version of my no sugar-baked compote.
This time it had apples and strawberries. I covered the pyrex pan with foil. It was a hit and they couldn't believe that it was just fruit.


Mrs. S. said...

Your compote looks delicious!

Shavua tov!

Batya said...

Thanks, of course, the picture is when it was still fresh/uncooked. It didn't look so pretty cooked, but it was totally finished. Nobody left over a drop.

Leora said...

Just fruit? That sounds tasty.

Once a year for Purim I buy Smart Balance. It has no trans-fats, so one can make any hamantaschen dough recipe with it instead of margarine or butter. My kids seem to love it more than any other hamantaschen they've made or tasted. I try not to eat any.

Batya said...

yes, the compote is just fruit and baked covered