Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Debut! Blogging About Losing Weight Carnival

Debut Edition
Blogging About Losing Weight Carnival #1

Now that I'm dieting, with
Start Fresh kosher weight loss diet, food is on my mind. But more than that, I'd like to help and encourage people to lose weight, so I decided to start this blog carnival.

The Blogging About Losing Weight Carnival is a monthly blog carnival which includes blog posts about weight loss. I'm most interested in people's personal stories, the "highs and lows" puns and all. I know that I can't keep out the commercial posts, since most weight loss blogs are commercial. But I'd really prefer diet posts from ordinary bloggers about the successes, failures and challenges of trying to lose weight. I'm just an ordinary wife, mother, grandmother and blogger who needs all the encouragement possible to keep on my diet.

Please blog about the "carnival" and send the link to anyone who may benefit. Low calorie, easy to prepare recipes are good, as are ways to "eat out" and not eat too much.
Send your posts for the next edition via blog carnival. Thanks

rickismom presents
Beneath the Wings: Overweight and Prejudice posted at Beneath the Wings.
The Hardest Diet Technique For Me What's yours?
Read how starving is not the way to go: Did I Need Lunch!
A Simple Jew posts about the importance of grape seed oil and the quest to find it kosher.
Diet Program
Here's more about Start Fresh from its blog. It's the diet I'm on, and I feel great and am losing weight.
mmter presents Are You a Sugar Addict? posted at Weight Loss Solutions.
I'm proud to post
And Another Pound Off!
Dan O'Connor presents Tom Venuto Burn the Fat Review of What I Think of the Program posted at beingpad, saying, "I tried out the Burn the Fat system a while ago and I still incorporate many of the principals to this day."
Monique Rio presents
Diet and Deprivation are not Synonyms posted at LaVieConsciente.com.
Erika presents
posted at Visiting Spanish Speaking Countries, saying, "f you are planning to travel to Spain, you can expect to have quite the culinary experience while you are there."
Save This Memo presents
Top Ten List of Weight Loss Technology Tools and Apps » Blog Archive » Save This Memo posted at Save This Memo.
Trevor Watkinson presents
30 Days Of Chef Boyardee: Day 30 posted at SaveYourSweat.com Blog, saying, "Find out what eating nothing but Chef Boyardee for 30 days straight can do for you!"
Joe E presents
Health Tip: Don't Work-Out To Lose Weight... posted at Promote Health, saying, "Weight loss doesn't come from spending hours a day at the gym, it comes from eating healthy foods - and most importantly, avoiding the bad foods!"
run4change presents
Have a weight loss week you can be proud of! « My angle on weight loss posted at My Angle, saying, "Learn how to stay successful all week long with your weigh loss efforts."
Gal Josefsberg presents
My 30 Day Experiment - Intermittent Fasting posted at 60 IN 3, saying, "I've been hearing a lot about fasting as a way to create a healthy relationship with food. I thought I would give it a try and see what this intermittent fasting thing was all about for the next 30 days."
B.M. Garrett presents
Choosing a rapid weight loss plan posted at i-Diet & Fitness, saying, "Confused on which rapid weight loss plan to choose? Let us help."
Gem-Publishing presents
Can you lose 30lbs in 30 days ? posted at Weight Loss Tips, saying, "Is it *REALLY* possible to lose that much weight in only 30 days time? Well, most doctors would argue and say “NO!” …but then again most of these doctors’ education about your health is funded by the “BIG Pharmaceutical” companies that have a financial interest in your *failure* to lose weight."
Piotr Stepien presents
Go Vegan For The Heaven Sake posted at we overstep, saying, "Go vegan and save planetary resources and cleanse the planet in a most effective way possible. Earth is able to feed seven times over the entire human population with vegan food. Learn about most eco-friendly and economical way of living."
Piotr Stepien presents
Raw Vegan Food posted at we overstep, saying, "What seemed to be an extreme diet is easier and more efficient than a regular diet. Even the most expensive cosmetics won't give you such benefits. Use less packaging. Reduce pollution. Save money on pots, stoves, microwaves and electricity bills. Go raw like millions of other people."

Natalie Fox presents
Seven tips for sleep and exercise posted at Sleep:Disorders,Insomnia,Apnea,Pills,Baby Sleep,Bedding,Nightmare,Sleeping, saying, "You have to exercise to lose weight. Diets are effective only when you are regularly working out. In the article " Seven tips for sleep and exercise" you would learn seven tips for sleep that make your exercise as effective as possible and take your body into the healthiest mood ever."
Joel Gray presents
Colon Cancer: Risk Factors, Symptoms, and Prevention posted at Health Tips 101.
Myscha Theriault presents
Frugal Fitness - Twenty-Five and a Half Ways to Make it Happen Wise Bread posted at Wise Bread, saying, "Thank you in advance for considering my frugal fitness article. Here's to a great carnival!"
Steve Faber presents
The Top 10 Resistance Band Exercises posted at Belly Fat Loser.

Getting Started
Katrina presents
3 Secrets To Weight Loss posted at Secrets To Losing Weight, saying, "Much information has been written about weight loss, some of this information has been helpful, some not so helpful, and some just downright misleading. In this article my goal is to provide you with some tips to losing weight that have worked for me and many of my friends. The first secret to weight loss is to limit your calories after 6 p.m. Your body doesn't need those calories right before you go to sleep and won't burn them off while you sleep. If you do feel the need to eat something in the evening, make it protein; a piece of cheese or chicken breast. Don't eat carbs in the evening, especially simple carbs like white bread, rice, potatoes, cookies, etc. Follow this simple rule and you'll starting seeing weight loss very soon. To read about the other 2 secrets, go to my blog."
Katrina presents
15 Tips For Losing Weight posted at Secrets To Losing Weight, saying, "Here is a post with 15 tips for losing weight. Thanks !"
Abdulrasool Sumar presents
Eat Fruits & Vegetables Diet - Prevent Cancer and Stay Healthy - Selections for Breakfast, Post-Breakfast Snack, Lunch and Dinner posted at Mesothelioma, saying, "It is said that good diet & gardening can reduce your risk of developing lung cancer by 40 - 46%! In this article, we explain how to set up your diet so as to maximize the number of fruits and vegetables you consume in any given day. The American Cancer Society suggests that you eat 5 servings of these foods every day. Here is a sample menu to incorporate to your diet each day without taking on extra expenses."
Wayne presents
Smart Ways to Start a Weight Loss Program posted at Health and Fitness Over 50.
hunterharris presents
3 Tips for Better Cardio posted at Find a Good Life, saying, "3 tips to make starting cardio easier!"
run4change presents
Before and After Pics! « My angle on weight loss posted at My Angle, saying, "Awesome and inspiring before and after pics to get you motivated for your own journey to health"
Jim DeSantis presents
Weight Loss: Can You Burn Fat From All The Right Places? posted at On Line Tribune Health, saying, "The newest weight loss fads promise that you can "spot reduce", that is, you can trim your body of fat exactly where you want to. It could be the love handles, the flabby arms, the sagging skin or the hips. But, as with most claims in the weight loss industry, you need to get advice before you spend your money. Why not get advice from real people?"
The Smarter Wallet presents
8 Weight Loss Tips and Weight Management Ideas To Battle The Bulge posted at The Smarter Wallet, saying, "Thanks!"

Maintaining Weight Loss
Peter Stockwell presents
Keep Walking for Fast Weight Loss posted at The Senior Walking Fitness Blog, saying, "Lifetime fitness is achievable with exercise and a healthy Mediterranean diet. Put them together and scamper over the hill."
Cooking can be easy; don't forget the turkey!
Jarkko Aho presents
Cool tip to lose weight - the lazy way posted at Fake Money Blog, saying, "Lower room temperature lowers both your weight and your heating bill."
Aparna presents
Kapalabhati Pranayam posted at Beauty & Personality Grooming, saying, "Persons doing Kapalabhati will be inhaling a good amount of oxygen which purifies the blood and in turn strengthens the nervous and brain centres. It also gives good massage to the internal abdominal organs. Incorporating Anulom Vilom Pranayam and Kapalabhati breathing exercises in your daily exercise regimen not only cures chronic diseases but also strengthens your immune system, thus, warding off many diseases. Those suffering from diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, obstinate skin diseases, high blood pressure, obesity, chronic depression, constipation, flatulence, menstrual problems, kidney diseases, respiratory problems, allergies, sinus etc. have benefited tremendously from a regular practice of Kapalabhati pranayam."
taucan62 presents
Go To Sleep, Lose Weight? posted at TauCan 62's 12th House, saying, "It's no secret that people get less sleep than they used to, at least in America, and it's also a fact that obesity is increasing at an alarming rate. Could these two things be related? Recent studies show that they may be."
Beth Mancuso presents
Healthy hints posted at Manic Mother.
Dr. Davon Jacobson presents
5 Easy Tips for Guaranteed Fat Loss ~ *Health and Nutrition Facts* posted at *Health and Nutrition Facts*.
Natalie Fox presents
Sleep tips for fitness posted at Sleep:Disorders,Insomnia,Apnea,Pills,Baby Sleep,Bedding,Nightmare,Sleeping, saying, "The article "Sleep tips for fitness" contains two easy tips for adopting good sleeping habits to become fit. By following these tips you will help yourself become fit and maintain your fit figure while sleeping!"
Trevor Watkinson presents
30 Days Of Healthy Meals 1: Day 1 posted at SaveYourSweat.com Blog, saying, "For the next 30 days, I will be sharing my regular healthy diet with you. Come and find out how good a healthy meal can look!"
Silicon Valley Blogger presents
12 Cheap Ways To Keep Fit And Stay Healthy posted at The Digerati Life, saying, "Thank you!"

Personal Story
Piotr Stepien presents
100% Raw Vegan Trial Completed posted at we overstep, saying, "My first steps in 100% raw veganism."

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Try visiting as many of the blogs included here, as possible; there's lots to learn. Also, please blog about the "carnival" and send the link to anyone who may benefit. Send your posts for the next edition via blog carnival.

Thanks again and stay healthy!


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wow, that's great, thanks!

and the food looks so good too.

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Sarah, thanks so much. I hope to be thinner the next time we f2f!

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Great entries. Thanks for hosting and for including me!

Batya said...

My pleasure. Good luck!

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What a comprehensive post. I hope to find the time to read as many links as possible.

Batya said...

I'm glad you like it. I decided to start it when I couldn't find a blog carnival for my diet posts.

Weight Loss Program said...

Hi Muse,

great blog, you could nearly say there is too much good information in here.. wow...

you will defeinatly lose more weight if you want to.... you have come thus far and you can go further you go girl...

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Batya said...

read the new one

Weight Loss Tips said...

it is very important to follow up the proper guidance and healthy tips for the fitness. Your blog is one of those which give the proper guidance about the facts.

Batya said...

Thanks for the support. Yes, I believe in the conservative, common sense, healthiest approach to weight loss.