Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Needed A Better Answer Than: "Duh?"

Today I went to the Bituach Le'umi, National Insurance-unemployment office. I thought I had brought everything in, but a letter arrived requesting my last four pay slips.

Today was the day; I got there very easily. It was one of those miraculous, Gift from G-d, rides which I picked up even before getting to the bus stop, and it just happened to be going a few minutes' walk from my destination.

Getting into the building was also quick and easy; second time is less traumatic.

No wait, and I went in to give the clerk the photocopies. She read through quickly, and then:

"What's this special private contract?"
"Duh? Haven't a clue."
"Then, why do they have that large payment?"
"Oh, you said chozeh ishi-private contract. Yes, I was a teacher, and I taught the kids in a special program, effes sheva, zero seven. And yes, they made me sign a special contract every year, because the money came from a special department."
Whew, that was close. And yes, everything I said was true. I just forgot the offialleeze.

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